How to make money with Pinterest and Clickbank?

Have you heard about platforms such as Clickbank and Pinterest before? Are you aware of how these platforms work and how can you use them to make money online?

If your answer to these questions was a no, then you need to read on.

I will be explaining in this article the basics of Pinterest and Clickbank and also fill you in on how exactly you can make money with Pinterest and Clickbank.

How to make money with Pinterest and Clickbank

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a well-known platform that is popular for sharing photos, discovering great photos and pinning them to your boards. Just how you pin important stuff on the office boards, Pinterest provides you virtual boards that you can maintain. You can also view other people’s boards that attract you and re-pin their photos to your boards for reference.

Pinterest, in reality, is not only a photo sharing app but it is a search engine just like Google. Pinterest has millions of active users who make pins and re-pins and collectively make Pinterest such a big platform.

How can you make money with Pinterest and Clickbank?

For many Pinterest is a regular app that they use to view and share content that is informative, creative, helpful and artistic.

But at the same time for many, Pinterest is a money making platform.

Yes, it is true!

You can also earn with Pinterest. Typically, to make money with Pinterest you can either make a blog or not make one.

 I will fill you in on how to make money with a blog and also how to make money on Pinterest without a blog.

But whatever approach you use towards making money, the main idea is affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the process of selling someone else’s products. You find a “good product”, and contact the vendor, brand or company producing the product. If they accept you in their affiliate program, you will be given an affiliate link. You can include that link in your blog (if you own a blog) or in the description of your pins (if you don’t own a blog and just a Pinterest account). Every time people land on the vendor’s page through your link and make a purchase; you get paid.

But there are a series of steps and some tricks that you need to adopt in order to make sure that you divert enough traffic to referral pages to make money online.

A great advantage that you can get with affiliate marketing on Pinterest is that it is a source of passive income. Even if you are not making any effort currently, the links available in your profiles, websites or blogs continue to drive traffic and you continue to make money.

Still, confused about how to actually make it happen? Then read on.

In order to make money with Pinterest and use affiliate marketing as a tool, you need to follow these steps:

  • Set up a profile.

If you are new to Pinterest, you will need to set up a profile. Previously, only a single type of account can be created but now Pinterest allows you to make a business account if you wish to make money off Pinterest only.

The business account comes with its own perks and features. It is meant for monetization and is ideal if you wish to be an entrepreneur or wish to drive traffic to your blog/webpage.

  • Select a niche.

Once you have set up a profile, the next step is to select a niche. Deciding on a field and adopting a more centralized approach helps you focus and create content that is specific to a certain field.

Selecting a niche and focusing on it is a great step you can make for your account. For example, if you create a business account and you already run a blog on fitness then your focus should be on boards, groups, and content that is related to fitness, health, and beauty.

  • Build an audience and grow your account.

Making money on social media is directly proportional to your power of influence.

The idea with Pinterest and any other social media platform is that when more people will follow you, you will be able to reach out to more people. Your content will be viewed by more people and you will be able to influence more people as well.

Once you have set up your account and decided on the niche that you wish to work around, the next step is to grow your account and build an audience.

With Pinterest, you can grow your audience by posting relevant content and innovative content. Presentation matters a lot and your pins should be smartly made with high-quality images and optimal description. Always make sure to include the trending and relevant hashtags.

The next step is to post the best content and post it at the right time and on the right boards. You can also use an automated scheduler to help you post at the time that helps you achieve maximum engagement and reach.

  • Become a part of affiliate programs.

Once you have been creating content consistently and are able to build an audience, you will be able to reach out to brands, companies and vendors.

Sticking to your niche you can select products that you use yourself and promote through your platform.

This process is known as affiliate marketing and that is how you make money with Pinterest.

You include the referral link in your profile and content and earn commission every time people make a purchase after being driven to the page through your link.

Talking about affiliate marketing, there is another platform that has been created specifically to promote affiliate marketing.

This platform is known as Clickbank.

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is an affiliate network and it has been created to help people make money online through affiliate marketing.

Once you create an account on Clickbank you will have two options. You can either create a vendor’s account or an affiliate account.

Clickbank is basically a middleman between the vendors and affiliates.

There is a list of products like e-books, videos and software that are listed on the Clickbank’s platform and you can choose from them and contact the vendor for an affiliate link.

Once you get a link, all you need to do is to make sales through the link and for every sale that you make you will earn commission. That is how you will make money with Clickbank.

How can you make money with Clickbank?

To make money with Clickbank you need to take care of three steps:

  • Selecting a product.

Although it seems like a simple step but it is not that simple. Choosing a product is the most critical step in the journey of making money with Clickbank.

You need to choose a product that you trust, use and can easily and efficiently and effectively promote. You need to select a product from a niche that interests you, that is attractive and creative and you have a sales page that is clean and convincing.

You can also ask for affiliate support from vendors because they also make money when you do.

  • Driving the visitor.

The next step is to drive the visitor from your ad or link to making the final purchase.

This is known as the funnel process. From the first time a visitor is exposed to the product, it is your responsibility to grab the visitor’s attention and forcing them to make the purchase.

You can make the visitors journey a successful one by directly linking the product, referring them to a landing page or offering a gift or a bonus to visit the vendor’s page.

The recommended approach is to create a landing page or web page or blog and adding the affiliate link in the content.

This is a highly effective approach because it grabs the attention of the visitor and intrigues them to visit the referral link and make the purchase.

  • Increasing traffic.

Once you have joined Clickbank and created an account, the next step is to increase traffic and drive visitors to your web page.

You can do that by creating SEO based content so that your page appears at the top of the searched list.

If you have extra budget, you can also invest in platforms such as Google ads and Facebook ads.

You can also increase your traffic by advertising your account or Clickbank’s profile link and on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.


Pinterest and Clickbank are two different platforms but they both employ affiliate marketing as their main money making strategy.

You need to pick a product that is relevant to your niche, promote it through your profile, make sure the reach of your profile is growing so that more and more people view your content.

This will increase your chances of making the sales, and will help you make more money with Pinterest and Clickbank.