How to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links?

If you were searching how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links youve come to the right place! Stick till the end to find out all the best strategies to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize a blog. Affiliate marketing if done right can result in a source of passive income (which is the best kind of income). You just drop a link and every time a purchase is made through your referral link; you earn a commission.

Pinterest has been on the map for quite some years now. Back in 2015, Pinterest banned affiliate links because people started spamming the place with all kinds of links. Most of those links were a scam and people started getting annoyed by so much disturbance.

How to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links

Over time, Pinterest has come up with better policies and scam control strategies that have made Pinterest a more secure, fun and interesting place to use. However, Pinterest only allows Amazon affiliate links to be used. Nonetheless, affiliate links are a great way to make money online with Pinterest.

I have read about and heard about so many people who are making good money through Pinterest and by using affiliate marketing. When I say good money, I don’t mean millions of dollars but what I do mean is a satisfactory amount that started off as a meager side income but has gradually build up as a good income source.

The bright side of affiliate marketing is that both parties come out as winners. Consider for example, that I include an affiliate link in one of my articles. You end up buying a product of your choice and also enjoy bonuses for using the affiliate link and I get to enjoy the commission because I was able to generate a sale.

This is how affiliate marketing works.

Pinterest is particularly famous when it comes to affiliate marketing because it has been ranked as the no.1 platform for driving traffic to different webpages and blogs. The more traffic you drive, the more are the chances for you to generate a sale and earn a commission.

In this article, I will be covering all the if’s and buts’, what’s and how’s and when’s and where’s of affiliate marketing on Pinterest.

So, if you are interested in knowing about how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate links, then read on!

What is Pinterest and how does it work?

Pinterest is an extremely famous photo-sharing app. But in reality, Pinterest is less of a photo-sharing app and more of a search engine. People log on to Pinterest and search for products, ideas, tips, and tricks. It can be from any field and Pinterest will have an answer for you. This is why Pinterest is such a diverse and versatile platform with something for everyone.

You can log on to Pinterest and search for anything and everything and you will get a list of endless ideas and creative solutions. Each post on Pinterest is basically a pin that is pinned on the board.

Just like physical boards are maintained in the offices and everything important, worthy or to-be-remembered makes it to the board; Pinterest provides virtual boards. These boards are also pinned with posts that one likes or would like to remember for future reference.

Every user has individual boards and can also be a member of group boards. Only the user has the authority to pin on his/her boards but anyone can re-pin on their respective boards. Also, if anyone is a member of a group board, he/she can post on the group board as well.

Group boards as the name suggests are managed by a group of people who share the rights of pinning.

Now, this is how it works. You create an account and start pinning. People like your pins and posts and re-pin the idea. The more re-pins corresponds to more reach power, accessibility and engagement.

If you have a blog, you will link the pin to your blog post. Whenever someone will open up your pin, he will be directed to your post and this is how traffic is driven from Pinterest to your blog or webpage.

Once you succeed in landing the user to your webpage or blog- half of the work is done. Next, you can drop the affiliate links in your blog posts and chances are that the user will open them up and make the purchase.

For every purchase made, you earn a commission. This is how the monetization of a blog happens with Pinterest and affiliate marketing.

Anyone can follow the above-mentioned steps, but not everyone makes it big on Pinterest and starts making money online. The most crucial step in earning with Pinterest is that you grow your account and increase your reach and get hold of Pinterest affiliate links.

How do you do these two steps? If you don’t know the answer, then don’t be confused and keep on reading!

How to grow a Pinterest account?

As I have mentioned, that being successful on Pinterest and earning with affiliate marketing is dependent on how successfully you are able to grow your account and increase engagement.

No brand or company would want to promote their products through someone who is not known by a large number of people. Your online power is marked by how well you can reach out to the masses and influence them to buy a certain product; the greater is your online power the more beneficial you can be for marketing and promotion of different products.

This online power is gained through building an audience and growing your account. But this is not a quick process. Building an audience and building credibility takes time and a lot of effort. Accounts that grow organically are more influential and also record the highest engagement. You need to be consistent and dedicated towards your work. Narrowing down your field of interest and creating content related to that niche will give you fruitful results.

I have done separate posts on how to grow a Pinterest audience that you can view and learn from. But in a nutshell, the only way to succeed and make it big on Pinterest is by being consistent, being original, being creative and being attractive.

Learn how to make your work stand out and your pins to pop. I have been a Pinterest user for years now and trust me when I tell you that if your pins are badly designed and wrongly described; no one will open them up!

The first and foremost step is to focus on your pin creation. Make sure that your pins are true to your niche and most suitable for your boards. Use appropriate and HD quality images.

Remember that you want your pins to stand out.

Consider an office board and how a colorful, bright and well shot image grabs your attention and you walk towards the board to have a closer look. Pinterest works in the exact same way! When there are multiple images for a single search result; you will clearly feel drawn towards the one that is aesthetically pleasing and looks promising.

After you grasp how to create pins the next step is to learn where and when to post them. These may look like pretty basic steps to you but trust me when I tell you that these are important and critical for your account growth.

I have also done a detailed article on how a scheduler can help you plan your content in advance and stay up to date with the posting time. Investing in a scheduler helps you analyze the growth of your account, when and how you achieved maximum engagement and also provides you access to group boards and other useful Pinterest features.

Once you grow your account and have good traffic being driven to your webpage or blog; you can apply for affiliate programs and start promoting different products to make money.

Pinterest and affiliate links.

According to a recent survey, most of the people using Pinterest are looking for a product or an idea. Hence, this alone makes Pinterest the best platform for marketers to share information about their products and also a link from the products can be purchased.

If you own a Pinterest business account and use Pinterest for making money; including affiliate links in your strategy is a great step that you can take.

Pinterest has also lifted the ban on the use of affiliate links and you are free to add as many affiliate links with your pins as you like. But it is important that you use your links smartly and strategically because the last thing you want is to spam your users with affiliate links and annoy them.

How can you get Pinterest affiliate links?

A very frequently asked question about Pinterest and affiliate links is:

How do get hold of affiliate links?

The answer is pretty simple. In order to become a part of affiliate programs and get hold of affiliate links that actually work, you should join Pinterest affiliate networks.

Pinterest affiliate networks are a big name in Pinterest affiliate marketing. These networks consist of huge groups that are made up of individual affiliate programs. Once you become a part of the network; you can apply for any affiliate program depending on your choice, niche, and preference.

Some of the most successful and renowned affiliate networks are:

  1. ShareASale
  2. FlexOffers
  3. Impact Radius

There are many other affiliate networks as well. All you need to do is to join them, select an affiliate program that attracts you and you would want to be a part of and apply. Once you get accepted to the program, you will receive a customized affiliate link that you can add in your pins (if you don’t have a blog) or drive traffic to your blog (or webpage) if you have one and add the affiliate link in your blog posts.

But there are certain rules and regulations for affiliate marketing on Pinterest, which you must keep in mind while working with any affiliate program.

These rules are:

  • Always mention about the affiliate link.

Pinterest makes it compulsory for you to mention in the description of the pin that this is an affiliate pin.

You can also mention in the description of the pin or can be mentioned with a hash tag at the end of your description but it is important that an affiliate pin is labeled as one. This is necessary to highlight the affiliate pins and also to make sure that they follow the rules and regulations set by the Pinterest affiliate networks.

  • Make old pins affiliate pins.

This is a great step that you can take towards customer satisfaction, loyalty, and happiness. If you have an older pin created for a product that you have used, loved and recommended; you can add an affiliate link to that post as well.

But always remember that the products that you support and promote directly reflect your credibility and honesty. So, make sure that the products you stand by are worth it and worthy of recommendation.

  • Create designated boards.

Another great step is to create boards, especially for affiliate pins. This saves the users time because they know that clicking on the affiliate link will direct them to the products.

Consider an example, where you run a motherhood account and create content regarding this field as well. If you are promoting a bunch of products from the same company, a wise approach would be to create a new board and include all the affiliate pins belonging to that brand or company under that board.

  • Be smart with your monetization approach.

I have been mentioning it over and over again in this article and I will mention it again as well that Optimization of your account, pins, boards, and your overall approach is critical for your success online.

Make sure that you create pins that are optimized. You create multiple pinnable images. Don’t stick to a single affiliate graphic provided by the brand, rather create your own pin images that resonate with your account and personality.

Write the pin description smartly and carefully. Include the right keywords and don’t forget to add the most relevant and trending hashtags. But remember not to go overboard. Don’t just start creating affiliate pins and posting them anywhere and everywhere.

Create boards that are aesthetically unified and follow the same theme. All the pins must follow the same style, look, and color. Inconsistency will just put off the followers and potential customers.

Here are my top tips for you so that you can optimize your Pinterest account in such a way that provides you the best platform for promoting affiliate links and making money!

  • Showcase Affiliate products on optimal boards

You will be showcasing products for your users in the best way if your account and your boards are optimized. If you will just start adding pins with affiliate links, trust me you will not gain much out of them.

The presentation is key. Ensure that the boards that you own present a refined and branded look. These boards are the gateway to your business and the more presentable they look, the more attention you will be able to gain.

The pins that you create and the boards that you form, give your users and potential customers the first glance of what your business is all about. Without reading the descriptions and going into the details, the user should be able to find out about your work through just looking at your profile, pins, and boards.

Also, make sure that your boards are theme-oriented and all the images and pins direct to a main central theme. As I mentioned in the start, you have to select a niche and focus on your target audience. You have to create content that your target audience will be interested in.

How you present your content and what pins are visible on your boards creates an image for the users regarding how serious, talented or resourceful you are regarding your field. It also explains your expertise level. So, make sure that your Pinterest account is optimized and your boards are carefully created.

These boards serve as the base for your affiliate pins and a strong base is the first step towards a successful future.

  • Increase exposure of affiliate links.

Once you have made sure that all the affiliate pins are created properly, the next step is to increase their exposure. Your success is directly dependent on how well and how effectively you let people know about your pins.

Of course, posting the pins on the appropriate boards is the first and most important step, but sharing these pins on multiple platforms apart from Pinterest is also an extremely beneficial and effective step.

I have seen so many people sharing their boards on other social media platforms such as Facebook. Doing so, let’s more and more people know about the products that you use yourself and are promoting.

The basic idea is to let people know about products that are good, beneficial and interesting. Letting them know about such products through different means and methods is a smart strategy that helps you improve sales and earn more commission.

Also, make sure that you add the original and authentic affiliate link with your pins. Adding the shortened link only cuts short the tracking. Always add the complete affiliate link with your pins to increase visibility and also enabling the tracking of the link.

A great advantage of growing your account and building your audience is that once you create and post affiliate pins to your boards or refer traffic to your blog/webpage; you create endless opportunities for passive income with affiliate links.

Even if you are not adding more affiliate pins or posting new content, previous pins can be re-pinned by users at any time. Sharing them on different boards and group boards will constantly increase viewership. Increased viewership means increased possibilities of sale and possible online income.


Making money with Pinterest is legit and one of the most successful and effective approaches to today’s time and age.

It works and people from all over the world have been making it work and making money through it. You can make money with Pinterest with a blog or without a blog. Having a blog is a better and recommended approach.

Having a blog makes you more credible and makes you appear more professional and reliable. You can have multiple published posts on your blog and this just provides the potential clients and customers with a lot of content to view.

There are numerous people who are currently making money with Pinterest through affiliate links and you can be one of them as well. But what sets the successful ones apart is their approach. You can spend hours working on your online portfolio and trying to drive more and more traffic to your web page and fail and others might smartly work for a few hours in a day and still make more money than you because of their smart strategy.

You need to be smart about your work. Investing in a scheduler such as Tailwind, is a great idea. It may seem like spending a little too much at the start but once you will understand how beneficial and important a scheduler is for growing your account and building an audience; you will not regret your decision.

You invest in a scheduler, create great quality pins, post them at the right time and at the right place, and write the perfect descriptions to gain maximum engagement. Always stay on the lookout for the best affiliate programs and bag them. There is no harm in reaching out to your favorite brands and asking them about their affiliate programs. If they have one, ask them if you can be a part of it and start promoting and start earning.

Let me know in the comments below if you have anything else you would like to know about Pinterest and affiliate links. I would love to hear from you. Happy reading!