How to make money on TikTok without going live?

Are you ready to learn how to make money on TikTok without going live? (Stay till the end to learn all the methods!)

Tiktok is the new social media platform that has been making waves recently. Practically speaking, Tiktok is not NEW and has been around since 2017 but has witnessed exponential growth and popularity this last year.

With Tiktok, everyone can be a media creator, can act and let their creative side show up. Using Tiktok is fun and everyone around the globe seems to be enjoying it.

How to make money on TikTok without going live?

But is this all there is to Tiktok?

You join the platform, create content, gain followers and views and have fun? Or you can benefit some more from it?

Yes! There is more to Tiktok and given the exponential curve in the growth of this platform, access and influencing power; Tiktok can be used to make money.

The next logical question that must be in your mind is: How to make money on Tiktok?

There are two ways of making money on Tiktok and marketers and entrepreneurs have been using both to make money with Tiktok.

Once you register with Tiktok and set up a profile, you can start creating content. The more views you get, the more followers and popularity you gain.

You can make money on Tiktok by going live or without going live.

In this article, I will be covering and explaining ways that will help you in understanding:

How to make money on Tiktok without going live:

#1 Grow Tiktok accounts and sell them.

This has been one of the most popular and successful ways of making money on Tiktok. People grow accounts and later sell them.

This is really a legit way of making money. This idea resembles what has already been trending on Instagram. All you do is select a niche and build your profile around that.

With Tiktok, when you decide on a niche, you create unique and creative content around the niche. Make sure you create entertaining content that users would want to see and will engage in.

The idea is to gain maximum views and followers through good content. Content that goes viral and grabs the attention of the person who would be the ideal customer for this profile.

This concept is extremely famous in e-commerce and product space. Even if you do not have a product to play around with, advertise and create content around; you can still create content regarding a particular niche and people will notice you once your work goes viral.

You can also grow an account and later reach out to brands and companies and sell your profile to them. These brands can later use an already established profile to market and sell their productsto a large number of potential customers.

So, if you are good at Tiktok and can create content that goes viral then don’t be shy of reaching out to brands and selling your profile for a fair price!

#2 Be an “Influencer”

It is easier said than done, but becoming an “Influencer” on Tiktok will help you make money.

Although many different concoctions exist around this terminology and it is assumed that anyone can be an “Influencer” in today’s world. But the truth is that having the power to influence and convince your followers through the power of your content is not easy.

Once you become an “Influencer” in the true sense, you have the trust of people who follow you and the ability to influence them to do a certain action or make a certain purchase.

This ability is exactly what you can cash out to make money with Tiktok.

You can earn influencer campaigns and work with different brands to earn money. Brands pay you to create content for them and you serve as the medium of connecting the brand with hundreds of your followers.

You were creating content already, why not make it for money!

#3 Become an “Influencer manager”

This is also a great way of making money with Tiktok.

Being a Tiktok influencer leaves you with not ample time and energy to handle the administrative work as well. You can focus on creating valuable content and not worry about anything else.

It is wiser to hire a manager; a manager who can take care of your contracts, commitments and act as a coordinator.

If you can be a manager then you can work with a Tiktok influencer and earn money.

You will be responsible for managing all the documentation between the brands and the Influencer.

Creating the agreement, managing the work and making sure all the deadlines and deliverables are met will be your work.

Tiktok also provides influencer programs but also charges a fee so if brands and an influencer want to avoid the extra fee, they can hire a middle man privately and that is what you can become to make money with Tiktok.

#4 Tiktok Ads Platform

Just like other social media platforms, Tiktok also offers the option to display ads.

If you run a business or have a product or service to advertise, you can also register with the Tiktok ad platform and display your ads.

The fact that Tiktok has over 500 million active users provides a massive chance that you will be able to sell your products and make money.

#5 Consulting

Lastly, you can offer your expert opinion and valuable bits of advice to other aspiring and new people on Tiktok.

Obviously, in order to offer consulting services, you will need to establish yourself as a successful Tiktok star first. Once you are able to create content that is viewed by millions of people and you are followed by thousands of active users; people would be interested in knowing your magic formula.

You can teach and guide new and aspiring Tiktok influencers and charge them for it.

Also, if someone cracks a deal through your channel or guidance you can get a share from it as well. So, once you have gained status through your hard work and dedication; you can easily cash it out!

Tiktok is a famous and fun application and people all over the world are creating viral content and earning through it. Try these tricks out and you can also earn some money with Tiktok.

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