How to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

So, you want to know how to become a Pinterest virtual assistant? (Read till the end to find out how to do it).

There are so many ways; you can potentially use social media platforms for. From using them for recreational purposes to using them for finding jobs and opportunities, from looking for customers and clients to being an online influencer or blogger; the opportunities are endless.

What always has been an opportunity to grasp and now more and more people are benefiting from it; is to start monetization from the use of social media platforms.

The all-important question remains, how can you earn money through the use of any of the social media platforms? Are you supposed to start something of your own? Are you supposed to offer your services online? What are you supposed to do in order to earn good money through social media platforms?

The answers are also endless; start a blog, start a business, be an entrepreneur, start online tutoring and so many more. But all these options worth it? Do you get true value for money through these options? Are these in demand? And are these the only and most optimal options?

Keeping in view the trends and patterns of today’s world and market offering your services as the virtual assistant is a highly in-demand option. Given the amount of competition one encounters in the physical world, seeking opportunities to work for the online world is a great idea (of course the online world has its fair bit of competition too).


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Similar to how an office assistant is supposed to take care of the administrative duties apart from some other designated and dedicated tasks, a virtual assistant is also supposed to take care of the administrative issues.

A VA (Virtual Assistant) offers his/her services to manage people’s accounts/blogs/websites online and take care of stuff that requires a lot of time and less personal touch.

Just like when we talk about making it big on social media we always advise to narrow down your niche. Social media is a vast vast online world and if you need to start benefiting from it, you need to make sure you decide exactly:

  • Which platform will you be focusing on (if you are not great at multi-tasking)
  • And which topic will you be related too?

Similar is the case with being a VA. Who will you be working for and what platform? Because you can only be a competent VA if you know your job and have hands-on experience with the online application.

Pinterest is the best!

I truly believe that in order to earn good amounts of money by being a VA, Pinterest is the best option for you (you see how I just narrowed it down to a single social media platform?) I repeat, it is very important to select a NICHE and that is exactly what I did here.

If you decide to become a Pinterest virtual assistant, you can offer your services on your blog. You will be hired by other bloggers and businesses to handle their accounts and work (the administrative side mostly). If you are a Pinterest expert and can handle jobs like:

  • Creating attractive pins.
  • Scheduling pins
  • Searching for the top related group boards
  • Maintain business accounts

In short, if you can help different account owners with driving maximum traffic to their accounts and blogs/business; then you can be an exceptional Pinterest Virtual Assistant and can make good amounts of money.

But why Pinterest?

Pinterest is more of a search engine like Google and less of a typical social media application. It is a great means to drive traffic to blogs but it can be safely said that it is surely a bit technical. It takes a large amount of hard work, insight, knowledge and smart work to make it big on Pinterest.

Coupled with the tremendous amount of work a blogger is supposed to do to make the space inviting, taking care of the administrative side can be a struggle.

That is where you step in. You take care of the technical side of the blog and handle the administrative work. Although being a Virtual Assistant you can offer your services for anyone and anytime but why choose social media and particularly Pinterest?

According to the survey carried out at the end of the year 2018, Pinterest was responsible for driving 5% of the total referral traffic. 

It proudly hosts more than 250 million active users and more than 175 billion pins. Come to think of it, these stats are pretty massive. With such enormous business prospects, why wouldn’t you want to work for such a platform?

So many bloggers, business owners, and internet marketers prefer and opt for Pinterest as a medium of work. Pinterest is the most influential platform to drive traffic to websites and blogs and you can bag great working opportunities working for such people who want someone to handle all the hassle on their behave while they concentrate on agenda’s which demand their attention.

The only thing that can hold you back from making it big on Pinterest as a Virtual assistant is

  • If you lack knowledge and insight regarding Pinterest.
  • The basics, the technicalities and the hacks and
  • General information to go about the platform flawlessly.

Although it is never too late to learn, but in order to be well-versed with Pinterest you need to dedicate a lot of time to it. It is a slightly difficult platform to master but this is the only downside there is to it. Apart from this, Pinterest can prove to be a great working platform for you as a Virtual Assistant.

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, the next question that often arises is

What exactly does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant do?

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant takes care of Pinterest related tasks. Tasks that usually take up too much of the time of business and blog owners and that would prefer all of this being handled by someone else. It is important to note that these tasks though time-consuming are critical for the business growth on Pinterest and better be handled by a dedicated expert.

After that I have explained exactly why you should be a Virtual Assistant and why should your efforts be directed towards Pinterest, let me explain how can you be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

How to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

I believe by this time you must have decided that you really want to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and now you want to know how you can be one.

Just like when we are looking for a physical job, we prepare our CV and present our capabilities and ourselves in the best possible fashion, looking for a job on Pinterest is quite the same.

You present yourself, your qualities and capabilities to the possible employers in the best possible way. You display your skillset and potential regarding the tasks that you will be expected to perform as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

So let’s get down to business and let’s discuss the tasks that you would be expected to do as the Pinterest Virtual Assistant:

Design and produce spectacular pins:

When I use the word spectacular, I mean that the pins that you will create for the blog or business (that you will be working for) will be truly amazing. They will include the best quality and most relevant image and will include the description that will be to the point and inclusive of all the top keywords.

Anyone who is familiar with the algorithm of Pinterest knows that creating eye-catching and appealing pins is the first and foremost job to be done on Pinterest. This is how you connect with the audience- this is your one-way ticket to the customer.

So it is highly important that you are able to create pins that satisfy the algorithm of Pinterest; they are ranked higher, they are more visible and appealing to the followers.

Write convincing descriptions:

Let’s suppose a follower or general Pinterest user is scrolling through the images of a particular category and your pin has caught his attention. The next step is that the onlooker will open up the pin and READ ABOUT IT.

So it is very important that as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant you are able to grasp the attention of the user by appealing pins and keep him hooked through a comprehensive yet effective description.

In order to remain at the top of your game, you can search for other competitors and have a look at their description, the top most keywords and include them in yours as well. As I previously mentioned Pinterest is more of a search engine and less of a social media application. So your pin descriptions should be SEO optimized with just the right amount of accurate keywords (obviously staying true to the image) in order to rank higher and remain visible.

Make Rich Pins:

This one right here is one such example that requires you to be technically sound regarding Pinterest. Rich pins are a special type of pins that are different from the usual Pinterest pins that you usually create. In the most typical definition, rich pins provide additional information as compared to the image description.

Let us consider an example where you are pinning for blog posts and will most probably be using article pins the most. In this case, you should be aware of how to include metadata in your pins. This will ensure that the rich pins that you have created appear at the right time on Pinterest. There are so many blog posts and writings available just to understand the phenomenon of rich pins (and they can help you learn better).

Schedule pins:

Basically, when you opt for being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and you start working as one; you are expected to make your employer stress and worry-free. You will be taking care of everything on his behalf.

You design and create appealing pins, you come up with the best descriptions and also create rich pins and now you post them but when? You are responsible and answerable for monitoring when the next post goes up and what is the right time to get it up.

This process is known as scheduling pins for the most accurate time after monitoring the stats for your account (such as most active users, most user activity, etc.). Sure you can post the pins manually as well, but there are a number of tools and software available that help you schedule your post/pin and it will be automatically posted at the set time. An example of software like this is Tailwind.

Scheduling the pins as per the optimal timings is a great step because it helps drive maximum traffic to your blog (because of most active users).

Secondly, it also helps the maximum number of people view your pin and engage with it. There are hundreds and thousands of pins being posted and reposted on a daily basis. But what makes you stand apart? What makes you different?

Posting at the right time with the perfect condiments is what will make you stand out and this is exactly what you should know how to do as the Pinterest Virtual Assistant!

Be a part of group boards:

I recently wrote about how to earn money through Pinterest and I discussed all the points on how to earn money through Pinterest? How to start a blog, create and post pins and how to stay visible.

On the topic of being visible, joining top and relevant group boards were one of the most important tips I discussed. Basically just like an office board (where you would pin something that needs to be remembered), Pinterest has boards as well.

Pinterest boards are virtual boards where we can pin images. Some are individual boards where only a single person can pin and some are group boards where all the group members can pin and all their followers can view.

When you join a group board with a massive shared pool of followers and pin on that board; you are basically exposing your pin to that massive shared pool of followers (imagine the exposure).

As a Pinterest virtual assistant, you should know that what group boards are you supposed to be a part of and how can you become a part of these groups. Group boards are great and rather the best way to gather more followers and gain healthy exposure. Make sure you abide by the group rules and benefit your employer through effective group boards posting.

Know how to set up a business account:

As I have been mentioning again and again that in order to be a successful virtual assistant you need to be great at what you do. Just like an assistant working in an office, you need to ace what you need to do. There should not be anything (big or small) that you can’t do.

Being a virtual assistant on Pinterest requires you to be able to handle all the jobs (easy or difficult). Creating and setting up a business account is a comparatively new feature that Pinterest has come up with. This step was taken to differentiate commercial accounts with non-monetized content.

A big part of your job would be to be able to set up business accounts and maintain them. Business accounts come with their own set of features and analytics such as rich pins, promoted pins, and a specialized resource center. You need to be fully equipped in order to handle and deal with all these specializations.

If your client does not already own a business account and the primary function of the account is to drive traffic back to the employer’s page or blog, then you should set up a business account. If your employer already has a business account then you should offer services to maintain that account in order to keep it optimal and up to date.

You can keep the boards more organized, clean up the account (to delete the irrelevant pins and remove the mess) so that the followers get a clearer picture of your content (it also helps them engage better).

The tasks that I have been explaining to you up till now dealt with what you will be expected to do if you become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. But this is not the only job you can do on Pinterest while offering your valuable services. You can be promoted to a Pinterest Manager or even Pinterest Consultant (for large scale companies who also work through Pinterest).

If however, you do go beyond the level of virtual assistant then you will be taking care of some advanced level tasks as well.  Such as:

What are the Advanced Tasks?

These tasks usually require a higher understanding of Pinterest functionality. Also, an increased level of skill set is needed to handle these tasks. I have a general observation that if you become a Pinterest manager or consultant then you need to have a set of leadership qualities as well along with obviously being great at administrative duties.

Being ranked at higher levels on Pinterest also brings with itself a lot of benefits such as getting a higher payout and getting exposed to larger companies (who can hire you at a better salary). AT manager or consultant level you would most probably be monitoring a group of individuals or leading a team. You would be required to perform the following tasks:

Establish campaigns and track the results:

There is a special category of “promoted pins” on Pinterest. The promoted pins look similar to an ordinary pin but get a lot more exposure than a regular pin. It is pasted with a “promoted by” label. When you become a manager or consultant you need to arrange such promotional campaigns where your company is the prime promoter and also owns the promoted by label.

Such exposure comes with a lot of responsibility. Make sure you pick your campaigns carefully and smartly that resonate with the field of your work and also sends a message of your ideology.

Stay up to date with Pinterest trends:

Pinterest is often marked as the pioneers of social media trends and campaigns. The trends, hashtags, and campaigns that start with Pinterest are then followed by the entire social media (that is what has been observed). As an advanced level Pinterest manager and consultant, you need to be ahead of everyone’s game. You not only need to be aware of what’s in and what’s hot but also come up with efficient and effective strategies that stay true to the trend.

Apart from the application of trends and steps that you take in order to remain at the same pace as the rest of the platform, a very important and critical step is to track your efforts and their results. It will be a part of your job to show your clients what you did and how your efforts paid back for the welfare of the client. This adds weight age to your value and opinion.

Make your client grow:

At advanced level you are not only concerned with implementing orders but also compiling orders. You need to come up with plans and strategies that help the client grow and evolve on Pinterest.

If you believe that your client needs a proper and effective Pinterest plan then make one for your client (one that is effective and foul proof) and help them grow.

Do your research and provide recommendations:

Study, observe and plan. You are not the only one using Pinterest. There are over a million users who are all striving to gain the attention of the users. Make sure you study your competitors, study what works and what does not. Do your research and come up with ideas (BRAINSTORM). Be different, be unique and be visible.

All this study, research and observation will prove to be very handy for your client when you offer your valuable suggestions and recommendations. From a Pinterest manager and consultant, a lot is expected other than just taking care of administrative details. Make sure you are at the top of your game.

How much should you charge?

Now, once you have or have newly acquired the skill set required to become a virtual assistant on the platform of Pinterest, the next question that everyone asks is:

How much should I charge?

and rightly so because no one wants to stay underpaid and no one wants to charge too much and shun away some possible and fruitful prospects. It is definitely not easy to determine the per hour rate you will be working at. It sure can be very tricky.

Working as a virtual assistant on Pinterest you can earn anywhere in the range of $12 to $50 per hour. I know the range seems to be really broad but that is really the range. Basically the rate that you will be getting depends on a lot of factors.

Factors such as what kind of work will you doing, how strong is the client that you are working for and what is the complexity of the project or job that you have undertaken.

The work differs from client to client and sometimes you might be managing different accounts for the same client and working at a different rate. You per hour rate basically should reflect the kind of work your doing and the amount of workload you are handling. Just to make it even easier for you decide:” How much should you charge”, let’s discuss it in detail.

Just make sure that whatever you decide to charge, you don’t forget to include the overhead costs that you bear. Often while working from home, one forgets to add the costs of tools, software’s, applications and other business expenses. So make sure you include all these costs while determining the per hour rate you will be charging from the client.

  1. Design pins: Will you be designing pins for your client from scratch? Will you be selecting the background, the image, the margins, the font, the color, and all the other elements? Or they have a pin template that you will be following? Will you create a default format or you will design a new pin from scratch every time?
  2. Create Pins: How many pins will you be required to create in a month? Will you be creating pins every day (or you will create weekly or monthly)? Will the client provide the pin description or you will have to churn out descriptions for each pin? What will be the word limit for these descriptions?
  3. Maintaining Pinterest Account: Will you be working on a Pinterest Business account? Does the client have one already or you will set up one for the client? Is it in good condition and you will start working on it right away? Will you be doing a lot of clean up before you get to function?
  4. Account management: Will you be responsible solely for the daily administrative tasks? Or you will be handling a lot more stuff on the client’s behalf as well? Does your client hold an effective strategy or you will be chalking one out for them?
  5. Experience: Are you are a new bee? Do you have experience? How skilled are you? Will your past employers give a testimonial for you?
  6. Contract: Is it a one-time commitment? Will you be working for them for a long period of time?

All of these factors contribute towards the rate you will be charging for one hour of work. Whatever you and your client decide on, make sure all of these questions are well answered. Whatever you decide to ask, make sure you stand by it. Make the client believe that every penny that you will be charging stands true to your talent, capabilities, and quality of service that you will be providing.

How will you get hired as a Pinterest VA?

Up till this point, we have been discussing how to work and what to charge after you become a Pinterest virtual assistant. But how do you get hired as one is also a very important point of discussion.

There are so many competent people striving for the same job so what makes you stand out? How do you rise above and beyond your competitors and get selected as a Pinterest VA or manager? Here is what you should do to stand out, promote your services and get hired:

  • Just like we submit a well made and up to date CV for a physical job, make sure you have a well made, well managed and up to date website. This is your main and biggest promotional tool. If anyone is interested in working with you, they will judge your skills through your website.

Your testimonials, the graphics, the attention to detail, the use of words, your skill level and will also communicate with you through your website. So make sure it is a true representation of you and your caliber.

  • Work on a dedicated “Hire me” page. You need to talk to a potential client answering why exactly you should be hired. Your client should not be looking for answers to why you should be hired (no one has the time or the energy). Make it visible.
  • Make your own Pinterest Business account and run it flawlessly. This will show how you will run your client’s account. Use top tools and applications (Canva, Stencil, GIMP and many more) to create excellent pins and also to connect with your followers. Attract clients towards your work.
  • Advertise yourself, take out ads, and stay visible and available.

Now you must be having a clear idea of how you can be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and what you will be doing if you become one. If you want to become a successful Virtual Assistant then you have to work on yourself first. Know your job, know what help to use and provide exceptional services. Happy earning!

Want to work as a Pinterest VA for Simple Passive Income Solutions? Send us an e-mail with your CV and work experience at

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