How to make money with a van?

Making money is not a hobby or something that people like to do when they are free; money-making is a necessity and new and productive ways are always welcome.

Rewind 10 years and the possibilities of making money was fairly limited. The good old day job with maybe a side business or part-time job was the only option. Even if people were practicing other ways of making money; exposure and awareness were limited.

Talking about the current times and trends, money-making is a whole new process. With the advent of social media and technology, there is a list of ways of techniques that one can employ to make money.

How to make money with a van

One of the simplest and easiest ways of making money is by using your van! Yes, it is true!

There are several ways through which you can make money with a van. If you own a small van, a cargo van or are interested in living the van life; this article is for you!

Confused? Don’t be!

This article will fill you up with ways that you use to make money with a van. If you also want to know how you can make money with a small van then read on.

13 ways how to make money with a van!

Almost everyone owns a car or a van. If you already have a van, you can start making money straight away and if you don’t, I am sure you will be looking for one by the end of this article.

You can use your van to make money and this can also be your primary source of income. If you already have a day job, you can still do all of these things as a side business.

All you need is a driving license and you are good to go!

#1 Be a delivery guy.

If you have a single van, you can become a delivery guy and if you have a few more why not start a delivery business. You can use your van and all the extra space that it has to transport heavier and large-sized goods (items that people cannot easily fit in their cars).

Items like furniture, cycles and white goods move around daily and driving your van around can help you make good money. People are always looking for better options to help them move around their stuff and you can just be the answer to their problems.

Another great idea is to park your van outside of big retail stores like IKEA, DF’s or Curry’s and maybe delivering at a smaller price or options like “same-day delivery” will help you bag more orders.

Things need to be delivered from one place to another daily and experts say that this is one job that NEVER goes out of business. So, get that van moving and start transporting stuff to make money.

#2 Get into courier service.

As I mentioned at the start of the article that social media and technology have changed times. According to a recent report, the amount of money spent on online shopping per year is in billions and the packages worth those billions need to be delivered as well.

There are thousands of packages that need to be delivered and you can turn your van into a courier service. Just stock up your van with the couriers and get to work.

One thing that needs to be considered here is that you will always encounter competition in the market. What you are venturing into now has been someone’s territory for long. So, you need to make your mark.

If you get into delivery or courier service, you will need to beat your competition by being smart about your work. Introduce offers and offering rates that are attractive and strong enough to lure customers in.

#3 House Shifting removals.

Every day multiple people are shifting houses and need some help with the extra luggage. If you are physically strong and can lift heavy objects then there will be plenty of opportunities for you to offer your services and make money.

One thing with offering your van for house shifting removals is that you will need an extra pair of hands with you because removing heavy objects is not one man’s job.

The market also offers man and van services, where you pay for a van and a man to shift or move around your stuff. Typically, you offer the services of your van and a man to people. A customer can avail your man and van offer and shift things at his own convenience.

Nevertheless, this is a very easy and consistent way of making money with a small van.

Every day people are moving houses or shifting stuff that won’t fit in their car. They are looking for a small van and you have one; a perfect match!

#4 Rent your van.

If you own a small van and don’t drive it often, then renting it out is a great option. You are not using it anyway so instead of keeping the van just parked in your garage, you can easily rent it out and make money.

You can advertise your van rental services on social media or get it registered with any car rental company. If you do the van rental business on your own, the entire profit will belong to you. If you register with a company, you will have to pay a share of profit to the car rental company as well.

But, it is a great money-making option. If you are busy and don’t have the time to put the van to good use, renting it out is always the easy way. However, there are certain risks involved with this job as well; you will trust the customers to bring the van back and bring it back in good condition.

It is advised to have your van insured and also invest in a good tracker. Or you can rent your van and drive it yourself. People who don’t own a driving license are interested in renting the van with the driver.  Unlike the van and man services, you will not be doing any physical work but will only be driving the van.

#5 Collect and charge electric scooters.

Electric scooters are becoming the new rage and everyone has been talking about them. (read full post on how to make money charging electric scooters)

Companies like Lime and Bird have deployed their electric scooters in most major cities and people are making money by charging them.

If you have a van then you can also make some really easy side money. All you need to do is to register with scooter rental companies and go around the town in your van looking for scooters that need charging at night. The extra space that you have in your van will allow you to locate and pick up many scooters and charge them overnight to make money.

Having a van provides you with all the extra space and stacking up the scooters efficiently will enable you to charge A LOT of scooters and make A LOT of money.

People who own cars often take multiple rounds a night to pick up multiple batches of electric scooters but with your van, you can save a lot of time and fuel and make money while doing that.

#6 Collect Scrap Metal and sell it.

The idea is that if you own a small van, you can use the space available to do work and make money.

Whether you use it to carry furniture, help shift houses or deliver courier; you are using the space available in the van.

If you don’t want to work for someone, you can always move around the city and look for scrap metal. Collecting scrap metal and selling it is a good and productive side business that you can do in your spare time.

Going around town and looking for scrap metal can be a tedious task but the good point is that most of the people have extra scrap metal placed outside their homes that they do not need and are happy for you to take it. Selling the scrap metal that you got for free means 100% profit for you with absolutely no investment.

So if you get hold of some good scrap metal, you are in for some good money. However, to deal with scrap metal, you need to have a license that you can easily get from any post office.       

You can also use your van space to collect and dispose of waste. You will also need a waste carrier license for it which is not hard to get.

A pro tip is to find out the small businesses operating in your vicinity and offering them your waste disposal services at a lesser price because the business has to pay for waste disposal.

If you offer to do the job for them at a better price, they will definitely opt for you. You will help them save money and you will earn some profit too. If you get to work with a bunch of businesses in your vicinity, then you can easily go around, collect waste from all the places and dispose it off. It will help you save fuel and also make money.

Domestic customers are also most willing to pay van services to come and collect their rubbish. They would rather pay someone to collect all the rubbish at once rather than taking multiple rounds in the car. So, this is another great way of using your van and making money with it.

#7 Make your van a cab.

Make your van a taxi and offer transportation services to make money. There are so many people and so many families who are looking for a van with 5-6 passenger seats and plenty of room for the luggage.

If you live near the airport or can manage to go to the airport daily, using your van to carry out an airport shuttle service is also a great idea. A van can easily carry passengers, their suitcases and you will find guaranteed work.

Another great way of using your van as a taxi and make money is by taking the elderly to the hospital appointments or disabled persons who need to accommodate their wheel chairs in the car as well and cannot drive.

These are just a few of the options regarding how you can use your van as a taxi and make money. You can also register with cab companies such as Uber and make money with your van.

There are so many other ways of making money with a small van.

You might be a doing a day job and looking for ways to do a side business or you might be looking for a completely different way to earn money; van can be put to good use.

From renting it out, using it for moving big stuff, advertising by signwriting other’s businesses, converting into a food truck or a mobile valet or even run a small business; the options are endless.

How to make extra money with a van is a frequently searched question and here are all the ways you can make money with a van.

Till now, I have been discussing the ways of making money with a small van that you own or can arrange. There are some people who live their lives on the go; the van life.

Living life in a van and always being on the move have its own challenges and benefits. But the great thing is that you can make money with van life as well.

How to make money with van life?” if this is your next question, then read on!

Van’s life is exciting and enthralling. It is full of adventures and gives you the opportunity to explore, enjoy and discover. But how can one keep on moving and still ensure a steady source of income is a frequently asked question.

I have read about and asked so many people who are living the van life and still making money. I was amazed at how can one always keep on travelling and still be able to manage the finances.

The most common answer that I received from all the people living the van life and making money was that they make their money online.

They live in a van, enjoy their travelling and make a living off the internet. The top answers regarding how to make money and live in the van were:

#8 YouTube.

You can also live in a van and enjoy all the perks of being on the road and still earn. YouTube is a great option to create content and make money.

No other social media platform actually pays you, but YouTube does (of course once you meet their standards). You can always create interesting content and get views on it to make money.

A great idea would be to make Vlogs of your travel or stick to your niche and get paid.

But remember that making a full time income from YouTube might take a minimum of 5 years. You need to be consistent and innovative with your content but it can definitely be a great source for some side income.

#9 Amazon Affiliate programs.

If you are living the van life and thinking about how to make money with van life then this is a great option for you.

This is also not a main source of income but a great side income I must say. Amazon also charges you when you sell something from your link but in order to join the Amazon affiliate program, you need to sign up for the program.

A great option is to promote the products that you use in your van and add their affiliate links in your content or website (if you have one) and make money off them. A great option that Amazon provides is that even if people do not buy the product that you are promoting but still end up buying something from Amazon after clicking the link that you provided; you will get paid. So, this becomes a great side business and even the primary income source if you have massive traffic coming into your page.

#10 Manage Websites and offer digital services.

You can also make money with van life by offering digital services. You can create websites and manage them, do graphic designing and do other freelancing stuff to make money with van life.

A lot of people manage websites for people, handle the back end and make money with van life.

#11 Sell your products.

Living the van life and making money can be a bit of a struggle because it is not easy to ensure a consistent source of income when you are always on the road.

You do not always have access to reliable cell service or internet and you need these two things to make your work happen.

But a great way is to sell your digital products online and make money. You can offer consultation services by conducting online classes and sessions and charge people.

#12 Be artistic.

A lot of people let the nature and freedom motivate them to let their artistic side nurture.

People live on the road, make videos and take photos and later sell them online. The changing landscapes and scenery always adds as a plus.

#13 Become a virtual assistant.

What if you cannot go the office daily, you can still offer your services over the internet.

When the peak season hits, people are always looking for virtual staff members and you can also become one.

 People making it big on social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok also require virtual assistants to offer their services and manage the administrative side of their accounts. You can be living in a van and still work remotely and make money.

So, if you are living the van life and having problems with making money with van life, then try these ideas to make money.

All of these income streams require you to be consistent and dedicated to your work. Even while living in a van, you need to be disciplined and organized regarding your work. It is only then, that you will be able to make money while staying on the roads and enjoying your travel.

However, the people already living in a van and making money advice that you don’t embark on this path until and unless you have a secure financial plan. You will not be having a secure day job and income with alternate sources is always fluctuating. So, until and unless you have a reliable financial plan, it is good not to start living the van life.

Van life may appear to be a lot of fun and excitement from far but in reality a lot of hard work and efforts go into making it happen.

Having a van is a great advantage. In today’s time, you can put your van to good use and make money with a cargo van, a small van and also during the van life.


If you have a van or even if you can arrange one; the possibilities of how to make money are endless.

Use all the extra space, rent the van, become a driver, turn the van into a business or start living the van life; you will be able to make money of it.

If you like any of these ideas and feel motivated to put your van to good use, let me know in the comments!

Do you know of any other way to make money with a van, let me know!