The best smart posting platform? – Promorepublic Review

Social media and “smart posting” is the new everything. Whether you are an active user just for the sake of entertainment and fun, whether you are a freelancer, an individual worker or lead a small scale business or even represent a large scale business, social media is an integral part of everyone’s lives.

With over billions of users (and active users), various platforms of social media are undeniably the most powerful and effective marketing tools. One can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more to reach out to people, create content to engage an audience and gain loyal customers that eventually increases their sales.

As effective and efficient social media marketing is and appears to be there is a hidden hitch that needs to be catered in case you need to make it big in the world of social media. Irrespective of the fact that you are a single individual leading the business or have an entire team, making it big and successful in the world of social media requires you to be smart about it.

Come to think of it, everyone has the freedom to create an account on social media and start doing a business; be it as an influencer, as an activist, as a retail brand or a service provider but not everyone stands out and gains the worth but only a handful.

What needs to be understood is what different is done by those handfuls of people that we follow, like, look up to and listen to on social media. The answer is simple: they do smart posting.

What is smart posting?

Smart Posting is all about creating smart content, posting it on smart timings with smart keywords and smart captions. After all, it is all about presenting yourself through your content in a way that hits the chord with the audience, it makes you stand out, makes you discoverable and makes you and your work something people can relate to and connect with.

Consider, for example, you have an Instagram following that expands widely in range with respect to authenticity, physical location and age group.

 Now how do you get to know what kind of audience you need to target given your specialty, when is that particular kind of audience the most active and can result in maximum engagement (there is no pint of posting content at a time half of your target audience is asleep or away only to be later lost in a heap of so much content) and of course how do you get to know the data analytics that helps you decide what makes the major chunk of your audience and what is it that they would like to see from your side and talk about?

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What is Promo Republic and why is it needed?

The answer to the questions that I asked earlier lies in investing your trust, time and money in an application or platform that has the capability to provide you with all the necessary information that you need to create smart content (that is needed and liked by the audience), make the content more appealing and interesting (that makes your followers stick around and also helps you gain more followers) and helps you post your content at the right time, with the right keywords, aesthetics, and captions.

There are numerous smart posting platforms available in the online market that claim to help you provide with the most accurate and detailed data analytics so that you can create top-quality content that is engaging and interesting (not boring!) and present it to the people in the right way and the right time.

One such remarkable and top-quality platform is Promo Republic. Promo Republic is a smart posting platform that you need to sign up with (they also offer a trial version) and avail their reliable and accurate services regarding content creation, posting, advertisements, and marketing.

It is your one-stop solution to all of your social media problems; from providing an extensive templates library (from which you can choose ideas for posts if you are suffering from the content block), drop and design graphics for amazing content creation, a wide variety of free photos to choose from, an events calendar and a detailed data analytics provider that helps you:

  1. Schedule your posts
  2. Post them at the most optimal timings
  3. And create items in the dashboard

What are the features of Promo Republic?

By now you all must be thinking that what the rage all about Promo Republic is?. There are so many smart posting tools available then why should you go for Promo Republic.

That is because, unlike its competitors, Promo Republic is jam-packed with features and characteristics that makes managing your social media amount easy and effective and makes them excel and stand out so that you gain more fan following and ultimately expand your business through intelligent and smart management of your online presence. The useful features that are provided by Promo Republic are:

  1. Pricing
  2. Free templates to choose from already designed posts (in case you run out of ideas)
  3. Drop and design graphics facility (yes it is that simple)
  4. Scheduling of posts
  5. Getting to know about the optimal timings to post them
  6. Create content in the dashboard
  7. Meets all of your social media publishing needs
  8. An events Calendar (that lets you have bird eye view of what and when are you posting)

In order to give you a more detailed and comprehensive overview of why Promo Republic is your best bet when it comes to smart posting and making full use of your social media representation, let’s discuss each of these described features in full detail.

Pricing: In the past Promo Republic had different price range for different packages that were created to meet the needs of everyone.

For small scale business run by a single owner or a medium to large scale business that is being run by a team of individuals, Promo Republic had a different package with a different price tag and of course different features that were meant to suit your work and account needs.

But lately, the team at Promo Republic has narrowed it down to a single package starting from $9 that can be customized according to your needs and preferences. However, the services that you will be receiving in turn of this package are not very elaborately defined but they have an exceptionally helping customer care team that can help you answer all of your questions and also provide you a free demo.

Promo Republic also offers a 7-day free trial version that you can use and find out if Promo Republic has what you are looking for to aid you in your social media journey. All you need to do is to sign up with the platform and rest is all easy from there.

How to sign up? After you are clear about how much you will be paying to get the remarkable services being offered at Promo Republic (no one wishes to pay extra or more than what the service is worth), the next step is to sign up. How to sign up is an extremely easy process. You need to set up an account with Promo Republic and then connect that account with your social media profiles or accounts.

The number of social media accounts that can be connected with each Promo Republic profile depends on how much you are paying and what package you have selected because each pay limit comes with a restriction on a number of accounts that can be connected with Promo Republic profile.

After everything has been sorted and taken care of, the next step is to select your field or category of business. Selecting your field helps Promo Republic shortlist ideas and photos from the template library and free photo stack.

There are a number of fields you can choose from such as fashion, travel, photography, lifestyle, interior decoration, baking, automotive, leisure, education, media and so much more.

For the purpose of this article and to help you get a clear picture of what comes next, let us choose the topic of “food and restaurant” (not to forget this category makes up almost 40% of the content on Instagram alone).

Promorepublic - Smart posting

Selecting your field of interest or business does not imply that you will be shown post ideas and material related to that field or industry only.

Rather you have the liberty and full access to navigate and see various other posts ideas that are available in the library. The only motive of asking your industry is to expose you to ideas that are trending related to your field and is most viewed and liked so that you can choose and start posting without wasting any time.

Remember that Promo Republic is all about making it easy and efficient for you so that you can work around this platform comfortably and not the other way round. Once you sign up and list your industry, you are shown a wide range of posts ideas and content that has already been created so that you get an idea and probably a new post for your page.

So what are you waiting for, let’s get started!

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Select from thousands of post ideas: Promo Republic is here to help you in your social media journey. From content creation to posting to the addition of ads and marketing strategies, Promo Republic is here for it.

Once you specify your area, you are presented with ideas and thousands of posts that have already been created and published. Only for you to get an idea about what is trending, what is hot and what is not?

What is liked by the audience and what are ways to present the content in a way that leads to maximum engagement and success rates?

Still, if you are unable to find anything impressive or substantial that you would like to choose from and already have created content that you would like to post at a certain time then the post scheduling feature is here for you.

All you need to do is to select the “add post” option from the top. You can graphics of your choice, the caption of your choice and either publish it right away or schedule it for a later time as suggested by the data analytics.

Smart Posting

Once you choose the schedule option, Promo Republic helps you select the best time for your post to be published. Depending on stats such as maximum user activity and engagement, Promo Republic suggests the best time for your posts to be published. Doing so results in maximum user engagement and discoverability rates.

As indicated in the image above, the brush sign can be used to play with the graphics of the image. A drag and drop graphics feature makes designing and creating images so much fun, interesting and easy. You can add images, text, pictures, signs and so much more.

This feature clearly lets you show your aesthetic side and creative niche. Let your inner artist flow out and use the features to the maximum capacity to create smart content that is both appealing and inviting.

Apart from the extraordinary features and characteristics that Promo Republic has to offer, what’s great about this smart posting platform is that it is extremely user-friendly. The interface is highly easy to work around and is loaded with options and buttons that are extremely easy to spot and provide a highly comfortable and easy working experience.

For example, buttons such as “Recent”. “Preview” and “X” help you view your recent work, view your fresh work or just delete it all. The platform is flexible, comfortable and accommodating. Even if you are a first time user, you will definitely not feel lost or something that you cannot handle without professional support or guidance.

Events Calendar: This feature is undoubtedly the best Promo Republic has to offer that most of its competitors don’t. An events calendar is the distinguishing feature of Promo Republic and helps you have a bird eye view of what has been posted in the past and is scheduled in the future under the “My content” option. The Events Calendar also comes with sub-options of:

  1. History
  2. Celebrity
  3. Trend
  4. Holiday
  5. Sports

The basic purpose of the events calendar is to help you be ahead of your game. Let’s consider that it is the 4 of July coming up and you wish to offer a special deal or incentive in your restaurant. The heads up or reminder through the calendar helps you arrange and coordinate everything in advance. You get to be organized, planned and disciplined.

Also, you can get a complete overview of what you have planned or scheduled for the future. When will the posts be posted and you can directly schedule posts by dropping them under the desired date rather than manually setting the date and time (although both the options are still available in Promo Republic).

However, like the big scheduling giants of the market, if you wish to post on Instagram and schedule your posts, you will need to separately download their app or else only a reminder will be sent for you to post content on Instagram.

Competitors: Promo Republic stands against the biggest market giants; Hootsuite and Buffer. Typically because both of them provide the posts scheduling option, it is important to discuss which one is the best and stands out.

The first thing to note is that all of these platforms provide the calendar option but Promo Republic has the most advanced and exceptionally developed calendar. It helps you see your scheduled posts and content through each day, month, week and time, whereas the other two apps only provide the future plan in a pipeline format. Promo Republic has a more refined block structure of the calendar.

Hootsuite and Buffer are ahead of Promo Republic when it comes to scheduling posts in terms of the most optimal time and best responses. Promo republic scheduling feature is not quite out there and visible and rather it is extremely easy to overlook it.

Hootsuite and buffer might be ahead of Promo republic in a few features but overall I do think that when it comes to smart posting and content creation, there is no other option that is better than Promo Republic.

The added features of the easy editor, free stack of photos and free pre-made templates makes it the best choice for everyone. What makes Promo Republic stand out is that unlike other tools that are either meant to edit the posts or schedule them, Promo Republic merges these two functionalities and offers both of these much-needed features in the same place.

Social Media marketing is all about smart work rather than hard work and Promo Republic is here to guide you reach your goals.


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