What is Tailwind, and should I use it? Tailwind Review

How handy and useful social media is, is not a hidden fact for anyone. Everyone knows the importance and efficiency of effective social media marketing. Social media with its multiple platforms and applications have their own algorithm on which they work and function.

If you are an avid social media user then it is pivotal for you to understand how each social media app works. What are the hidden tips and tricks that you need to learn in order to stay active, effective and on the top of your social media game.

To help you with this, people have come up with amazing tools and apps that work in such a way that you get the help and guidance that is needed to excel on social media apps in terms of engagement, followers, likes, comments, and shares.

One of the most famous and reliable tools to help social media bloggers, influencers and businesses of various sizes is Tailwind. In the most literal and basic terms, Tailwind is actually a complete Pinterest and Instagram marketing tool kit. Tailwind can perform numerous functions for you such as schedule posts, discover content, monitor and analyze conversations, give you maximized exposure and enlarge your reach and measure the efficiency of the results.

Whait is Tailwind? Should I use it? Tailwind review

Tailwind – Tailwind is the best pin scheduling platform for Pinterest. It is the official partner of Pinterest. It has also more accurate analytics then Pinterest. You can also join “Tribes” where people in your niche reshare your content to make your pins go viral. Click this link and get 100 scheduled posts on Tailwind for FREE.

Tailwind- the social media scheduling tool is known for providing real results in less time. Once you are using social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest professionally and they are a big source of money for you, you need to be on the top of your game.

You need to know your business if you really wish to make it big. Tailwind gives you a birds-eye view of how you should post, when and what you should post and why should you post.

This is a one-stop guide for all your social media marketing questions. I had personally read so much about this app that I had to give it a go and use them to find out what exactly is it that they do and people are so fond of them.

Since I am a writer by profession and I have so many pins lined up for my Pinterest account, I really need to plan out everything in advance. From the timings of the pins, the correct captions, the ways that can increase my reach and all the other aspects (such as profile performance, analytics, group board’s stats, tribes and how to find the best and relevant tribes) need to be taken care of in advance.

Once I downloaded Tailwind, I really understood what a great tool it is and why people have been raving about it. But this is a review that I have compiled for everyone who is interested in knowing about an unbiased opinion about Tailwind and whether or not it is worth the money.

So, let’s get started.

What is Tailwind?

Usually and typically Tailwind is associated with Pinterest as an extremely effective marketing tool, but it is, in essence, a complete and comprehensive tool kit.

With Tailwind you can:

  1. Upload images at a faster speed.
  2. Know what is the best and optimal time to post and schedule your pins and posts accordingly.
  3. Know the analytics measure and analyze how your pins or posts are performing.
  4. Increase your reach, expand your coverage and get to know more and more people.

Tailwind was initially created and launched as the Pinterest marketing tool but recently it has expanded its functionalities for Pinterest scheduling and publishing as well. But since the major tools and functionalities of Tailwind are focused and dedicated for Pinterest, that is what we will be reviewing today.

Let’s start!

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Scheduling and Publishing

Using Tailwind I really thought that I was able to save up a lot of my time. Previously I used to upload each pin individually at the time I was supposed to or intended to post it but with Tailwind, this is not how it works.

You can upload data and the bigger chunk of your content at the same time and rather spread it out on the virtual calendar to decide when each pin will be going live. Obviously it saves you from the hassle and extra effort of repeating the same labor for each post.

Uploading images: Uploading images is also pretty simple and not a rigorous task at all. It is just a little structured and I have broken down the steps for you to easily follow:

Upload content

The first step is that you upload all the content that you want to into Tailwind. What I mean is that if there is some content or post that you like and would want to post on your board then instead of uploading it directly to your Pinterest account, you will upload it to your Tailwind account.

Tailwind upload button
Tailwind upload pins section

But where is the time saving or efficiency you may ask and it is a very valid question? Time is saved when instead of posting it and pinning it multiple times on Pinterest you can schedule everything at once. On your board, several group boards and much more you will upload it once on Tailwind and you will be done.

Using this tool you will be able to post the pin on multiple places at the same time or save it for future use or you can also schedule the same pin to be posted on different boards over the span of the next few days and also at different times. Isn’t it just great?

So Tailwind basically saves you from the hassle and effort of doing all of the mentioned hassles manually. To make it more elaborate and easy for you, let me explain the entire process to you with an example.

Consider that you are reading a blog post on the top fall fashion trends and you wish to share that on Pinterest. But where should you be pinning this post in order to get maximum and best results?

Should you post it in fashion, clothes, fall trends, blogging or apparel? Or should you post it on all? Let’s further assume that I decide to post this on a total of 15 boards.

If I am not using a scheduler then I will be manually posting this blog post on each of the 15 boards. That roughly estimates to a total of 45 clicks. Also, I would simply upload the same image in quick succession and followers would take it as unwanted spam.

So, clearly this will decrease the attractiveness and effectiveness of your post.

The next option is to use Tailwind the scheduling app and tool kit to schedule the pinning of your post on 15 different boards.  I will be doing this by using the Tailwind Web browser extension and saving the image to Tailwind.

I can choose from the options of posting now and scheduling for later. If I save it for later use, it will stay safe in the drafts and I can use it any time later when I wish. And if I schedule the post for now then I will be asked to choose the boards that I would want the post to be published on.

I can also choose a time interval for each post ranging from 10 minutes to 9 days. Do you see how flexible Tailwind is with its options and specifications? You can use the web browser extension to upload the images or you can upload the images directly to Tailwind. You can also schedule re-pins straight from Pinterest itself.

Define your schedule

The next step after uploading your images and content on Tailwind is to define your schedule and how it will be published.

The tailwind Smart scheduler is the heart of this toolkit. It provides so many opportunities and ways of ease. You can select any time slot, date and time from the virtual calendar to span out your posts. You can either schedule one post per day or multiple posts for the same day or posts scheduled for the next days.

How this scheduler is the most effective is that Tailwind actually tells you when the best time to post on Pinterest is. Depending on the time most users are active on Pinterest and will yield for you the maximum engagement. These recommendations are really helpful because otherwise, you would have no idea when to post and what timings will give you the best reach and exposure.

Tailwind scheduling section

If you choose a time slot recommended by Tailwind, it will turn green and if you select one of your own likings then the selected time slot will turn grey.

The biggest difference that I found between tailwind and other smart schedulers is that once you finalize a schedule, you can still make alterations and change it. You can decrease or increase your content and also change the time of their posting.

You basically are able to generate a smart schedule based on your Tailwind data.

View your pins

The next question is how do you view your scheduled pins? Once you schedule and plan out your posts you can view them either as drafts or scheduled posts.

There are two layouts where you can see the scheduled posts. One layout which we can label as the publisher 1; it shows all the scheduled pins with their images and the details of the board where the pin will be posted. The sign shows that the pin is locked for a certain time slot but it can be unlocked and deleted or rescheduled for another time slot.

The other publisher which let’s say is publisher 2; shows a more concise and consolidated review of the scheduler. You can also rearrange and move around the pins in their new time slot through the drag and drop options.

The third and the last publisher show the list of boards that the pins will be posted on. How Tailwind is so time effective is that once I select one board, for example, Fashion, I will be able to select all the fashion-related boards and pin the post on all of them with a single click rather than selecting each board individually.

Analytics and Reporting

Next, a feature that I will be discussing here is the analytics and reporting. Specially dedicated for the Pinterest Interface, Tailwind has a special analytical dashboard. It provides you with the statistics and analytics that you can use to measure your performance.

It gives a detailed insight into how each of your individual pins performed and how can the performance, engagement and reach improved. You can track your pins and trends at the profile level, board level and also the individual pin level.

Profile Performance You can see the weekly profile performance. You can see the total number of followers and how many engaged with you, your total pins, re-pins, and comments.

Profile Performance

Basically these stats help and explain to you how effective your reach and exposure have been. How many people interacted with you, saw your pins, your content resonated with them and what was your highest and lowest score for the 30-day interval.

Board Performance: next you, can also analyze the performance for each board. Basically Tailwind provides you with the complete breakdown of information. At the profile level as well as the board level. It helps you understand how has been your performance on Pinterest.

With the board analytics, you can track how your pins are performing on each individual board. Using this tool you can see the last 7 days’ performance of each pin on different boards. The number of pins, re-pins, likes, comments, and shares.

You also have the option of sorting the different data by each column. You can also view each board on Pinterest and also search for similar content.

Pin Inspector

The next feature of tailwind is the pin inspector. As the name suggests, the pin inspector is here to help you focus on each pin. Just as the board performance indicator and the profile performance indicators gives insights regarding the profile and board, the pin inspector tells you all about the pins.

You have the option to check the details of each pin. Such as: when were they posted, what were their engagement rates, how many times were they re-pinned and so much more. All the data and information are displayed in a table format.

pin inspector

The table has multiple columns by the name of the board, pin, re-pins, likes, and comments and you can click on each to find out the relevant information.

You can sort out the pins as per your wish and liking, you can search for the required pin from the thousands of pins stored in the table. You just need to enter it in the search bar at the top.

There is also a set of filters that you can apply to narrow down the search based on your preference and requirements. You can apply the filter one each column such as category, board or website.

The feature that I personally found very interesting and useful was that you can view and sort the pins on the basis of date and also can view all the pins from the start when you joined Pinterest. Trust me this is the most helpful and beneficial feature of Tailwind.

There are also a number of features that you can perform on the pins such as:

  1. You can reschedule the pins. Using the Tailwind scheduler.
  2. Add your pins to one of your tribes.
  3. Find similar content.

All these features that I have been discussing with you in this blog post are all extremely beneficial and effective. If you are a serious social media influencer and blogger and really need all this information to make it big in the social media world than trust me Tailwind is a LIFESAVER.

Weekly email reports

In addition to the exceptional features and tools that the Tailwind dashboard provides you, it also sends you weekly email reports. With all the information and performance analytics, the emails give you detailed information.

With all of these information and performance analytics, you can manage your Pinterest account a lot more effectively and efficiently. You know where you have posted your pins, on what boards and what was and will be the optimal timings to post your content.

Trust me as an active Pinterest user, all these insights and information will help you a great deal in achieving your performance parameters and objectives.

Lastly, there a number of other features such as insights, organic activity and referral activity that is also a part of the Tailwind software.

All of this content is here to make your tailwind experience comfortable and effective.

The insights give you complete and detailed information regarding the average daily pins and pinners from the last 7 days.

In the organic activity tab, you can see the performance of your latest pins from the last 7 days.  Also, particularly useful is the word cloud feature. This feature identifies the common keywords and topics that are used most frequently in your content and also those which can help you in maximizing your reach and engagement.

Lastly, the referral traffic tab shows you how many visitors have been on your profile and also viewed your pins, re-pinned them and the revenue earned.

Tailwind Tribes

My most favorite Tailwind feature is the Tailwind tribes. The tribes are basically a community, a friendly, spam-free and cooperative community.

The tribe is basically here to help each other. It solves the two key challenges that each blogger and marketer face:

  • To find a key supply of high-quality content to share. Always have ideas on the go and pins and posts planned for the future.
  • And to help get your content seen by the right people and at the right time. Because there is no point in developing content that will not be seen by the right people at the right time.

Tailwind not only has built up such a community that is here to help. It is crowded with people that actually help you in progressing and succeeding.

The Tailwind app also helps you in finding a tribe, because to be able to help each other it is pivotal to be present in a tribe of your liking and preference.

You can easily search for a tribe by searching with a keyword. You will be presented with the option to choose from any of the related tribes and also gives you complete insights and information from within the tribe.

Once you are selected in the tribe you can view what each tribe member has been posting and pining. You can also add content to the tribe and will also receive weekly tribe reports.


Now that we have discussed all the features and tools of the Tailwind software, I can easily summarize my review for all of you. Honestly speaking the benefits and ease that tailwind provides to you in terms of being successful and effective on social media are dominant in front of a few limitations that the software might have,

All in all, tailwind:

  1. It helps you save time by doing a lot of tasks at the same time.
  2. Be prepared and schedule your posts in advance.
  3. Know the optimal timings to post and meet likeminded people.

The limitations of this software are:

  1. The graphical user interface is not as strong as the tools and an update will be much appreciated.
  2. Once your schedule the pins, the performance gets a little slow.

So we can easily conclude that tailwind is a great tool to help you excel in your social media game. You can use the various tools and features to connect with more and more people and be at the top of your game.

So, use this tool that is available in an appropriate and reasonable price range and use Pinterest and Instagram with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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