How to make money by doing nothing? (Proven Ways)!

If you have read the title of this post, it must have gotten you very excited, right? And why wouldn’t it! The idea of earning and making money by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is definitely something everyone would wish for and drool for.

But how is it even possible? In a world, where nothing is for free, how can you make money by doing nothing? Confused? Don’t be! It is possible and I am going to tell you all you need to know about making money without doing anything.

how to make money by doing nothing

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to earn extra money? Even when all of us are doing our day jobs, we still are in need of extra money to maybe pay off our debts, achieve our wishes, travel or for any other reason. So, in the midst of all of this; what if I tell you that you can make extra money without doing anything? It seems like a great idea, right?

Earning money without doing anything is a dream job. This is a perspective that everyone dreams of. If you have also wondered about making money without doing anything then keep reading.

I always wondered how can I make easy money and once I started researching about this, I got to know many options and methods of making money while practically doing NOTHING.

So, let’s dive straight into it and discuss all that can be done in order to earn without even moving a muscle!

How to do nothing and make money!

Let’s make one thing clear. For the sake of this post, whenever I will be referring to doing nothing”, I will be referring to ways that you were already doing and no extra work or effort will be required to make money.

These online ways are actually the smart ways that I will be teaching you through this post so that you will be able to make money without doing anything extra (things you were already doing previously).

Here is a list of easy and creative ways to make money without doing anything. These tasks can be as simple as watching TV, playing online games, shopping or even speaking English but you will still be able to make money.

Here are 28 ways to make money by doing nothing:

#1 Watch Videos and earn money

We all are guilty of watching tons of online videos and wasting our time. Even I find myself watching cooking videos and watching random people prepare dishes that I would probably never cook but in reality, I am just wasting my time. Are you in the same boat as well? So, why not keep on watching these videos and start earning money?

All you need to do is to sit on your couch and watch online videos. There are a number of apps that pay you for watching videos. “InboxDollars” is one such app that pays you for watching online videos. You will also receive a $5 welcome balance upon signing up with the platform.

I have also done a separate post on, “How to make money by watching videos”, which you can read to know about such platforms. You will earn points for every video that you watch and once you earn some basic points you will be able to redeem them for gift cards or even direct cash.

The money that you will make through watching online videos will not make you filthy rich overnight but will be enough to raise your pocket money. Who doesn’t like extra money without doing anything?

So, next time you are watching online videos, make sure you do it through platforms such as InboxDollars so you earn money while doing the normal things.

#2 Rent Your car

Even the sound of this idea makes you feel like this is easy money. All you need to do, if you own a car, is to register is with some car rental companies and rent it out. You will be doing absolutely nothing and will still be making money!

For the number of hours your car will be used, you will make money. This is perhaps one of the best ways to earn passive income and that is what everyone wants. You can register your car with platforms such as Turo and GetAround.

#3 Use Your Phone

All of us use our phones countless times in a day. Aren’t we all addicted to our screens? We are using our phones all the time anyway so why not keep on using them and earn money along the way.

In my opinion, there could not be any easier way of earning money than by just using our phones. There are apps such as Slidejoy, Fronto, etc. that pay the users for just unlocking the phone screen. Unbelievable, right! But this is the truth!

#4 Walk Dogs

When I was first thinking of including this option in the list of making money while doing nothing, I was a little confused. Because practically speaking, if you are walking dogs to make money then it is not quintessentially effortless money!

But wait, let me explain. What if you already own a dog and take him out for a walk after you come back from the office? You can always walk a few more dogs instead of walking just one and earn money!

Now, it is effortless money, because you will not be doing anything extra or new which you were not previously doing. Also, it is a great way to have your pet to make new friends. There are numerous apps such as Rover, which you can use and find out if people in your neighborhood require someone to walk their dogs.         

Easy money, right!

#5 Take photos

Well, all of us have a friend who takes great photos and is really famous for the photography skills in the group. If you are that friend or have even the slightest knowledge or luck regarding taking good photos, then you can use this talent as a money-making tool.

All you need to do is to keep on taking pictures and recording videos like you usually do but do it through apps like DepositPhotos, Foap, and Fotolia. You will be paid every time you deposit a photo and it gets accepted.

#6 Play games online

This again is a pretty effortless way of making money online. Not only is this effortless but really a lot of fun too. Everyone enjoys playing games online and I am sure you have fun playing games too.

Apps like CashCrate and InboxDollars pay their users for playing online games. All you need to do is to log in and play games through their platform. And PlaytestCloud is another platform that pays users for playing and testing new games. You will be required to play new games and provide your feedback.

I am sure you wouldn’t mind earning extra money, by playing games online and having fun!

#7 Be a House-sitter

This is perhaps the most literal example and option of making money online. All the time, people are in need of someone who can watch over their house by just sitting in their house. It is practically like doing nothing. You sit in your own house and you can also sit in someone else’s house and make money.

You can register yourself with a number of platforms and be a potential candidate to house sit. You will either be paid in return or given a free stay at their place. So whatever, the payout method be, being a house sitter is a great way to earn money while doing absolutely nothing.

#8 Be a baby sitter

Almost everyone has kids and everyone needs someone to watch over them every now and then. If you are good with kids and have the patience and stamina to deal with them, then you can easily be a baby sitter.

Parents are often so desperate especially around peak times such as holiday season, Black Friday sales or even during some personal commitment that are willing to hire a reliable baby sitter and pay them really well.

So, it is a great way to earn a really good amount of money without doing anything. Just like you sit in your home, you can sit in another home, look over the children and earn money. It is literally no or really little effort and a lot of money.

#9 Take online surveys

There are so many platforms and apps that pay you for taking online surveys. You can easily download the apps, sign up (and win free bonus cash) and later take surveys to earn more money.

The surveys are usually short and really simple. You will just be answering a bunch of questions and later record a review or answer some questions at the end (related to a product or service) and that is it.

The amount of money that you will be earning by taking online surveys will not be a lot but it will be enough to give you a raise in your pocket money. Also, this is pretty easy money because you won’t be doing anything extra and will be able to earn money.

The best Survey companies are:

#10 De-clutter your house

We all know that we have so many things and items in our homes, garage, and closets that we don’t need; we either don’t fit in them anymore, don’t like them or just are too lazy to get rid of them. So, here is what you should be doing with all that stuff:

If you have extra clothes, shoes, furniture items, children toys, books, kitchen stuff, garden stuff or anything that you think you don’t need then sell it off. Hold a garage sale and just get rid of the junk that you have gathered laying around in your house. It may be junk for you but a treasure for someone else.

So, get searching and scoop out everything and anything that you no longer need or require and make money.

#11 Hold a garage sale

Once you are at it and de-cluttering your house then it is a great idea to hold a garage sale. All the stuff that you don’t need or are useless for you can be included in the garage sale (because all this stuff might be useful for others).

Garage sales are usually reasonably priced and without any investment or effort, you will be able to earn money.

#12 Make money while traveling

All of us love to travel. We make plans for the summer holidays or the holiday season or any time of the year when we can manage a vacation. Not many people know about this option, but there are certain apps and platforms that offer cashback if you make your travel booking through them.

Come to think of it, you will be booking your tickets anyways so instead of making no money by booking your tickets, sign up with apps such as Dosh and earn money.

#13 Earn money by shopping

This is my favorite way of making money. We all love to shop every day. There are numerous applications like Ibotta and Ebates that pay you for shopping.

You either scan your shopping receipts or shop through these apps to receive cashback on the registered products. Or alternatively, you will be rewarded in the form of points that you can redeem for gift cards or cash. You will also receive a bonus amount just for signing up with these applications. If this is not easy money, then what is?

#14 Walk into Stores

Yes, this is true. You can make money by just walking into some stores and scanning some products. Again, as I mentioned earlier making money without doing anything is simply equivalent to doing all the stuff that you already do but now do it more smartly, so that you can make money.

All of us do window shopping. We go to the mall and randomly visit shops and look at the products. You will be doing the same stuff but now you will be doing it for someone. And that someone will pay you in return. Isn’t all of this pretty effortless and simple?

#15 Deliver goods

Yes, you can become a roadie and earn money. More than often, we are commuting between two places or are going to a particular spot on our own and have plenty of room in the car. Well, you can take goods along and deliver them to a particular address (in the location where you were actually going) and make money.

You will be needed to make no extra effort or take a detour and still earn money.

#16 Sell your old books

If you are a bookworm and have always loved buying books then you can always sell some off to make money. There are so many ways to advertise the fact that you are selling some old books; just post about it on Facebook and you are done.

You might not realize but you might have some classics and or some treasured books that someone else might be really interested in. So, get all of your books together and decide which ones you want to sell.

Next, just take a photo and post about it on social media and you will be able to sell them off in no time and make easy money without doing anything.

#17 Affiliate marketing

This is also a great way to earn money. This method results in passive income and to be honest, nothing is better than securing an income source that is passive.

You can post an affiliate link on your website or blog and each time you are successful in referring a friend and making a sale, you will earn. You literally have to do nothing more. Just drop a link and maybe include a call to action in your posts and just keep on earning.

You can also just casually mention the products or services that you love among your friends and family and earn when you manage to make a sale. If you work with the big brands you will also be awarded referral bonuses.

Just make sure that you are very smart about mentioning the referral links and don’t bombard your friends and family with sponsored posts. Don’t spam and stay convincing.

Read “how to make money blogging” for a piece of more in-depth information.

#18 Use Social Media

If you are a social media celebrity and have a fan following and an influence, you can easily make money. There are a number of applications that you can partner with and earn money.

Through these apps, you get hold of a lot of clients and brands that would like to work with you and will ask you to prepare and post sponsored content. You will be paid in return because you will be helping them with social media marketing of their brand, products, and services.

#19 Listen to music

I know this seems like less of something to do and more like something to enjoy. But this is true!

Personally, I love listening to music. And what can be a better way than to listen to music and earn money? With apps such as Slice the Pie, all you need to do is to listen to music and categorize it. The more time you spend listening to music, the more are your chances to earn money.

Although this mode of income is not consistent this is one of the easiest ways to earn money by actually doing nothing? Also, who doesn’t want easy and extra income?

#20 Shop with Amazon

Everyone shops! Almost everyone shops online and Amazon is one of the most trusted retail brands. But what most of us don’t know is that you can shop from Amazon and earn money at the same time.

ShopTracker is one app that pays you $3 for signing up and also $3 every month for keeping the app installed and keeping it connected with your Amazon account. By doing this simple step, you will be able to make a total of $36 in a year by doing absolutely nothing.

#21 Become a tour guide

Mostly we have lived in a city all our lives and we know so much about the city which tourists don’t. A very easy and convenient way of earning money without making any extra effort is to become a tour guide.

You can register with different travel apps and tourism platforms to register yourself as a tour guide. All you will need to do is to visit some of the favorite spots in your city and that is a lot of fun, right?

You can earn money, develop great communication skills and people skills and also have a lot of fun. You can visit the landmarks of your city and inform people all about the history and know some new facts yourself too.

#22 Answer Questions

If you think you are an expert or know a thing or two about general things, then answering questions is the option for you.

You can simply log on to platforms such as JustAnswer and Experts123 and answer questions to earn money. Some of these questions might require you to be an expert but mostly the questions are related to general topics and you will be able to answer them easily.

So, if you have always been into reading and gaining knowledge then now is the time to put this knowledge to test and earn money. You will be doing absolutely nothing since you already know the answers, simply login to the app and start making money.

#23 Start Exercising

I am sure that all of us exercise to stay fit. It can be a two-hour drill in the gym, a daily session of a brisk walk in the park or anything that you do to stay fit. But what you don’t know is that you can earn money by simply staying fit (which you were already doing).

Without any extra effort, you will be able to earn money. Just download the HealthyWage app and do the usual exercise that you do to stay fit. Once you use the health tracking app, you will be paid by the app in return.

So, what are you waiting for, download the app and stay fit; by increasing your bank account.

I am sure that there will be tons of other ways as well that you can employ to earn money without doing anything but these pointers are the most effective ones.

However, there are a lot of other money-making ways as well that will require very minimal or convenient effort from your side. While these efforts are not exactly ways to earn money by doing nothing but they are still pretty effective ways of earning money with just a little bit of effort.

Before I proceed to discuss ways with you that require some amount of effort from your side, let me get one thing straight. No matter how many ways you get to know about and how many ways you actually try (regarding making easy money), you need to play smart with your money-making approach. Even if no hard work is being put in, you can still make a good amount of money if you do smart work and use the right approach and method.

If you are willing to put in a little bit of effort and resources then have a look at the following ways to earn money.

#24 Join Uber

If you own a car in a good condition and you know how to drive then what can be a better way than joining Uber. You become your own boss and decide your own timings. You can drive around whenever you are free and you can manage.

It is undoubtedly an excellent way to earn money if you have some extra time on your hands. You can also drive during busy times and locations to earn even more.

#25 Flip Thrift Store Products

This is another great way to earn money and I know people who have earned so much just by flipping. This hardly takes any effort but requires a smart approach and keen eye.

You need to visit thrift stores and places with cheap stuff to acquire good stuff and later flip them online or on different retail stores to earn the profit. I have also written a post on “how to earn money on Etsy without making anything’, which focuses on flipping and selling artsy stuff online for a profit.

#26 Become a Virtual Assistant

This is not a very well known option but trust me it is one of the most rewarding money-making options. Many business owners and companies are looking to employ virtual assistants, who can take care of all the business documentation and responsibilities online.

This is definitely the most in-demand job that one can easily do from home. Even if you are a beginner with almost no experience, then you will be able to earn anywhere in the range of 35 dollars to 50 dollars per hour. A lot of people are searching for virtual assistants and a lot of people are looking for opportunities to work as a virtual assistant.

If you are also interested in becoming a virtual assistant and working from home to earn money, then this is a great opportunity for you. Start applying for online jobs and make money from the comfort and ease of your home.

Click here to learn how you can become a “Pinterest Virtual Assistant”.

#27 Be a freelancer

This is a great way to earn money from home. If you are a stay at home mom (who finds it difficult to step out and work) or you can’t physically go and work then you can be a freelancer. Whatever your niche is or you can do, you can easily earn money.

If you can write, offer any service, be a consultant or any other; then you can be a freelancer and offer your services from the comfort of your home.

The issue or limitation of going out and earning money should not hold you back. You can try so many online platforms and options to earn money.

#28 Be a delivery guy

This is one of the easy and very effective ways of making money. Most of the college students and other people (With some free time on their hands) opt for delivery services.

You can sign up with a lot of platforms either as a local delivery guy, with big retail brands such as Amazon and eBay and still earn money. This is also a great option because you earn money, the range of which depends on the platform you are working for and also earn tips.


Who doesn’t want to earn money and that too easy money? That is why I have written down this post for you so that you can figure out

How to earn money by doing nothing?

And if this idea has crossed your mind before as well and you have wondered can I earn money by doing nothing? Then these options are for you.

Make sure that whatever you do, you do it smartly and intelligently. Consider for example you are driving for Uber then make sure you do it in rush hours so that you can maximize your earnings. If you are babysitting, then make sure you do that during the holiday season and sales season when it is hard to find baby sitters and you will be paid really well. Similarly, if you have decided to be a freelancer then make sure you try out multiple platforms at the same time such as Fiver,, and Upwork.

Do drop in the comments below and let me know what way of earning money without doing anything is your favorite? Have you also made money without doing anything?

I would love to hear from you!