How to make money on your phone?

Making money seems to be all the rage these days. According to Google search results, one of the most searched topics all around the world is How to earn money at home/ through Google/ by doing nothing/ on my phone?

Although a separate post can be written on all of these topics, but as for now, I want to discuss how you can make money on your phone. Specifically because, I think, almost all of us own a smartphone and our smartphones are the most accessible gadget around us.

With all the other means of earning money online such as through blogging, doing affiliate marketing, freelancing or using Google as a medium; you need to make an effort. But with using your smartphone as an earning medium; you will be making almost zero effort. Also, by not spamming your friends and family with links and information they never asked for.

You can still do pretty much everything that you were already doing but start earning money through it using your very own smartphone. But one thing should be made clear here: when I say that you can make money through your phone then I don’t imply income worth thousands of dollars that can even make you quit your day job. Actually, what I mean is that you can use a smartphone in such a way that can earn you points, rewards and a little raise in your pocket money (which you were not getting previously).

All of us are addicted to our screens (regardless if we accept this fact or not) and find ourselves aimlessly scrolling down our social media feed for hours without getting anything productive in return. Wouldn’t it be nice to still do all the aimless things we do (like watching online videos, listening to songs and shopping, etc.) with our phones and waste all that time but get something in return? Of course, it will be!

So, here I am with this post to explain to you all the ways, gimmicks, tips and tricks that you and I can adapt and employ to make money through our phones. Let’s get started!


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4 ways to make money on your phone

How can you make money on your phone?

Well, to earn money through your phone, there are 4 things that you can do. Basically, the art of making money on your phone can be broken down into 4 categories or niches that you can choose from according to your preference and choice. Of course, you can also do all of them simultaneously and get that bank balance of yours rising. These will not make you a millionaire but will definitely help you save some bucks and do something productive in your free time.

So, let’s get down to it. The four major niches through which you can make money on your phone are:

  1. Through web surfing and watching online videos.
  2. Through shopping via your phone.
  3. By selling items that you don’t use or need anymore.
  4. And lastly, through playing games online.

If by now, you are also wondering “But how?” Then don’t, worry. I will be explaining each of these categories in detail for your understanding.

So, let’s get down to business on how exactly can you make money on your phone?

#1 Through web surfing and watching online videos.

As I mentioned before as well, all of us find ourselves scrolling mindlessly on our phones at some point in the day. During waiting in line, waiting for the bus to show up, during our lunch breaks or even in the loo (to be honest). So, why not start making money for actually doing nothing.

There are a handful of apps that are legitimate and will pay you money for watching online videos and surfing the web. You can log on to these websites, download their apps for easy access, surf their pages to play games, watch advertisements and take surveys or watch online videos.

Each such platform has its own payback method. For every task that you perform or the amount of time that you spent on the app (doing anything) will make you earn points. When you will reach a particular number of points, you will be able to redeem them either in the form of cash or in the form of gift cards that will be redeemable at some of the top retail giants of the country.

Doesn’t it sound pretty easy and exciting? It sure does, because you will be making absolutely no physical effort and continue to do what you were previously doing in your free time (without a time deadline) and make money.

Here are the top apps that you can blindly trust and start using to make money on your phone through web surfing and watching online videos:


SwagBucks is by far the most reliable and famous money-making app these days. By being a SwagBucks member, you will be able to watch videos online (and do so much more) and earn points.

All of us are guilty of watching online videos for hours, so what can be better than getting paid for it? All you need to do is to be a member of SwagBucks. You can easily download the app and register yourself as a user. Once you have signed up with this platform (which is a very easy and hassle-free task) you will immediately receive a $5 welcome balance in your account.

Next, you can watch as many videos as you like. With SwagBucks you will be able to watch online videos related to a wide range of topics such as fashion, travel, lifestyle, entertainment and so much more. Choose what excites you and start watching online videos.

For the amount of time that you spent on the app watching online videos, you will be rewarded with points. Once you earn the minimum threshold of points, you will be able to redeem them. You can cash the points and receive the money through PayPal or exchange them for gift cards.

The gift cards are redeemable at big retail stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. I have always found gift cards to be very practical and effective. Especially around the holiday season, these gift cards come in really handy.

Although I know and agree that there are several platforms available online that are not legit and scam you in the name of paying you real money but SwagBucks is totally legitimate and reliable. It has claimed to pay almost 300 million dollars since its conception and will continue to do so as well.

So, if you are also looking for ways to make money using your phone and have some time on your hands to watch online videos then you definitely need to try out SwagBucks. It is legitimate, it is effective and it is definitely worthy of your time.

Also, with SwagBucks you can do so much more like taking surveys and shopping and again earn points. This is what I call easy money.

What are you waiting for, start now!


CashPirate is another app which you can easily download on your smartphone and start making money. With CashPirate you can take real quick surveys, play games and engage with the advertisements.

All of these tasks that you complete will make you earn coins of CashPirate. Once you earn a set number of coins, you will be able to redeem them in the form of cash and receive the cash through PayPal.

Now, imagine for yourself, we have so much free time during our day which we spend watching videos and playing games. So, why not do all of that through an app that will pay you? And honestly speaking earning a couple of hundred dollars extra in a month with almost zero effort is a pretty solid idea.


Fronto is another money-making app that can be easily downloaded on your smartphones. All you will need to do is to surf the web, read articles, watch videos and do a bunch of other tasks to earn points.

As was the case with the previous apps, you keep on completing the tasks and keep on earning points. Once you earned a set number of points, you will be able to redeem them in the form of cash or gift cards.


InboxDollars is another one of my favorite apps that will help you make money by watching online videos. Apart from watching online videos, you can also take surveys, shop or read emails with this platform. For every task that you will complete, you will be rewarded with points.

A very frequently asked question regarding the apps that pay you money is

Why are these apps paying money?

Well, they pay you money because you help them. When you watch online videos, watch ads or read an article you are later asked a bunch of questions about the video. You offer your opinion and review regarding a product or service and the app basically benefits from your feedback.

Similarly in this case, InboxDollars is sponsored by companies and you also get paid in return. You review the products, watch advertisements and videos along with taking quick surveys and reading emails to earn points.

Another great thing about InboxDollars is that you will be paid a welcome balance of $5, once you sign up with this app. So, download the app today and start MAKING MONEY!

Want to get even more apps to earn & save money? Check my, “16 Apps that pay you real money fast” article.

#2 Shopping by using your phone.

Another great way to earn money using your phone is by shopping (like you normally do) but using certain apps and platforms that will actually pay you for shopping. Confused? Let me clear it out for you!

There are a number of apps available that will pay you for scanning your receipts, for buying certain products or for buying from certain stores.

Yes, as surreal as it may sound, it is actually true. It is obvious to think, why someone would pay you for scanning your grocery shopping receipt, but these apps actually do pay you for doing so.

Actually, these apps want to know what most people are buying and what products they can include in their offer package. Similarly, other apps offer a discount of bonus deals on some products and if your receipt has one or more of them you either get the cashback for them or you earn points. Easy money, right!

I found this method of earning money particularly beneficial with my grocery shopping. Because I buy groceries for my home weekly, I used to hop on a few such apps before I went out to the shop and checked which products will make me earn points. I used to include those in my shopping and earn points.

These offers can also be availed with bigger products such as electronics, cameras, and furniture. You can get a decent amount of cashback if you purchase your items through these apps. I recently received $65 cashback on the purchase of a DSLR camera. Amazing, right!

So, without further delay, I will start filling you in on all the apps that you can download and sign up with to make money by shopping.


Ibotta is one of the most reliable and renowned websites and apps when it comes to making money through shopping. What is great about this app is that most of the items registered on the app are those, which you and I are already buying.

For instance, all of us go for grocery shopping and all of us buy shampoo, soap, milk, bread, bananas, etc. But in a routine we are not getting a single penny in return, are we? But with Ibotta, you can still shop for all these products and you will receive cashback.

All you need to do is to download the app and register yourself. Once you have done that, all you need to do is to log on to the app and perform a bunch of easy tasks every time you are stepping out for shopping. After that, you go out, shop as per usual routine and later scan your receipt. For every item that you purchase which is registered with Ibotta, you will get cashback. Isn’t all of this extremely easy and practical? Like, who pays you for shopping? But with apps like Ibotta, you can actually make money through shopping.

Ibotta comes up with exciting offers and bonus deals every now and then and you can always benefit from them.

Once you have enough cash with the earned points in your account, you can either withdraw the cash or avail gift cards. The best thing about Ibotta is that you don’t need to go out of your way and buy products you don’t actually need and also no need to drive up to a particular store to avail the offers. Shop from anywhere and buy anything and get cashback. WOW!


ShopKick is another great app that will pay you real money only for spending time at a certain store. I know it is really hard to believe, but it is true. Similar to how we spend window shopping and admiring products that we would like to buy, all you need to do is to spend some time in a store and scan the bar codes of some products.

The more time you spend and the more bar codes you scan, the more points you will earn. Although these points that you earn on ShopKick cannot be redeemed as cash, you can always exchange them for gift cards and vouchers.

Even though ShopKick won’t pay you real cash upfront but you will still be saving up a handsome amount of money by not spending on items you actually want and using the Gift cards you earn through ShopKick.

This is a really simple and easy way of making money through your phone. The stores and shops you will be required to append time at are mostly places where you already shop or spend time, so it is no serious work or nothing big. Everyone who goes out to shop (which all of us do) can manage to work with ShopKick and earning gift cards in return.

If you want to save money and earn some worthy gift cards then this app is definitely meant for you. Download and register now!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is another app that pays you to shop (indirectly but yes it pays you to shop). Let me explain how!

Just like Ibotta, with receipt Hog, you need to download the app and register yourself as a user. Once you have done that, you can always check what items the app is offering for cashback and go about your shopping as usual.

What is great about this app is that you have absolutely no restriction or limitation regarding the place to shop and items to purchase. All you need to do is to scan your receipt. The receipt can be of any café, restaurant or store; you can scan it with Receipt Hog.

Although you will be asked to play a few easy games or take some quick surveys before you are rewarded with points. These point winning games or surveys are usually pretty simple and quick and will not take more than 10 minutes of your precious time. But in return, you will be earning points, which can be either exchanged for PayPal cash or gift cards. Whatever you desire!

Fetch Rewards and ReceiptPal

Both of these apps are pretty much the same and as the name suggests they offer reward points and cashback upon scanning of your shopping receipt. You can purchase normal grocery items or even something big. If the app supports the products, you will receive cashback on all the items that your purchase.

Fetch rewards will scan the receipt for you and dig out the items that are redeemable unlike Ibotta and other apps where you mention the products you are claiming cashback for you.

ReceiptPal is also pretty simple to use and upon scanning 4 receipts, you will be awarded 100 points. Once you reach the 2200 points, you will be eligible for a $5 Amazon gift card.

It is as simple as that. The more receipts you scan the more points you earn. Regardless of where the receipts come from or what items or services you have availed, you will earn points for every 4 receipts that you scan. Although you require 2200 points to earn a gift card it is still easy money because all you are doing is scanning receipts. The same receipts that were previously trash for you and you were throwing them away.

So, something is better than nothing right? Now every time you have a few receipts gathered up, don’t throw them away rather scan them with ReceiptPal and earn points.

#3 By selling items that you don’t use or need anymore.

If I tell you to look around and find items in your house or closet that you have outgrown, have had enough or really don’t need now; I am sure you will be able to find many.

Have you ever thought about selling these items and making money? Well, if not then now is the time to think about letting these items go. They do not need to be old useless stuff but even classic designer stuff that people are willing to buy or any other vintage piece that might hold greater value for someone else.

Always remember that:

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

How your smartphone will help you sell these items is that if you download some apps on your phone that is meant to sell and buy stuff, you will be automatically connected to a huge user database.

You will not need to first stage your product with fancy backgrounds and props rather all you need to do is to take a clear picture with your smartphone and upload it on one of these apps (which I will be discussing further) and post an ad. The client or a potential buyer will contact you because that is the beauty of smartphones and the internet. No need to hunt for buyers and go through all that hassle.

I know this seems like a pretty intimidating idea but trust me, it actually works and you will be able to make money by this method using your phone.

So, let me tell you about the top apps that you can download on your phones and start selling to make money.


Poshmark is a great app that is, in reality, a market place. With hundreds and thousands of sellers and buyers at a single place, it is so easy to sell and buy products.

The entire process of selling and purchasing items is so easy, quick and hassle-free that it actually feels effortless to sell and buy. As opposed to going to the market and doing all the effort. All you need to do is to download the app and register. After that, you will be able to post an ad for the item that you want to sale, within a minute. Yes, it is that simple!

As I mentioned, Poshmark is a market place, so you will also be able to buy stuff. All the designer and branded items such as clothes, bags, and shoes (and much more) can be found at almost 70% off. So it is never too late to try your luck. Even I found some amazing deals on Poshmark.

However, whatever you sell on Poshmark you will be required to give 20% of the total sales to them and keep the rest yourself. So download the app and start making money now!


Depop is another app that you can download and start selling stuff. The sellers are required to give a 10% share to the app in case of a sale but the selling process is very easy. All you need to do after downloading the app is to take a picture, post and sell.

You can sell anything apart from clothes such as accessories, collectibles and a lot of other miscellaneous and fun items. You can also have flash sales on Depop and sell your items to a younger and more social-media-savvy audience.


Who doesn’t know about eBay? The eBay mobile platform has been progressing at a very fast speed lately and you can also use it (Very easily) to sell stuff that you don’t need or want to get rid of.

All you need to do is to download the app and register yourself. After that, you can easily post an ad about the item you want to sell and wait for the bidding. If you don’t want to keep track or work on the selling score and other eBay gimmicks, you can always avail of the eBay Valet service, where everything will be taken care of you in return for some fees that you will pay.

eBay hosts thousands of buyers, and you will be able to get rid of stuff that you need very easily and without a lot of hassle. Additionally, it is safe, reliable and legit. You can trust the platform blindly and make some easy money WITHOUT ANY EFFORT.

#4 Through playing games online.

This is the last of the four money-making techniques that I mentioned at the start. All of the other money-making techniques (using your phone) are pretty effortless and almost everyone has the capability to download the apps and start making money.

But this last technique is a little technical or rather is not meant for anyone. Not all of us are good at playing online video games and winning at them or have the temperament or patience to play games. So this is what I mean to say here. If you think that you have the potential to play online games and win big then go for it because you will be able to make money through your phone.


This is an extremely fun game to play online. Once you download it and start playing, you will be asked to pick a color (either blue or yellow) and then you spin the wheel. Depending on your luck, you can win anything between 5 cents to $10 per spin.

Once you have spun the wheel, you will be asked to watch some ads and then you can spin the wheel again. Once you have collected $25, you can always redeem them through PayPal.

Another great feature of this app is that it also holds Qriket live events, where you can win up to $100. So it is never a bad idea to try your luck and save up some money.


Whatever, you choose from the above mentioned 4 categories to make money using your phone, it is extremely important to be smart about your approach.

Make sure that you properly study and research each of these apps before you invest your time and energy in them. By doing all of these and using these apps you will not become filthy rich overnight but yes you will save up and start doing something productive instead of wasting time online.

Most of the tasks that I have mentioned in this post are simple and very practical.

So, next time you have some free time on your hands; while waiting for your turn, your bus, can’t sleep or are bored, make sure you grab your smartphone, download these apps and start making money through your phone. A little discount for actually doing nothing hurts no one!