How to make money on Pinterest with Amazon?

You probably stumbled upon this article by chance when you were searching for topics like how to use Pinterest to make money or how to make money on Pinterest with Amazon?

Amazon is a big name and that coupled with a social media giant such as Pinterest makes up for a topic that everyone wants to know about.

Pinterest is the largest and most successful platform that has helped people all over the world in making money online. It may appear as just a photo-sharing app that provides a platform to view and share interesting and creative content but in reality, Pinterest is so much more than this and there are many people who are making thousands of dollars behind those colorful and artistic pins.

How to make money on Pinterest with Amazon?

Before pinning down this article, I interviewed and read about so many people who have made it big on Pinterest and they all had pretty much the same things to share.

Joining Pinterest and looking to make money off it does not require any experience. Even if you have no idea about how to make money on Pinterest, you can still start and learn along the way.

However, for the purpose of this article, I will focus on ways that you can use to make money off Pinterest with Amazon.

There are two basic ways of making money with Pinterest; with a money making blog and without a blog.

The highly recommended and successful approach is to make money with a blog. Owning or managing a blog provides you a lot of opportunities to promote products and include affiliate links. Also, Amazon only allows those people into the affiliate program who run a blog and have a minimum of 3-4 published blog posts.

Amazon affiliate program is the best one there and coupled with the Pinterest monetization strategies; you got yourself the best money making spell.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing and how one can make money through different affiliate programs, then don’t worry and keep on reading!

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How to make money on Pinterest with Amazon?

Pinterest is very easy to join. All you need to do is to open it up and make an account.

Previously, Pinterest banned the use and promotion of affiliate links because people complained about scam links and also because Pinterest was getting spammed.

But now, Pinterest has revised its affiliate policy and only Amazon links are allowed.

Confused? Don’t be! I will walk you through all the steps in this article regarding joining Pinterest, making a business account, growing the account and building an audience, becoming a part of Amazon affiliate program and start promoting the affiliate products.

#1 Join Pinterest and set up a business account.

If you do not already own an account on Pinterest then the first thing that you need to do is to create an account on Pinterest.

It is not difficult at all and is just like any other sign up process. Pinterest will ask for your basic details and a valid email id and voila!

You have a Pinterest account.

Since we are focusing on ways through which you can make money on Pinterest, I will recommend that you open a business account on Pinterest.

If you already have an account on Pinterest, you can also convert it into a business account.

Setting up a business account is recommended because it provides numerous features that help with making money online.

There are so many active Pinterest users, who use the platform to get amazing ideas, tips and maintain boards but have no idea that they can do all of this and make money as well. So, if you are also one of those; think about converting to a business account and start making money.

Always remember, that whether or not you own a blog the only way of making money on Pinterest is through affiliate links,ads and selling own products.

You can use the affiliate links and earn money either by direct linking or use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog or webpage and add affiliate links there.

#2 Select a niche.

Once you have set up a business account; you are good to go. But Pinterest is a massive platform with content and material available on almost EVERYTHING. It is not practically possible and appreciated to talk about everything and expect people to connect with you and trust you.

You need to select a niche. Niche means a topic, field or area of interest; something that you have expertise about, are interested in or are familiar with.

Consider, for example, you are enthusiastic about makeup and know a fair deal about beauty and makeup products. Then the best course of action for you would be to stick to this field and create your content regarding beauty and makeup.

If you own a blog, you can link it to your profile and create artistic and captivating pins for each of your blog posts. You can then post these pins on your board and also on group boards related to beauty, fashion, style, trending looks, etc.

Sticking to a certain niche and focusing on it will help you in building an audience. People who are interested in makeup, beauty, and fashion will follow you and you will be able to build your audience around this niche.

If you will talk about everything and create pins related to lifestyle, fashion, fitness, etc. all at the same time; you will find very hard to concentrate and also connect with the audience. Stats show that people connect more with accounts that talk entirely about their interest, and also give them the perception that the person who owns the profile knows a fair bit about the topic/field.

#3 Grow your account.

The most effective approach to make money online is through the promotion of affiliate links. You help people sell their products and they pay for doing that.

The more you grow online, the more powerful is your opinion and the more power you have to influence and convince people.

Brands and companies pay you for this power. That is why it is extremely important to grow you account and build an audience. When more and more people will follow you and listen to you, brands and companies will prefer to work with you and sell their products through you.

Once you have set up a business account, chosen a niche/field, the next step is to build an audience.

You can do that by creating creative, innovative and interesting content. When people will like what you create, they will follow you and look forward to your content. They will also trust your recommendations and this is how you will make money with Pinterest and affiliate links.

Once you decided your niche and you consistently and dedicatedly create content related to that niche; slowly and steadily you build an audience. Another great tip to grow your account is to not only post on your own boards but also on group boards that are related to your niche. Doing so, increases the viewership and reach of your content and that is the most vital part of promoting affiliate programs.

Algorithm of different social media apps keeps on changing and upgrading, so it is extremely important to stay updated and also change your policies to match the changing algorithm. It is only then that you will be able to stay on top and ensure that your pins and posts are visible to everyone.

Making it big online is more smart work and less hard work. You can be spending hours building your online portfolio but not using the correct strategies will only waste your time.

I have also met people who have made it big on social media through less work but through the use of a more effective and intelligent approach.

So, make sure that you spend your time, energy and resources the right way. Be smart about your approach and start making money!

#4 Learn about SEO and optimal posting conditions.

Pinterest is a global platform. People from all over the world are part of it and log on and engage with the content at different times. What you need to learn is, from where most of your followers are and what is the ideal time to post?

What this means is that posting on time will help you achieve the maximum engagement and your content will reach out to the maximum number of people (the time when maximum users are online and will be able to view your content). Obviously, you don’t want to post at a time when no one is online and your content goes unseen.

Investing in a scheduler will provide you with all these stats and you will be able to optimize your posting times. There a number of social media schedulers available online which help you in understanding the algorithm of different social media applications and also explain how you can achieve maximum engagement and grow your account organically.

They also let you know about the right timings to post, the right content to post (by letting you know about what post of yours got maximum engagement) and also helps you schedule future posts so that everything is planned and automated.

Also, it is important to include SEO in your descriptions and content. Use the right keywords and hashtags in the descriptions of your posts to make sure that when someone searches for beauty or makeup, your pins pop up at the top of the search results.

Following all of these steps will help you grow your account and build a loyal and authentic audience.

Now, that you have been able to grab the user’s attention, you can continue to create pins that are well made, well described and well presented. These pins will be your gateway to driving more and more traffic to your blog or webpage.

The more traffic you are able to drive towards your page, the more money you will be able to make. Your page will have links to different affiliate products that were either shown in your pin or mentioned in your blog post. Interested people will open up the link and chances are that they will buy the product as well.

The more sales you generate, the more money you will make. For every sale that is made through your affiliate link, you will receive a set amount of commission.

Once you have completed all of these steps, you can start making money with Pinterest and here is how you can do that.

Amazon and Pinterest!

Once you have a successful business account on Pinterest and also own a blog; you can become a part of the Amazon affiliate program.

The advantage of Pinterest is that you can market a product to over 200 million active users at the same time. Amazon knows how powerful this is and enables you to become a part of its affiliate program and promote their products through your medium on Pinterest.

You might not be aware of it. Do you remember browsing through Pinterest for cover page ideas for a book and stumbled upon the great e-book on Amazon that you ended up buying? This is how affiliate marketing works and this is how you will make money on Pinterest with Amazon.

What is Amazon affiliate program?

Amazon is a renowned name; the reputation that this platform has gained over the years is more than enough for you to sell its products. Amazon also understands the power of social media and has come up with an “Amazon associates program that helps people with a website/webpage/blog to promote their products and make money online.

The Amazon associates program is related to giving out affiliate links to all the registered members and paying them a certain amount whenever an action is completed.

The great part is that there are no rules and regulations related to joining the associate program and it is practically free. All you need to have is a website or blog with a satisfactory flow of traffic. The more traffic your page receives, the more chances exist for you to sell the Amazon product.

Now that we have established how affiliate links work on Pinterest and what exactly Amazon affiliate program is; the next step is to develop a connection between the two.

Once you establish and manage a Pinterest business account and link it with your blog or webpage, it becomes very easy for you to drive traffic to your blog and mention affiliate links there. Chances are that people visiting your blog will open the affiliate links and make a purchase. While you are at it, you can easily get links from the Amazon affiliate program and promote Amazon products through your content.

For every purchase that is made by people, those were driven through your referral link; you get paid.

Let me break it further down for you!

  • You have a blog and you join Pinterest with the intention of making money with a blog. You open up a business account for free and start producing content related to your niche.
  • You grow your account and build up an audience. An audience that trusts your word engages with you and believes in your recommendations and referrals.
  • You become a part of the Amazon affiliate program and receive affiliate links for several products. Amazon is a big platform and no matter what niche you belong to, you will have an endless list of products to choose from that you can promote through your content.
  • All the products that you personally use or like and are also available on Amazon can be recommended by you through a pin or post. Once the user opens up your pin, he will be driven to your page where he will find the affiliate link that will lead him up to the product.
  • If he buys the product, you will make money through Pinterest with Amazon.

I have already discussed what you can do to grow your account and increase your engagement and reach. Doing all that will increase the traffic to your blog and also the money you make online.

Now, I will explain why Amazon affiliate program is the best one out there if you wish to make money through this channel.

Why opt for Amazon associates?

  • It is free.

Amazon does not and will not charge you any amount for becoming a part of its affiliate program. The only investment that you will be making will be on setting up a webpage/blog and maintaining it (hosting services, domain, web development charges, etc.). (Read how to start a blog on Bluehost in less than 30 minutes!)

  • Amazon will not charge you any application fee.

It is also a safe bet because Amazon is a reliable and renowned name. Over the years, Amazon has been able to build up a reputation that you will not be required to spend anything on building the credibility of the brand and it will basically be a no-risk policy.

As opposed to promoting stuff from brands that are new and unknown where you will have to work on and invest in building the credibility of the brand and the products.

  • It covers almost any niche.

Amazon is a massive platform. There is really not anything that you won’t find on Amazon. Regardless of the fact that you belong to what niche, you will be able to find several products on Amazon that you can promote through your blog.

If you run a blog on fashion, beauty, fitness, lifestyle, food, home décor, motherhood or any other field; you will be able to find every product on Amazon. You can easily get the required affiliate link, start promoting and start earning.

The only drawback or limitation that you may experience while working with Amazon is that Amazon does not allow newbie’s to be a part of their affiliate program. You need to have a well- established web page or blog with a certain amount of traffic being driven to your page to be eligible to apply for the program.

If you are new to this field then you will be required to get enough traffic so that you can apply for the Amazon affiliate program. Also, although working with Amazon is somewhat guaranteed success, they do pay you commission which is a little low than the normal limit.

Pinterest has been ranked as the number 1 platform in driving traffic to different blogs and web pages. Amazon on the other hand has been ranked as the biggest retail giant. The combination of the two is sure to make headlines.

This is a great way for people who are looking for ways to make money online. Pinterest has millions of active users. Growing your Pinterest account is a process that takes time and patience but once you succeed, you can easily make money with affiliate links and that too passive income.

If you are still with me and reading the article, then always remember that although the steps that I have mentioned to start making money with Pinterest and Amazon appear simple and easy they still require a lot of hard work and consistency.

It is not a magic spell that will make you filthy rich overnight; rather it is a slow and steady process. It takes time to build an audience and achieve the influencing position.

Also, you will not be able to make millions instantly. You can earn anywhere in the range of $5 to $2000 with the Amazon affiliate program. The income you generate is subjective and is dependent on a number of factors.

But once you get the hang of things, you will be able to make good money. Just keep trying and let me know if you any questions in the comments below. I will love to hear from you!