How to make money in college?

College life is often associated with broke life but this isn’t how it should be. Being a full-time college student does not and should not stop you from earning and getting financially independent. There are so many ways through which you can make money while being in College.

How to make money in College?

If this is your next question then this post is just for you. Whenever we think about being or becoming a college student who earns; the first thought is getting a permanent job. But this is not the only option available for all the college students who wish to earn and make money.

how to make money in college

I will be giving you over 50 ideas from which you can choose from and start earning money while being a college student. Jobs that college student can manage and take out time for is what I will be discussing in this post.

Once you start making money, instant noodles will not be the only food that you will be eating. So, without wasting any more time, let’s dive in and discuss all the various ways and side hustles in college that you can adapt and make money.

How to earn extra money in college?

Chances are that as a college student you are living on campus and it is best to start off by filling you in on all the options that you can try to make money with.

#1 Campus Jobs

These jobs are the best kind of jobs because they don’t require you to leave the campus. You can manage your time and resources better while you stay at the campus and still earn money.

These jobs are also better because they are usually provided by the college and will also help you with providing flexible working hours and conditions.

Here, is a list of all the ways you can do to make money on campus.

  • Be a TA (teaching assistant).

Being a teaching assistant is a great way to learn more about academic life and also polishing your teaching skills and concepts all at the same time. The great thing is that you can achieve all of this along with making money.

Jobs regarding teaching assistants are usually advertised or posted on the campus board, but if you have a cordial relationship with the professor or have performed really well in a course, you can always ask your professor for the job. TA jobs pay really well and are particularly useful if you are looking to pursue a career in the teaching field.

Usually, TA jobs are awarded to students of masters of the Ph.D. program but if you have taken a particular course and performed well then chances are that you will be able to get the job of TA. A word with the professor can come in really handy, in securing the job.

As a TA, your main duties will be to assist the professor, help with checking papers, assignments and other paperwork, prepare course sheets and also help the students with assignments outside of the class. You will get to know what it is like to be a professor.

Being a TA is a great job to earn money in college because you can manage the job with the pressures of college life and the timings are also flexible. So, if you like a course and know it exceptionally well, then it is time to talk to your professor and cash the job.

  • Be a Research Assistant.

Another great option for you to start making money while being in college is to become a research assistant. If you wish to work with a professor and learn and gain from their knowledge and expertise, then working as a research assistant is a great way.

Also, if you don’t have the stamina and patience to deal with a lot of students then working as a research assistant is a great idea. Not only will you be able to spend some one on one time with the professor to avail undivided attention but also will be able to polish your own skills.

The kind of work you will be required to do as a research assistant depends on the subject and niche you are working on. For example, if you are working with the science professor you will be required to research and collect data, performing and conducting experiments, acquiring, cleaning and preparing equipment, collecting samples and recording the readings. Basically, you will be helping the professor in researching on a particular project and gaining a lot of knowledge and experience along the way.

Of course, you will be paid for your work. The workload and timings might be long and extensive but if you choose a subject that resonates with your own studies, working as a research assistant will not only make you earn money but also help you greatly with your studies.

It is not easy to manage extra workload along with the rigorous routine and studies of college but if you opt for being a research assistant than it will help you greatly with your communications skills, organizational capabilities, and problem-solving skills. Research work also helps you in understanding how the research work is done and you will learn a lot more about research with the hands-on experience as opposed to learning theoretically from a course.

Campus jobs are usually posted on the notice board or the campus portal but if you know a professor and have performed exceptionally well in a course, there is no harm in talking to the professor directly and landing a job. What can be a better way to earn money while polishing your skills?

  • Be a Resident Assistant (RA)

In order to become a resident assistant, you will need to have good social connections and reputation. As an RA, you become part of the student body and help other students with the issues and questions they might have regarding the campus and other college problems.

Being an RA is not an easy process. You will have to go through multiple selection rounds, give interviews and also go through extensive training sessions; training about solving issues, safety procedures, and other university procedures.

Even, once you become an RA, your job will be far from easy. You will be living in a dorm (which is not an easy thing for many college students) and your working hours will also be round the clock. There will be no off time for you; you can get a call at 3 in the morning or in the middle of the day. No matter where you are or how busy you are, you will need to be present and solve the issue.

Once you become the RA, the package and benefits you receive will vary from college to college. Some might give you a monthly stipend while some might give you free accommodation. Whatever you get as being the RA, this will be a good financial decision for you; even if you don’t earn any direct cash, you will be able to save some which is also a great option.

  • Be a campus tour guide

Remember when you joined or visited the campus for the very first time, you were given a campus tour? Well, that tour did not happen on its own rather there was someone giving you a campus tour.

You can also be that someone who gives campus tours to all the new students. Not only will you learn so much about the campus yourself but also make money while doing that. Not to mention, interacting with so many people helps you in developing your public speaking skills, confidence and also people skills in general. This really pays off in your professional life as well later on.

In order to become a tour guide, you will need to submit your resume and give a bunch of interviews. Once you pass the initial selection period, you will go through some training sessions as well to prepare you so that you can give effective and impressive campus tours.

Not to forget that you will be paid on a per hour basis by the college if you become a tour guide. It is not easy to dedicate hours or even days, given the tough routine of college life. So, if you can manage to do so; you will be able to make money in college.

  • Be part of the campus IT.

Basically, if you become part of campus IT then you work for the administration of the college. In order to secure this job, you will need to have some basic computer and programming skills. There will be a bunch of tasks that will be given to you.

You will also help students by answering their questions and resolving their administrative issues. You will also learn a lot of patience and empathy because these issues and questions are often really dumb and stupid but you have to answer them anyway.

So, if you have really good computer skills and also know some programming skills (as a bonus) you can easily pursue this job. All you need is a positive attitude, eagerness to learn and succeed and eligibility for the job. It pays really well as well, so if you can handle computer work then becoming a part of the campus IT is a great way to make money while being in college.

  • Be a student host

This idea is not for everyone as not all the people are willing to have a bunch of people shadows them around for an entire day. To be honest, it looks pretty creepy and invasion of one’s privacy as well but you can get paid or get a bunch of incentives in return to host prospective students.

The college is often short of students who are willing to host prospective students and show them around the life of a college student. So if you can deal with a bunch of students following you around for a day then you can always sign up as a student host.

You might get paid in the form of direct cash or get some benefits like a discount in your housing expenses or some discount café vouchers. You also get a lot of exposure on how to deal with people and develop effective communication skills.

The jobs for being a student host are always posted on the campus board and you can also apply voluntarily for the job. Earning some money or to be able to save some is not a bad offer, right?

  • Be a part of the campus dining

This job is not for everyone but a great opportunity for some as well. I remember when I was in college, I had several friends who were really great at cooking and wanted to join a professional culinary school as well but couldn’t for some reason.

So, if you are also on the same boat then you can join the campus dining forum and still enjoy your culinary dreams while studying in college. But mind you that working in the campus dining is not an easy experience. The job requires you to work odd hours and also cancel a lot of plans with your friends.

You can be spending the Saturday night without your friends and serving fries or cleaning up the café or restocking the stations but if you can handle the kitchen stress, then it is a good way to earn some side money while in college.

The process of landing a job in the campus dining is also the same as other job opportunities. You will need to submit a resume and once selected undergo some basic training regarding handling food and also learn about the basic health code.

  • Be a Campus Driver

Many college campuses are extremely big and the college needs stuff to be transported around the campus. Instead of hiring external drivers, most colleges provide the opportunity for college students to do the job and pay them in return.

You can also become a campus driver and either drive students, stuff and furniture from one part of the campus to the other. The working hours may be long and tiresome but it is great to make money while staying on the campus.

In order to apply for the job, you will need to complete some prerequisites and also need to have basic licenses. If you apply for this job, you will be able to earn money while exploring the campus, meeting new people and drive new and different vehicles.

  • Be a campus tutor

Although every professor has a TA, who can and does help the students with the subject, assignments, and concepts. But the resources of a TA are only limited. If a TA has hundreds of students, then there is only some help a TA will be able to extend towards the students.

There are great perks for being a campus tutor. Every department selects and provides some selected tutors who can provide extra assistance and help to the students of the department.

If you are interested in becoming a campus tutor, then you need to demonstrate that you know the subject and are capable of making other students learn the subject as well. There are some particular subjects that the department needs tutors for. So, if you have what it takes to be a campus tutor, then you can easily apply for the job, get selected and set your own rates.

You need to have the basic skills to be able to teach students. The patience to teach and the ability to break down the important concepts to teach the students is needed to become a campus tutor.

  • Work in the Dorm Front Desk

On the college campus, the dorms are usually big and there is a front desk that needs to be attended to 24/7. There are packages to be received, letters to be received and delivered, phone calls to be attended and a lot more.

There are a lot of other jobs as well, that need to be taken care of by the person manning the dorm front desk. Also, if you wish to become or run for the job for an RA in the future, this is a good job to take up in the early years. You will get to learn a lot about the student body, student affairs, and campus policies.

The great part about working at the dorm front desk is that you don’t need to do just the desk work. You can study, do your course work and assignments while managing the desk. All you need to do is to stay attentive and alert. This is a great way to make money in college while staying on campus and also not compromising on your studies and college work.

These are some of the campus jobs that I have discussed in this post but I am sure that if you look around and ask people on your campus, you will be able to find and bag many other jobs as well that can help you make money in your free time.

Also, you can work multiple jobs at the same time. For example, you can be a teaching assistant and be a campus driver at the same time. Your objective is to earn as much as you can & manage to earn while being a full-time college student is always a plus.

Don’t let confusions or pressure hold you back. College life is not all about studying but it is also about managing time and resources, developing other skills such as public speaking, people handling and confidence and also learning some basic skills about professional life and taking care of your finances.

So, get up and look around your campus. Look for jobs and select one for yourself. Also, remember that no job is too small for you. Anything that you can manage with your college life and routine is a great side hustle for you. Jobs like working for maintenance, custodial services, as an artist model, in the writing center or in the campus post office are some of the other options that you can try from.

If opting for on-campus jobs is too much for you to handle and you would like to step out to have a change of environment then there are a bunch of off-campus jobs as well which you can try and earn money. So, let me tell you all about the off-campus jobs as well.

  • Off-Campus Jobs

Outside your college campus, there are also some great opportunities waiting for you while you are still in college. Although off-campus jobs require a bit more time management, dedication and output from you, the end result is much better. Off-campus jobs also provide a much better payout as compared to on-campus jobs.

So, if you decide to work outside your campus then you will need to look for jobs that work well with your classes and college schedule. Because the off-campus jobs will not be flexible with your college routine and you will have to work your way around college and job.

I will be presenting you with a list of off-campus jobs that you can choose from to make money while being in college.

#2 Be a driver for Uber

This is a great way to earn money. If you are in college or not, being an Uber driver is a great way to earn money. Many people drive Uber as the sole method to earn their living. If you are a college student and you own a car, then register it with Uber of Lyft and start earning.

This job is a great option for college students because you can the timings of your choice. You can drive at whatever timings (that suit you) day or night and earn money. Also after paying a set share to Uber, the rest of the amount that you earn is yours and you will also be able to earn tips.

There is an average amount of money that you can make by driving your car around for Uber but if you choose to drive in busy areas during rush hours, you can maximize your earnings.

In order to become an Uber driver, you need to be at least 21 years of age and also fulfill some other basic requirements and documentation. Once, you complete all the prerequisites you will be able some really good amounts of money while being in College.

#3 Be a Delivery Guy

This is one method that has been getting very popular in the past few days. If you own a car, bike or even a cycle you can register yourself with some of the famous and reliable delivery apps and earn money. This is a great option which you can adopt while being in college because it is simple, clean and also comes with flexible timings.

Delivery apps such as DoorDash, Postmates, Amazon Flex, and InstaCart require you to deliver food from local restaurants, deliver goods and other items and deliver groceries and other Amazon deliveries.

Anyone can apply and be a delivery guy. The eligibility criteria are pretty simple and as with other jobs if you have a minimum age limit and have an insured vehicle then you can easily secure a job. Depending on the number of hours you can dedicate to the job, you will be able to make money while in college along with the extra tips you can achieve.

The amount of money that you make also depends on the company or platform that you are working with. A local food delivery app might pay you less as compared to a big retail giant such as Amazon. So, make sure you chose the best platform to work with; one that understands your working hours and is flexible about the working conditions and the timings.

#4 Be a Freelance Tutor

Previously, in this post, I have discussed being a tutor on campus and teaching students from your own or any other department. But the money you will be able to make through this will not be much and the college will only pay you the basic wage.

But if you choose to work off-campus and offer your services as a freelance tutor, the amount of money that you can make will be much better than on-campus tutoring. You can go around asking friends and family and finding out if someone is in a need of the tutor. You can always teach other college students outside the campus (at a much better rate) or even younger students.

Teaching young school going kids is a much better option because the parents are really concerned about their kids at this age and are willing to pay whatever you ask for as long as they are doing well. You can either ask around your own friends or family friends or look for people who are in need of a tutor but better if you join a tutoring center.

A tutoring center is capable of providing you with a consistent client base. You will be paying a chunk of your income to the tutoring center but will not be facing the hassle of arranging customers ever again. Whatever subjects interest you and you have a good grasp over the concepts, you can offer tutoring services for them.

Test preparation is also a very popular option. Entry tests like SAT, ACE or GRE require a lot of guidance and help. If you know how one should prepare for these tests and can help students ace these tests then you can make some really good money while you are still in college. Why not put your knowledge, skills, and expertise to you, especially when it can help you make money?

#5 Be a Bartender

Wherever your college is located, the town must be having some bars and clubs in the vicinity. A great way to make money while in college along with the tips is to start working as a bartender. Sure, it is not everyone’s cup of tea and requires a certain level of skill and experience but if you are willing to go through the training, then serving the bar is a great money-making option while you are a college student.

Working at the bar will not only help you make money but also help you polish your communication skills, socializing skills, customer service skills, and conflict resolution capabilities? A bar is usually a busy place especially around the weekends and if you are okay with working late nights, then becoming a bartender is a good option as a side hustle in college.

#6 Get a summer internship

If you are a college student are not doing an internship, then are you really a college student? There are so many internship programs that are conducted by so many companies. They also advertise their summer internship programs on campus and almost all of them are paid.

So, if you are a third-year college student or beyond you can easily bag an internship during your summer break. Enrolling in a summer internship program is a great way to earn money while you get to learn so much about professional life.

You will get to learn so much about office life and professional life with the hands-on experience. If you are not sure where to look around for an internship or where to find one, then contacting the campus career center is a great idea. You can look for an internship there and most probably will find one too.

Along with these, there are multiple other opportunities as well that you can try and make money in college. Off-campus jobs are usually hard to manage with the college routine but they pay really well. You can also find jobs during your semester breaks and summer break. This way they will be easier to manage.

Apart from these options, you can also try being a summer lifeguard if you enjoy swimming because it will be fun and job and the same time, you can also paint houses and do other maintenance work in your free time because money paid to such jobs is a lot and labor does not come easy (you can even charge for a single job or per hour), you can also go around and carry out door to door sales (although this is one of the difficult options) and can also work with the travel agencies to arrange trips.

The options are endless; all you need is a dedicated attitude and willingness to work. You can easily find a job and earn money but managing your studies along with the job is the real deal.

Apart from the jobs that are available on-campus and off-campus, there are some work opportunities that are available as a one-time gig but will be able to pay you really well. So while we are at it, let’s discuss those opportunities as well.

#7 One-time Gigs

  • Take Surveys.

Well, taking online surveys and making money is a prospect that is not something meant only for a college student. Anyone can do, so why not a college student?

All you need to do is to sign up with the apps that provide the opportunity to take surveys and earn points. These points can then be redeemed as gift cards for big retail stores and even withdrawn as direct cash. If you wish to know more about making money online, I have a separate post How to make money online, which you can read and know all about making money online.

This is a great way because it hardly takes more than 10 or 15 minutes of your time and you will be able to make money during your free time (no need to skip classes or give a huge part of your college time). Although the money that you will be making through taking online surveys will not be A LOT you will still be making enough to take care of your daily essentials.

Survey Junkie– Joining Survey Junkie is a no-brainer. Their surveys are short, easy, and you can pick and choose which surveys you want to take.  The site pays up to $45 per Survey and has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot.Start earning now

  • Become a bounty hunter.

There are numerous companies that are developing software and apps on a daily basis. Although all of these companies have in house Quality Assurance specialists whose main job is to de-bug the apps and look for bugs if any.

But more than often they also outsource this job and are in search of external bounty hunters who will test their apps and find out bugs and help them remove them. Google is also a big name in this industry who frequently hires external bounty hunters. So, if you are into computer programming, technology, and development; you can sign in with platforms such as Google to test the apps and find the bugs. Which if you do, you will be able to earn some really good amount of money.

  • Work as a Freelancer.

If you decide to work as a freelancer, you will be able to choose from a variety of services. I still remember when I was a college student; so many students were working as a freelancer and were earning some really good amount of money.

You can work as a content writer, graphic designer, web designer, business consultant and a lot more. Whatever it is that you can manage and are interested in, you can take it up as a side hustle in college and make money. So, what are you waiting for? Become a freelancer and say bye-bye to broke college life!

What is particularly great about becoming a freelancer is that you are your own boss. You set your own rates, your timings and are in a position to say yes or no to a project depending upon your availability and interest.

You can sell stuff, translate documents, become a virtual assistant, sell gigs on Fiverr (you can also check my post on How to make money on Fiverr), become a professional chef, rent your stuff or accommodation, sell your textbooks, start a YouTube channel, start a blog or play online games; it is your choice.


The gist of the matter is that college life doesn’t need to be broke life. You do not need to wait for graduation or a permanent 9-5 job in order to earn and make money.

You can very well do so while being in college and still being a student. These are just some of the ways that I have mentioned in this post. I am sure that if you get up and look around, you will be able to find many other money-making opportunities as well.

All you need to do is to manage your studies and college commitments along with your job. Choose whatever suits you and matches your requirements and start making money in college. So, next time you are wondering can I make money in college or how can I make money in college, then go through this post and select something for yourself?

If you know of any other means to make money in college, then let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you and know how you made money while you were a college student!

Happy reading guys and don’t forget to comment!