How to become a full-time blogger and quit your job?

How to become a full time blogger and quit your job in less than a year.

I will be completely honest with you and admit that for the last 4-5 years, where all of the social media applications started to over-flow with bloggers, influencers and celebrities, a thought or two has crossed my mind regarding if I can also become a blogger or not?

Especially since everyone appears to be earning really well, I wonder if I can also make it big as a blogger and earn my worries away.

Have you also thought the same and going through the work and content of various bloggers remarked, “I can do it as well| or “I can do it better?” Then what are you waiting for, follow my footsteps and make it big in the world of blogging and trust me all you need is to be you and you are sorted.

Don’t panic, let me walk you through the ABC’s of blogging; what is it, how do you go about it and most importantly what do you need to be a blogger?

Before you decide to be a blogger or rather a full-time blogger you need to get some things straight in your head. First, you need to regard blogging as a profession and not as a hobby.

It might have started out as something casual and something people did for fun and appreciation but not anymore.

Since the world of social media and social networking has taken over and the probability of people being online and connecting with you via your blog has skyrocketed, blogging as a means to earn money is not just a side work or hobby;

it is a full-blown profession that demands the same amount of dedication, hard work and focus from you.

Second, you need to understand that blogging might be something you want to take up because it sparks joy in you and it helps you connect with your creative and artistic side besides giving you a platform to freely express and interpret, blogging can be a medium to help you earn large amounts of money and to do that you need to be smart about it, informed about it and most importantly work towards it with focus, determination, and passion.

The good news is that blogging has achieved a status in today’s time and age that it can help you earn big bucks through a variety of mediums, approaches, and strategies.

How to become a full-time blogger

#1 – Plan, perceive, progress!

The first and foremost step after you have decided to be a full-time blogger is to make a plan. It cannot be all accidental and fall into place all by itself.

You need to structure your activities. Just like in your previous job, where you got up in the morning, got ready and reached office on time, you need to be punctual, regular and organized with blogging.

Working from home (if you choose not to have a designated office) and working for you (when you are the boss and not answerable to anyone) does not by any means imply that you can get all lazy and slouchy about it.

No, you still get up on time, you still get ready (trust me it helps you get in the mood to work) and you still make it to your work desk on time.

Time management, organization, punctuality, and consistency are the key factors of making you a successful full-time blogger. One of the biggest miss-conception regarding blogging is that it is easy, no sir it is not.

Blogging is hard work, a full-time job and demands equal amounts of input like any other office job does (in case you are just trying it for fun and don’t intend to earn big!)

#2 – Pick a niche!

You need to determine what is it that you need to do. Do you wish to be the jack of all trades or you want to focus on a single field?

Do you wish to be a makeup blogger, a lifestyle blogger, a food blogger, a photography blogger, a travel blogger, a fashion blogger, a mommy blogger, a wedding blogger and you get the idea, right!

You can be whatever blogger that you intend to be given that you have the skill and expertise to do justice to your field and produce and provide content related to that field that helps readers and followers understand, connect and relate to you on a personal level and look forward to your content and posts.

Always remember curiosity and interest are the two key factors to successful blogging. After all, you are developing content for your followers, if they lose interest, you will have no audience.

Chose a niche, pick a branch and help it grow. Nurture it through your skills and talent. Love it through your content and work and let it give you the fruits of your hard work.

#3 – Make a blog!

After you have completed the mind game, you need to cater to the technical requirements of setting up a blog.

When I refer to the mind game I mean the convincing and determination you need to accept blogging as a full-time profession, decide to be regular, consistent and true to your work and have decided the niche you want to work on, you now need to set up a blog.

A blog is basically your personal space and virtual property where you express your thoughts, ideas and display your work. It is a platform where your followers will be able to come and see what is it that you do and what is it that you offer?

There are multiple applications that can help you set up a blog and take care of all the technical requirements needed to make and configure a blog. To answer all of your queries and questions regarding how to make a blog and who can help you set up a blog, you can check my other detailed posts on these topics.

After you have successfully set up and configured a blog with a proper domain name and reliable hosting services, you need to make your blog appealing, attractive and effective.

#4 – Create effective content!

The next step is to create content for the recently established blog. Now the key is to develop content that is effective and easy for the reader to relate to and connect with.

Let’s admit it, no one in this fast-paced life and busy routines have the time and capacity to read long and lengthy blog posts. You need it to be quick, short and to the point.

Make sure to add visual aids, because pictures make it fun, make it easy and make it less boring. Make sure you keep your articles interesting, catchy and captivating (they should leave the reader curious and hungry for more!)

#5 – Get maximum traffic!

You are becoming a full-time blogger and working on your blog because you want more and more people to visit, read and be entertained, get informed and look forward to more.

More visits mean increased traffic and increased traffic means more money but how exactly do you drive maximum traffic to your blog, this is how:

  1. Be dramatic. Add drama, curiosity, and mystery. You will gain attention when you will produce content that demands attention. People are obviously expected to look towards fire if fire and sky are the options. Just saying!
  2. Create content that people are interested in. People will want o read about hot topics not about how to cut a watermelon. Just saying again!
  3. Make sure you write SEO content. You cannot drive traffic to your blog if you are not even visible.
  4. Be technically sound. Make sure the blog loads quickly and people don’t click another option while they wait.
  5. Include sharing options. Reach out to the maximum amount of people. Include sharing links and options, where people share your blog link with friends and family.
  6. Advertise your blog. Answer questions, make interactions and hold sessions. Be visible, be heard and be recognized.
  7. Be smart. Include affiliate links in your posts. One post can refer to another and so on. This will urge the reader to stay and read more.
  8. Be consistent. Don’t write a post and vanish for days. Be in sight, be in mind. Honestly, the world is full of options for people to choose from and if you choose to be missing in action, you will miss out on a lot of things.
  9. Increase your cycle. Connect and partner with other follow bloggers who share your work on their page and drive traffic.
  10.  Engage. Respond to comments and initiate discussion. Leave questions in your post that people can answer and drive more and more traffic. Host giveaways, contests and attract traffic.
  11. Share on Social Media: The best way to drive traffic as a beginner is through social media. “Share more than you produce”, sharing your posts is more important than producing lots of them. Try to write a couple of very interesting articles and you are good to go. Then you can start promoting on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Click here if you want to learn how to drive traffic with Pinterest and start making money.

#6 – Make money!

You have done the majority of the work, where you have created a blog and created content that attracts traffic and keeps the reader coming back for more, now is the time to make some money!

And how exactly do you do that? You use your blog to drive more and more traffic, more and more visits and views and money will come your way by:

  1. Link your blog with different social media accounts. People will see your post and visit your blog. Particularly effective with Pinterest. Check out, How to make money on Pinterest for further questions and guidance.
  2. When you drive traffic to your blog and get more and more visitors, you basically open revenues for yourself to earn money. You can monetize your blog by placing and including ads in your blog. Include private ads, include affiliate links in your content and blog posts (these affiliate links can ask people to make sales and if they do, you also get a share), partner with clients and brands to promote their products (of course paid) and ask your followers to buy, perform product reviews (paid again) and most importantly gradually increase your credibility and worth through your blog. This will add to your value and the value brands associate with you and ultimately will make you earn even greater amounts of money.

Now that you have a complete guide and information regarding how to become a full-time blogger, what is stopping you! You have it in you, you can do it and you can make it big.

All you need is conviction, confidence, and consistency, which I am sure you already do. So, get up, make your mind and let me help you be a successful full-time blogger.