How to make money for Christmas

We are already into the year 2020 and in a couple of months, everyone will start talking and preparing about everyone’s favorite holiday: Christmas. For everyone, Christmas is lights, fun, food, holidays and family but what most people don’t know is that it can also be the season to make money!

20 ways to make money for Christmas

For retail stores, brands and companies; Christmas is the season of high business but what I am trying to discuss in this post are all the ways that can help a common man like you and me to make money for Christmas.

If you are wondering, “How to make money for Christmas in 2020”, then you are at the right spot and reading the right post. I will be filling you in about all the ways and tricks you can up your sleeve to make money in the Christmas season.


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Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday. Everyone is in the festive spirit, spending money, buying gifts and planning holidays. This is particularly a very useful time to make money because people have the mindset to spend. Also, with the shopping buzz in the air and so much to do with so little time; you can have so many opportunities to make money.

Christmas is the busiest time of the year; you have gifts to buy, holidays to plan and so much other stuff to do and all of it requires money. One can easily find running out of cash at the end of it all and some extra money always comes in handy.

As I have mentioned before as well, the Christmas season is buzzing with activities and people try to max out their sales. Read on to find out how you can cash on all of these opportunities and make money for Christmas 2020.

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Top ways to make money for Christmas 2020!

#1 – Become a temporary customer service representative

Given the extra workload during the Christmas season and the fact that most of the brands have multiple deals, discounts and offers running; the customer service department is loaded with work.

People are calling in with queries, concerns, and questions. Some want to lodge a complaint, others want to know about the store timings or have some other issue. In this scenario brands and companies lookout for people who can work from home as a temporary customer service representative.

You can easily work from the comfort of your home, take calls, answer queries and solve issues and earn money. During the Christmas season, this job is in high demand and people usually start applying months before. So, if you have some free time around Christmas time and will like to earn some easy cash, look for brands seeking customer service reps and enroll yourself in the program before time.

#2 – Make money by using your car

If you own a car and you know how to drive then this way is the most effective way of making money during the Christmas season. There are sales at the malls, people are juggling between works, home, and shopping. The roads are jam-packed especially during rush hour and people are out till late.

Obviously, they need cabs and cars to commute. If you register your vehicle with platforms such as Uber and Lyft, you will drive your car around and earn some really good money. People opt for such services for Christmas shopping because then they would not need to worry about parking and driving in the rush.

Also, there are a lot of get-togethers and dinners planned around the holiday season. People are already juggling between work and shopping and the entire buzz; so driving around is not something they want. Uber always comes in handy and in such a peak season, you are bound to make money.

#3 – Be the Delivery person.

Again, the Christmas season is busy and people are ordering in food, groceries and a lot of other stuff. You can always sign up with any of the numerous platforms available that deliver products and food.

Depending on your timings and schedule, you can choose a slot that you will be able to dedicate to the delivery services. The more time you spend delivering goods, the more money you will be able to make.

If you are becoming a full-service shopper or an in-store shopper; you will buy the groceries and deliver them too in case of the former role and only shop for the customers if you chose the latter role. Full-service shoppers need to have their own cars and have more flexible work timings but in-store shoppers don’t need a car but also need to follow a more set routine and work pattern.

If you decide to work with restaurants in order to deliver lunch and dinner, then you will be driving around the restaurant’s vehicle and delivering food. Flexible timings and easy money (also, don’t forget the tips that you can get being a delivery guy).

You can also go to malls and shopping places with snacks and water bottles and sell them at a higher price to people stuck in long lines that are hungry. Once, I was waiting in the long checkout line and people were selling toys for kids and I had to buy one because my son threw a tantrum. Bad for me but good for the person selling the toys!

You can also set up a food truck or food stall outside the busy shopping places because all this shopping and walking around makes you hungry and look for food. You can also take part in the numerous Christmas markets that are set up almost everywhere. You can also rent a stall and outsource it later on.

#4 – De-clutter your house

Your house may be full of junk and items that you no longer need but have been holding on to. But this junk might be very useful for someone else. Also, given the holiday season where everyone is in the need of buying unique and amazing gifts; stuff around your house might be vintage and of a lot of value for someone else.

This is the right time to de-clutter your house and find everything that you don’t need and can be sold. Hold a garage sale or post an ad online. Sell your stuff and earn money.

#5 – Earn with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great application that pays you for completing certain tasks. The tasks are super simple and can be done by anyone online.

I have also done a separate post on “How to earn money online with your phone” and you can have a look to read all about applications such as Swagbucks and others that pay users for literally doing nothing.

You can also easily log on to Swagbucks or download the app and once you have done that simply sign up. Signing up is also super easy and you can win a bonus amount of $5 for just signing up.

Next, you can watch online videos, take surveys, play online games or complete other simple tasks to earn Swagbucks points (also known as SB points). The more points you get, the more you earn. These points can be redeemed either for gift cards (eligible at retail giants) or also can be exchanged for direct cash.

This is easy money and you can earn them by staying home. I remember I bought half of my family gifts from the gift cards I earned through Swagbucks. Even if it feels like you are not earning big upfront, the gift cards also help you save A LOT, which is a great offer, to be honest.

You can also start using Swagbucks before the holiday season begins and gather up enough points to benefit from around the Christmas season.

#6 – Benefit from crowdsourcing websites

There are several websites that offer crowdsourcing services such as FancyHands and mTurk. You can log in, sign up and start working for them. You will be required to complete small business tasks and it will hardly take your time.

These tasks can be easily completed from your home and also there are no set timings for the task. You can work whenever you are free. Demand for such sites increases during Christmas and you will also be paid well.

#7 – Charge Scooters

What you need to understand is that during the Christmas season, the workload for everyone increases and almost everyone is looking for competent and eligible candidates who can work for a few hours if not full time.

From big corporate jobs to small tasks, everything is up for grabs and you can make money from them as well.

Have you ever seen those colored scooters parked at the side of the roads that people can easily rent and use? Well, they are also in high demand during the holiday season and so they also require extra charging to be done. You can volunteer to charge these scooters at night and earn money.

The companies that rent out these scooters will pay you for charging them.

#8 – Make use of the apps

There are so many apps that pay their users for doing the tasks that they normally do. I have also done a separate post on this. “Apps that pay you real money” is my post and I discuss all the apps that pay you for completing different tasks.

Ibotta, Ebates, Receiptpal, InboxDollars are just of the top apps that pay their users for completing simple tasks and even for shopping. Yes, you read that right!

There are apps that will pay you for shopping or for simply scanning your receipts. All you need to do is shop like you normally do (grocery shopping, shopping for gifts, etc.) and just scan your receipts later. If the products you buy are registered with the app, you will get cashback on those products. Trust me; it really helps a lot in saving money because most of the products on the list are those that you were buying anyway.

Some apps offer point sin exchange that can be redeemed as gift cards or can be withdrawn as money. During the Christmas season, these apps come up with special discount offers and deals. So it is particularly useful to sign up and start using them around the holiday season. They will really help you save a lot.

#9 – Clear your house and trade stuff with Amazon

We don’t usually realize but we often have year’s old stuff such as classic books, music records, gaming videos, electronics and so much more. Stuff that we might not need but others do.

Especially, during the holiday season when people are willing to spend money and buy, you can easily manage to sell your things. You can gather up all the stuff and sell them at a garage sale or online.

An even better option is to trade stuff with Amazon. You can easily trade in stuff with Amazon with their trade-in program and receive gift cards in exchange. Amazon also pays the shipping charges for the items that you send in. Since everyone is looking for gifts during this season anyways, and the Amazon gift cards come in very handy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to work and dig out all the stuff that you might not need and can be traded for Amazon gift cards.

#10 – Become a freelance writer

This is a great option to earn money during Christmas. People are reading different things. You can write a post such as:

  • How to save money during Christmas?
  • Top gifts to give to your children/spouse/parents for Christmas?
  • Top Holiday destinations for Christmas?
  • How to travel cheap, shop cheap for Christmas?

And so many more! These are some of the ideas that I have shared with you. People actually search for a lot of other things around the holiday season and you can write up posts (that are SEO optimized) so that your work ranks higher and you are able to earn more money on Christmas in 2020.

So, if you have what it takes to be a writer and engage the audience with your words, then don’t forget to become a freelance writer and make money.

You can also offer other services that will be available on demand. You can carpool, offer other maintenance work, offer delivery services and other handyman gigs. Each of these services is priced very high during the Christmas season and you will be able to earn money on your terms and on your own timings.

#11 – Make profit by buying cheap and selling high

This is also a great way of making money. During the Christmas season, everything sells. You can shop from thrift stores and buy really good stuff at very cheap rates.

You can flip these products online on platforms such as Etsy and Shopify and earn a profit. This process is also known as digital Arbitrage that I have discussed in detail in my post- “How to make money on Etsy without creating anything”. You can give it a read to know more about flipping products for a profit and make money without doing anything literally.

Again, ideas that usually are not very successful all around the year become really beneficial during the holiday season. Particularly because people are in the mood to buy and they are looking for things that they can find on a bargain.

#12 – Start a blog

Although this option is meant not just for Christmas, if you start a blog now then you will be able to make money all year round and obviously, the Christmas season will be extra fruitful.

I also recently did a post on “how blogging can help you make money?” If you read this post then you will be able to know how productive and beneficial starting a blog can be.

If you decide to start a blog now and start working hard on it then who knows you might be making money by Christmas and boost your income even more during the holiday season.

#13 – Earn free gift cards

There are so many ways you can earn free gift cards. There are multiple apps that you can sign up with to take surveys, play games, watch videos and ads and even listen to music to earn money.

For each task that you complete, you will be able to earn points and when you earn a minimum number of points, they can be redeemed for free gift cards. The free gift cards are usually redeemable at big retail stores such as Target, Wall-mart, and Amazon. So even if you are not earning direct cash upfront, you will be able to save a lot of money because you will be buying gifts from the free gift cards for your friends and family.

#14 – Be a brand ambassador

During the Christmas season, there are so many concerts, games and events organized. Have you ever been to one such event and seen people with the same costumes and maybe masks as well, cheering the teams and handing out drinks. These people are known as mascots or brand ambassadors.

You can also be one of them and earn some really good money.

#15 –Be a baby sitter and pet sitter.

To be honest, I think that being a baby sitter and pet sitter is one of the easiest and quickest ways of earning money during the Christmas season.

Parents or pet parents need to be at so many places during the holiday season. They are either staying out late to attend parties and dinners, watch movies and obviously shop. In such scenarios, they need someone to look after their babies and pets.

If you think you have it in you to be a baby sitter or a pet sitter, then this is a good time to be one and earn money. Since everyone is in the holiday spirit, so it is difficult to get hold of a baby sitter. Those who are willing to do the duties usually charge extra. So, this is a great time to make good money in the holiday season.

#16 – Be a house sitter

Tons of people fly out in the holiday season and ring the New Year while vacationing. In this case, they need someone to look after their house. So, if you don’t have any plans this year for Christmas; you can house sit for someone.

This is practically easy money and you will not be doing anything. Just sitting in someone else’s house like you would have on your own, and earning money is an ideal option.

You can start advertising your services a few months in advance so that you have a confirmed job during the Christmas season.

#17 – Sell on eBay

I have already mentioned the idea of flipping and de-cluttering your own house to sell it and earn money. But another option is to look for sale articles and discount pieces during the sale and later flip them online for a profit.

People often like something so bad that they are even willing to spend a few extra bucks for it and if you have what they need, then you can easily flip items online for a greater price and earn money.

#18 – Become an event staff

Given it is Christmas season and there are parties and gatherings being held at literally every corner; you can also offer your services and earn money.

You can sign up with different catering services and home-based food companies and become a waiter or bartender for them. Of course, this commitment will be short-lived for the busy Christmas season, but you will be able to make good money with this work.

One, this work is in demand and second, you will be paid well along with the tips that you will be getting from all the customers.

Similarly, you can also offer your services for management jobs, valet parking and so much more.

#19 – Test Websites

This is also one of those options that can be done all year round but since we all need extra cash around Christmas time, so it will not be a bad idea to try it out then.

You can easily log onto different websites and test them. You will be required to navigate through the pages and mark the web page on user-friendliness, ease of usage, understandability and also look out for any bugs if you find any.

You will be paid almost 10 dollars for each testing and you will be required to test the overall functionality of the website.

#20 – Rent out your space

If you live in a place which is a major tourist attraction or near a beach or the mountains; you can always rent out a room or the entire space for the tourists. You can do that by listing your space with Airbnb. It is reliable and you will not be going through any hassle of finding customers.

You can sign up and register your place with the Airbnb app for free. Also, you will not be receiving the cash from the guests directly (which looks so awkward). You will directly get your payment in your account and will be paying only a small amount of money to the Airbnb platform.

This is a great way to earn money because we often have a spare room in our homes that we don’t use and can easily be rented out. Also, if you are traveling yourself during the holiday season, you can always rent your place back home to someone else. It is safe, reliable and convenient. Try it out!


Christmas is a busy season. For stores, brands, businesses, and people who sell stuff; the Christmas season is gold. There are so many transactions and people don’t hesitate to swipe their card.

Almost everything and anything sells. I have mentioned all the points that I think you can use to make money around the Christmas season. A few years down the line, I also came across a post that discusses different ways of earning on Christmas and I thought to myself,

Can I make money on Christmas?” and “Do I have what it takes to make money on Christmas?”

 Then, I thought all these ways are pretty easy and there is no harm in trying them out, right?

So, I gave them a go and trust me I have been able to earn some extra cash during the holiday season with minimal effort.

Therefore, I urge you all to also try out these ways and make money on Christmas. Let me know in the comments below, if you know of some other ways that will help in making money on Christmas, I would love to find out!