How to Make Money on Snapchat? (for Beginners)

Do you use Snapchat? Do you want to start earning money on Snapchat? Here is a indepth guide on how to make money on Snapchat!

How to Make Money on Snapchat (In-depth Guide)

There are so many social media platforms that people from all age groups frequently use. They use them to entertain themselves, like and comment on content and also share content that they like. But little does everyone know that almost all of the social media platforms and applications can be used for making money as well.

A few days back I was having this discussion with my friends where one of them said that this is not true. I told her that it indeed is and every social media platform can be monetized and she challenged me to explain how to make money on Snapchat?

In case you are wondering, I won the challenge! It was not only my friends who were surprised by knowing all the ways Snapchat can help us earn money but I am sure there will be so many people out there who think the same.

Snapchat is a fun application. It is all fun, games, and entertainment for the majority of the people who use Snapchat. Snapchat has millions of users and more than 70% of the client base is from the generation Z. Although older people are also getting to know about the app and have started using it they all do it majorly for fun.

How to make money on Snapchat

Partly because they don’t know it can be used for making money and partly because they also think that they will not be able to make money of Snapchat. Well, I am here to prove that both of these concepts are wrong and explain to you all the ins and outs of using Snapchat to earn money.

Snapchat is a little different from the rest of the social media apps with its distinguishing features and attributes. Snapchat has been founded only 8 years back but has managed to gain over 120 million users. The large client base results in daily views even greater than Facebook and more active users’ than twitter.

Snapchat keeps on adding new features and attributes to attract more and more users and appeal mostly to generation Z.

Basically, Snapchat is a video, stories and image sharing app. One can share images, pictures, and videos. The most popular feature of this app is that no one can save the images or videos and the images can also be intended for a particular person. When the desired person sees the image, it gets deleted automatically.

With the Snapchat Premium account, users can share private images and content with full privacy and confidence. Additionally, Snapchat has a lot of fun features such as masks, filters, and emojis that one can play around and have fun.

This was a brief introduction about what is Snapchat and why is it getting so popular day by day. But my main agenda of this post is to discuss how Snapchat can help you make money. So without further delay, let’s get to it!

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5 ways to make money on Snapchat?

This seems like a very interesting idea especially to those who are already spending a lot of time on Snapchat. If you are one of them, why not start making money? Which is not a bad idea at all, right?

The entire process of making money on Snapchat differs from the other more typical social media platforms but it is fruitful nevertheless.

Snapchat hosts more than 200 million active users every day who collectively generate almost 8 billion images and photos EVERY DAY! From a business owner’s perspective, such a massive client base will be more than enough to promote your brand, goods, and services.

But if you are a business owner and wish to promote your business and products, then Snapchat is a great way to do it. With more than 16 powerful media houses (BuzzFeed, MTV, etc.) running their own pages on Snapchat, you can partner with them and promote your brand, run Snap Ads, introduce sponsored filters and do a lot more.

However, it is extremely critical that before you finalize Snapchat as your marketing platform, you make sure that you review and decide exactly what strategies you will be implementing to make money on Snapchat. Do your homework!

Once, everything is sorted out, the next step is to start focusing on the monetizing techniques. How can Snapchat help in making money? What exactly can be done and how much will you be able to make? Let’s dive in!

Here are five ways to make money on Snapchat:

#1 Snap Ads

Snap Ads is a great way to make more and more people aware of your brand, business, and products. There are a large number of people on Snapchat who view ads daily. The audience can always skip the ads and move on to view more content but it is one of the most direct ways to get your message across to the audience.

Snap Ads might not be able available in your part of the world but if you are interested in Snap Ads, and then you will have to change your location via the Hola Fake GPS location. Inside the Snapchat app, there is a convenient ads manager which you can use to manage ads.

Snap Ads have the following advertising formats:

  • Snap Ad that will be heard or watched. This will pop up within the snaps.
  • The story Ad as a creative in the Discover Feed. This approach is particularly useful and effective for brands and mass media promotions and advertising.
  • Lastly, Snap Ads can be in the form of filters. Certain images will overlap via the carousel.

Snap Ads is one of the biggest and effective platforms to promote your business and brand. Snapchat has a huge database and millions of active users share snaps and videos and also view the available content. You can easily cash on this opportunity and make money by promoting your brand.

Once you have launched the Snap Ad campaign (any one of the above-mentioned options), you can also track the results and based on the available statistics you can also optimize your campaign.

You can also create short videos to show what your product or service is all about. I often come across 10 to 12-second videos on Snapchat of a fitness trainer working out or an artist giving art lessons and so many more.

You can also make such informative yet interesting videos to grab the audience’s attention and let them know what you do or what your product does. These videos are also a great way to let people know how they can reach you or get to know where your business is located. This method has a direct impact on sales.

#2 Introduce a Geofilter

Making money on Snapchat is all about promoting your business and brand. There are a bunch of ways through which you can do the deed.

Snapchat is famous for its filters and masks. You can also launch or make a free Geofilter. As the name suggests, a Geofilter is a geographical filter that can be made at any public place (especially useful if it is appropriate to your business). Consider, for example, you are launching a new product or organizing an event than creating a Geofilter for that public place or event will give you a lot of exposure.

If you are organizing a marathon at the park, all you need to do is to take a photo or shoot a short video and upload it using the already existing filters. You can also add logos and trademarks etc to let people know about you and your work.

There are two kinds of Geofilters available: personal and business. You can create any of these (depending on what is the most appropriate option for you). If you are creating a business Geofilter, you can add logos and trademarks and if it is a personal Geofilter then you can make it more fun and play around with the design and colors.

Snapchat also provides some basic templates that can be customized and tweaked around in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Once you are satisfied with the end product, the color, images, and the design, you can download the filter. Next, you will set the time and date, select a location and pay for the filter. Snapchat also provides you with some basic reports and analytics that explain how effective your Geofilter has been.

This is a great way to increase awareness about your business, venture, and brand. I remember when back in College, we (me and my groupmates) had a task to arrange an event, promote it and earn the profit. We arranged a painting competition in the park and made a Geofilter to invite people and raise awareness. It really worked and we received a huge number of participants who got to know about the event through this filter.

So, this is a great way to promote your business. If you are starting a restaurant, café or arranging an event or even sponsoring one; making a Geofilter will be a great idea.

#3 Sponsored Lenses and posts

As I have been mentioning, again and again, making money on Snapchat is a great idea. Especially if you know how and where to play your cards. The client base is huge and the amount of exposure and coverage one can achieve through Snapchat and its features is huge as well.

I have already explained how you can create Geofilters and promote your brand or business; there is another way as well that is also extremely effective. Snapchat comes up with these lenses where when a user opens up the camera, the lens has a design and the user snaps through that lens.

This method is extremely unique and creative. You can also get a sponsored lens created for you through Snapchat. The only catch is that you won’t be able to do it yourself. To introduce a sponsored lens, you need to contact the people and officials at SnapChat where they will sit down with you and understand what your requirements are.

Then, they will come up with a lens design that is up to mark with your requirements (often incorporating your logo or product design with the lens design). I remember the Coke lens getting so popular during the Football World Cup days. It literally went viral because everyone just couldn’t stop sharing it.

When someone shares a lens snap, it is like a direct recommendation from one friend to another. So investing in getting a customized lens is a great idea. Speaking of today, there are hundreds of sponsored campaigns that are running on Snapchat because they really do work. Big brands like Sony Pictures, Michael Kors, Starbucks, and L’Oreal all have and are using Snapchat as part of their marketing games.

The results show that these campaigns are extremely effective and have a direct impact on the sales of their products. So, what are you waiting for? Get working on your next campaign!

Just make sure that your campaigns, lenses, and stories are creative and attractive. It is very easy to skip the boring content. So, if you want people to view what you have to say then make your content interesting, unique and creative.

You can also promote your content through sponsored posts. These posts will be solely for the purpose of promoting your products and business. If this is what you wish to achieve on Snapchat, you should open up a business page. This page has more options for you to fill out and let people know about you and your work. Consequently, using a business page you will also be able to reach out to more potential customers and increase your sales.

Another very important point to remember while promoting your products is that you need to know where to stop. No one, I repeat no one likes to be bombarded with sponsored posts. It feels like you are being pushed towards something you don’t want or haven’t asked for. And that is something you do not want to do.

You need to attract customers and not drive them away. Don’t spam. Keep your content light and interesting; remember that it is not a business meeting but a casual platform where most of the users log in to relax and unwind. Mix up your content. Drop-in a call to action to check out your page/product/ business in between casual stuff so that it is not obvious yet convincing.

Remember, that if you have always wondered ‘Can I make money on Snapchat?’ and ’ How can I make money on Snapchat?’ then you need to learn how to cash on the impulsivity of people. Researchers say that for a person making a snap there is a 12-second window in which he can connect with the audience and convince them to buy their product. So, make sure your content is appropriate and you know exactly when your client base is in the mood and energy to purchase (you can know all of these facts by studying analytics and previous patterns) and when you can strike a deal.

If I talk about myself, then as a Snapchat user I never spend time on Snaps that are boring. Colors, text, emoji, themes, season-appropriate filters make the snap attractive. I surely stay and read if something that I see excites me.

So, don’t forget to make your snaps interesting and colorful. Add color; play with the design and layout. Add masks, themes, events, and holiday-related stuff to brighten up your snaps and content.

#4 Affiliates

Just like any other social media platform, Snapchat also helps you make money through affiliate marketing. Everyone is desperate to get their products to sell. If you can promote a brand through your content and posts then you can earn money.

The more people follow you and the more viewership you will achieve and the more power you will have. Naturally, if you have a couple of thousand people following you; your say will matter! Ask more and more people to follow your account and view your content.

In order to gain followership, you can also arrange contests and giveaways on other platforms. Ask people to follow you on Snapchat as one of the contest conditions. Once you have an effective follow-ship, you can start promoting products.

There are a number of items that you can promote. You can write exciting and interesting content on your blog and include a call to action for people to visit Snapchat and avail discounts or offers. You can promote websites, applications, deals, offer presents and discounts. Once you become someone with a massive fan following, you get the power to say and make a difference.

 You can use this power to recommend products, services, and platforms and earn a commission. Another great way is to make video highlights, share snaps and even make Vlogs. You can also include links to the place you are visiting, the hotel you are staying at (if you are traveling) and also people to book flight tickets with.

With every product you promote and sales that result through you; you will be able to earn money.

This is how it works. I have said it before and I will say it again as well. Play smart with your cards. There is a lot of competition on every platform. If you are looking to make money online, then there are thousands of others as well who are also looking to make money online. Every field and job is saturated but you can still succeed if you do smart work alongside hard work.

Make yourself visible, different and interesting. Make intelligent moves and make sure you have your eyes on every opportunity that pops up. Be swift and ready for action. Cash-out on the latest trends; if there is a viral online challenge, hashtag or campaign make sure you use it for your benefit. The more aware and informed you will be the more will be your chances to make money on Snapchat.

#5 Build an audience on Snapchat

In a nutshell, if you wish to make money through Snapchat, you will need to promote yourself and your business. You need to cash on the fact that this platform has thousands of active users who visit and engage with this platform on a daily basis.

But how do you get them to engage with your content as well? This is the main question that needs to be answered in order to make money on Snapchat!

There is no doubt that Snapchat has massive business potential. You can make money on Snapchat but how? It is simple! You need to make connections on Snapchat to make money online.

You can’t make money until and unless people don’t know about you so in order to build your Snapchat audience, here is what you can do!

1. Promote yourself on other social media platforms

There will be a large number of people who will be using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but not Snapchat. You can invite friends and family on these platforms to come and join Snapchat. You can always show them a little teaser of what great content they will be able to see on Snapchat.  You can also put your Snap code in your posts and articles so that people can visit your profile and follow you.

I have often come across giveaways and contests on Instagram, where one of the conditions to enter is to add them to Snapchat. Which is a great way to self promote, to be honest!

2. Follow more people.

This may seem like a little unjust to you but it is how it works. You add people on Snapchat and start following them and they also do the same.

You can also do shout outs and promote other accounts to receive the same from their end as well. The more you support people, the more people will support you too. So make sure you stay active, engage and stay visible.

3. Stay Active

Out of sight out of mind, works really well here. Also, the algorithm of different social media platforms keeps on evolving and if you remain inactive for a while, your feed and posts completely stop showing.

As wrong as it may sound to you, but this is the truth. Your visibility directly depends on the engagement rate. If you stop posting you might stop showing in the user’s feed altogether.

So make sure that you remain active and post to your story a minimum of 20 times. But don’t overdo it as well because you don’t want to spam people’s accounts with your content and annoy them.

You can also add an incentive for people to add you on Snapchat and also view your content. This incentive can be anything from a discount code to promo code, an exciting deal or cashback. This will convince a large number of people to follow you (who doesn’t like free goodies, right?)

You can also search for people and invite them to follow you. Search for potential followers from the friends and family section, social influencers, bloggers, local celebrities, entertainers or from any other account that you like and follow.

  • Interact with other users. When you interact with other users, you provide them with a picture of what your content is all about. This is just another great way to promote you. You can interact with other users on Snapchat as well as on other social media platforms to raise awareness.

Pinterest is also a great platform to interact and engage with other users. The basic objective is to let people know more about you and your work. This is a great way to increase followership and shows a direct impact on engagement rates, stats and analytics.

  • Ask for help. You can message people directly to have a look at your profile and even ask bloggers and influencers to mention your name in one of their snaps.

People with such a massive following have the power and say to convince people. If someone will mention your name and account with a positive review, then many people will obviously visit your page and will start following you too.

If you have something else in mind, to increase your viewership and stats then you should employ them too. What you need to do is to increase your Snapchat audience. If your content will be viewed by a greater chunk of users, greater will be the chances of you being heard and believed. If you have a brand, a venture or a business to promote and you wish to use Snapchat as a money-making platform, then it is extremely important that you increase your audience to raise awareness and maximize your sales.

Also, remember that even if you are doing everything correctly; you are following all the pointers and working on all the provided tips and tricks even than building a Snapchat audience is not an easy task. It is not something that will happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, hard work, and patience.

So, don’t expect to view the results in a day. You have to stay at it and keep working hard. The key is to remain determined, motivated and creative. If you wish to stand out in the ocean of content creators, you will have to be unique and different.

People need to understand that your content is something that will not be available anywhere else. And once you are successful in building up this trust and confidence among people, you can then start building up a niche audience and then start promoting products, services, and even your own brand.

How to make money on Snapchat FAQ.

Does snapchat pay you for views?

No, Snapchat doesn’t pay for views. However, you can monetize the views in many different ways that we discuss in this article. You can post sponsored videos from other brands, use affiliate marketing to earn commissions and many others.

Can you make money from Snapchat filters/lenses?

Yes. You can make money by creating Snapchat filters. If you create quality filters that get many downloads you can start earning from them. If you want to learn more about it check this article on how to make money with Snapchat filters.

How to sell on Snapchat?

If you want to sell on Snapchat you have to:

  • Engage with the audience by creating a Snapcode
  • Create engaging content
  • Use Payform to capture payments

Summary on how to make money on Snapchat

Snapchat is a comparatively new platform but it is a massively successful application. People from all age groups are ADDICTED to it. It is a great, fun and quirky way to interact with each other, learn and discover new people and businesses and also interact with them.

I have mentioned all the ways in which you will be able to make money on Snapchat; the tips, tricks, and gimmicks have been discussed as well. But one thing that you should remember is that Snapchat has a 70% customer base that belongs to the millennial generation. When you create content, keep this fact in mind!

It is very important to create age-appropriate content and you should know what age group you are targeting with your content. There are thousands of users who join Snapchat every day with the sole purpose of making money. You need to stand out in order to win the race.

Here is a round-up of all the pointers that you need to remember and work on if you wish to make money on Snapchat:

  1.  Don’t expect that you will be able to start making money in a day. It is a slow and gradual process and it will take time. If you keep on working hard and with full dedication and motivation; you will be able to build up an impressive audience in a short amount of time and money will also start rolling in.
  2. Always be on the go. You cannot just stick to the conventional and boring ways of making money on Snapchat and expect to make it big. It is a digital world and things are changing and evolving on a daily basis. Stay up to date and mend your strategies accordingly. Make sure you are creating and presenting content that aligns with what the audience wants to see.
  3. Keep working towards increasing your client base. Look for more and more methods to earn. Read, research and look around. See what your competitors are doing and if it working out. Always stay alert and active.

Here is everything that I needed to say about making money on Snapchat. Do let me know in the comments section if you find this information valuable or not. Do you know of other ways that one can employ to make money on Snapchat? Do share in the comments section below as I would love to hear from all of you!