How to make money charging scooters?

Have you seen people scooting their way ahead while you are stuck in traffic? Have you seen people just picking up a scooter and going along their way while you are just waiting for your ride to come? Have you ever wondered what are these scooters and who rides them? If your answer to all of these questions was a yes, then this article will fill you in on all of this and a lot more!

Some people like scooters, some hate them while some need them. Whatever the case might be with you, it is important to understand that scooters might be or might not be of any use to you but you can surely earn money from them.

Scooters are new two-wheeled vehicles that people have started to use for their daily commute. It is like a much cheaper and environment-friendly cab that you drive yourself. Scooters come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they are all electrical and someone is charging them so that others can use them at their convenience.

How to make money charging scooters

The rise of scooters along different countries of the world can be attributed to excessive traffic, population or simply the lack of exercise. But the electric scooters are making their way to a new country every few months. Did you know that you can make money by charging these scooters?

What do scooters do exactly?

Yes, it is true! There are a bunch of scooter rental companies that provide electrical scooters for the everyday commute. The scooters are picked up and parked or left by people at any of the various drop-off points in the city. All you need to do is to download the app in your phone and you will be able to see minute by minute status of all the scooters in your vicinity; how many scooters are parked near you, which ones are fully charged etc.

If someone is in need of a scooter, he or she will simply open the app and check for the nearest available scooter, scan the code and get going! It is that simple. But there is another side to it as well and that involves making money through charging scooters. Yes, become a scooter charger to make money.

The scooters need to be obviously charged in order to work. The scooter rental companies such as LIME, BIRD, LYFT, and SPIN do not have enough time or resources to pick up the scooters at the off time from all around the city, charge them and drop them again in the morning.

So, for this reason, the different scooter rental companies allow interested people to do this job for them and pay them in return.

If you were also wondering how you can make money by charging Lime scooters? Then here is your answer!

You go around town in the night, checking the location of scooters that require charging from the app, picking them up, charging them at your home and dropping them off at the same location in the morning.

Each scooter normally requires 8-9 hours of charging so you need to make sure you pick them up first thing at night and drop them before the service starts. You get paid instantly and done, it is really that easy! This is how to make money charging scooters.

The great thing about making money through charging scooters is that you get instant money. You charge the scooters and you get paid instantly. You do not need to wait for days or even weeks for your payment.

The trend of riding electric scooters started off with a few cities but now this trend has witnessed exponential growth. Scooter rental companies have started providing this facility in more and more countries and cities now. The top scooter rental companies are Lime, Bird, Lyft, and Spin.

The working methodologies of Lime and Bird are quite identical whereas Lyft and Spin also resemble in their functionality. I will discuss Lime and Bird in the first half of the article and move on to discussing how you earn by charging Lyft and Spin electric scooters in the second half of the article.

Now, that I have described how easily one can make money through charging scooters, it is time to discuss how can you make sure that you get scooters to charge and what trips and tricks can help you in making good money through just charging scooters.

Another thing that needs to be remembered here is that you do not need any qualification to charge scooters. Literally, anyone can do it! All you need, to make money charging lime scooters, is to have a smart phone, a good internet connection, a driving license, a work permit, and a bank account (to receive the payments).

 If you have all of these pre-requisites covered then you can easily make money by charging scooters and here is what you need to do.

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#1 Become a scooter charger

Lime and Bird are famous scooter rental companies and are always in need of people who can pick up the electrical scooters at night, charge them and drop them again in the morning. Remember that the scooters need to be fully charged in order to claim the money.

If you wish to earn money by charging scooters, then you need to sign up with any of the electric scooter companies and become a scooter charger. Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome package and it will include 3 chargers. Each charger can charge one scooter at a time but if you wish to make more money you can always order in more chargers from Amazon.

The companies also raise the level of the scooter charger on the basis of performance and consistency and a higher level means more chargers.

What do scooter chargers do?

If you become a scooter charger, all you need to do is to charge scooters for a scooter rental company. Just sit on your couch, get a good night’s sleep and let those scooters charge.

You sign up with the scooter rental company and receive a welcome package. Next, you start charging.

You will download the scooter app and it will show you the location of all the scooters that need charging. Next, you will go and pick them up, bring them home and let them charge. Once they are `FULLY CHARGED, you need to drop them again from where you picked them up so that people can use them in the morning.

This is all you need to do if you become a scooter charger.

The more scooters you find and charge the more money you make.

As of now, the two big scooter rental companies in the market are Lime and Bird.

If you are thinking “how do you make money by charging lime scooters and bird scooters?” then the answer is almost the same.

Become a scooter charger and make sure to get hold of more scooters to make more money.

Charging different scooters will get you different amounts of money but with Lime, you can easily earn $5 per scooter whereas Bird, you can earn anywhere in the range of $5 to $20 per scooter.

#2 Pick up more scooters to earn more money

If you are reading this article to figure out the best way to make money by charging scooters, then you are not alone! Many people like you who have been looking to make money by charging scooters are already charging scooters to make money.

So, chances are that you will be meeting a lot of competition. Big scooter rental companies like Bird and Lime, have different scooter release times. So it might be a little difficult to handle both and coordinate your pick up and drop off timings but if you can, you should work with both companies at the same time.

Bird allows scooters to be released before 7 am. But a scooter requires a minimum of 6 hours to be fully charged so it is best if you collect the scooters no later than 9 pm and release them in the morning.

Lime, on the other hand, has a release time of 7 am and if you release the scooters later than this, you will be asked to take them to the lime office and your earnings will also be cut in half.

Therefore, it is extremely important to make sure that you are picking up scooters at the right time. Because only this will ensure that you get hold of more scooters, fully charge them and make more money by charging scooters.

Another important point regarding picking up scooters is that you need to come prepared. Electric scooters are not light and you won’t be able to carry them by hand and walk long distances. Make sure you have a car or a van too pick them up and drop them later. Also, pick up enough scooters that will easily and safely fit in your car (you don’t want an accident or to deal with a damaged scooter) and you will also be able to fully charge them at home within the available time.

Tip: Learn how to stack the scooters together or place in such a way that they take up less space. Doing so will enable you to fetch a large number of scooters and will also maximize your load capacity. You can watch a couple of YouTube videos to learn how to stack electric scooters.

When you will register yourself as a scooter charger with any company, they will give you three scooter chargers. The company gives you more chargers with time and as you charge more scooters but if you wish to earn more, you can easily buy scooter chargers of Amazon and charge more scooters at one time.

As I have been repeatedly mentioning in this article that more scooters mean more money and a great trick is to pick up two batches of scooters at the same time. Consider for example a scenario where you are working with Bird, where they need to be released by 7 am. If you pick up your first batch of scooters at 9 pm and charge for at least 5 hours and then go out again to hunt for the second batch of scooters; the truth is that the probability to find scooters that late is not great.

Instead, it is a wise step to spend some more time on the roads and pick up not one but two batches of scooters so that you can charge the second batch when the first one is done and release all the scooters before 7 in the morning. Doing so will not only save you time but will also increase your chances of making more money in a single night?

#3 Take care of your safety

This is the most important point of making money by charging electric scooters. Obviously, you will be able to work and earn money only if you take all the precautions; wear a fluorescent vest, gloves and always carry a flashlight.

Act smartly. Make sure that you are aware of how much load you can sustain. For example, if you have the capacity to charge 10 scooters at home; do not pick up 50 scooters and put your credibility and performance at stake.

#4 Make a strategy.

You can only make more money by making sure that you collect more and more electric scooters. In order to do that it is better if you devise a strategy and follow that. Making a plan and sticking to it is the best thing you can do if you wish to make money.

The entire process of charging scooters and making money might seem really easy but it is not that simple. You need to utilize your time and resources effectively and efficiently.

You can mark a particular location and pick up scooters only from that location, to beat the competition and improve your efficiency. If you will remain limited to an area (one that has a trend of maximum scooter availability) you will be able to pick up more scooters in less amount of time. Remember that efficiency pays more!

Make sure you are using Google Maps and the company’s navigation map to make sure that you locate more and more scooters. Especially, if you are new to an area using such tools will help you in making more money by charging electric scooters. The last thing you would want to do is to drive around town wasting your time and fuel.

If you really wish to earn good money by charging scooters then it is advised to arrange a van or a truck. Handling scooters is not an easy job and handling a big chunk of them at the same time is surely not an easy task.

Once, spotted the scooters need to be stacked together so that they can be safely taken home for charging. This is not a job that a small car can handle. If you really want to continue making money by charging scooters, then you should arrange a van or a truck.

Looking for scooters during the night means that you would be spending a lot of money on fuel expenses and using a bigger vehicle will just cut short your trips and also help you save a lot of money. A single round on the truck will be equivalent to 4 rounds of your car; do the maths!

Another great idea is to work with multiple scooter rental companies at the same time. The market giants such as Lime and Bird are mostly present in the same cities, so chances are that if you are working with either one of these companies you will be able to find the other one in the same location as well.

While you are at it (collecting scooters), you can pick up scooters of both companies and charge them overnight to make money. What is even great is that the same charger can be used to charge scooters from both companies, so you can easily manage to charge Lime and Bird scooters at the same time.

#5 Make a Team. Another great way of securing

more scooters and making more money is by expanding your network. You can always team up with a friend and pick up more scooters. Two is better than one!

Having a friend or a partner along will just add up to the amount of work you will be able to do in the same amount of time.

Charging electric scooters is easy money because you literally have to do nothing. The trick to making more money while charging scooters is to make sure that you pick more scooters and fully charge in time.

You will not be paid if you will not fully charge the scooters. You can also work with both Bird and Lime at the same time and pick up A LOT of scooters and earn A LOT of money.

Other scooter rental companies that you can work with are Lyft and Spin. But these companies do not allow anyone who downloads the apps to pick up scooters and charge them for money. Instead, they hire employees on a per hour basis and they need to pick up scooters in the night, charge them and drop them off at the same locations before morning.

Spin is a great company to work with because it also reimburses the clients for mileage, cell phone expenses and even electricity. And you also get to earn more money per scooter that you charge.

Isn’t this a wonderful idea!

#6 Act smart

No matter what company you decide to work with or how many companies you decide to work with, when you become a scooter charger you need to think carefully and wisely about your plan.

Having a strategy and sticking to that is very important if you wish to make money by charging electric scooters. Once you begin your hunt looking for scooters with low battery, not every red scooter (hard to find) is what you should run after. Know what suits you, your location and whether running after a red scooter way out of your reach is worth it or not.

Maybe collecting 5 green scooters is a better idea then collecting one red ($20 scooter) from far far away.

So, it is extremely important that you act smart about your choices and make a strategy that helps you in collecting more scooters and this is the only way of making money by charging scooters.

#7 Treat it like a job

It is obvious that no matter what you do, consistency and hard work is the way to succeed.

Making money by charging scooters may appear to be a side gig that one would do for fun or for the sake of making some extra side bucks but you can only make money by charging scooters if you would treat it like a proper job, stick to the rules and regulations and make sure that you meet the deadlines and deliver the scooters on time.

For example, if you are charging bird scooters then the only time you can do that is between 9 pm and 7 am. All other jobs can be adjusted during the day but birds can only be charged during the night.

If you need your beauty sleep then probably charging scooters is not for you. But if you really wish to make money by charging bird scooters then this is a great way to diversify your income.

You will not become filthy rich overnight or will not be able to make thousands of dollars in a few nights but this will surely give you some extra money which never hurt anybody!

Just learn how to manage your time and resources and you can surely make good money by charging electric scooters.