HOW TO be an instagram influencer and earn cash

How to be an Instagram influencer and earn money?

I personally think that making it big on Instagram or any other social media platform is more smart work than hard work.

Being a blogger or influencer on such a massively followed and used platform as Instagram is definitely not an easy job but if you get the hang of things and trends on Instagram and use this information smartly and effectively, there is no stopping you from achieving your dreams.

According to a recent survey carried out among millennial, it was concluded that more than half of the population residing in the age bracket of 20-30 years have the desire to make it big on Instagram.

The reasons behind their wish to be Insta-famous were varied; some wanted to be famous, some wanted to be followed, some wanted fame but mostly everyone wanted to be rich. Yes that’s true, you can earn a really good amount of money (along with endless free goodies) if you somehow manage to make it big on Instagram.

Making it big on instagram is subjective to this platform meaning if you have a massive fan following (followers), your posts and stories are viewed, saved, liked and commented on multiple times, your followers engage with you through your content, save your posts and follow your advice then CONGRATULATIONS!

You can be termed as a successful Instagram influencer because you have achieved the power to influence your followers, make or break a brand and earn some handsome money along the way.

Although looking at the perfect posts from your favorite Instagram influencers, drooling over their PR’s and secretly wishing for a life swap seems a reasonable option but in reality, there is a lot of hard work, long hours, dedication and sweat that goes into creating content that impresses and engages the audience.

Now the important question is; how do you make it big on Instagram and eventually make your bank accounts big? The answer is surprisingly not very tough. All you need to do is to be smart about gaining followers, creating impressive content, posting at the right time with the right caption and with the absolutely right hash tags (because this is how Insta works!)

Doesn’t seem so simple to you? Worry not, I am offering a FREE instagram influencer course for you to take and learn to be creative, impressive, influencing, appealing and wanted (all in the instagram world!)

Until you think about the course, below is a list of all those points that you need to remember and learn before you begin your Instagram journey.

I strongly believe that just like any other field of study or art that needs knowledge, expertise and experience to excel, social media and primarily Instagram is a world of its own and requires proper study, training and knowledge to succeed, make it big and be remembered.

Making money on Instagram is very basic and simple. You gain popularity on Instagram, you achieve a massive fan following, people follow you, engage with your posts and listen to you. Once you achieve that status and power, brands approach you, companies contact you and start up’s seek your help.

Help to promote their business, product and service, help to make them popular and known and this help is not for free. Once you are in the position to help, you charge for it and brands pay for it. Greater your power of influence and impression, greater is your worth and greater is the money you can make.

So if you want to earn money, you have to fist become a big influencer and then money will start pouring in. Below are the tips that will help you make it big on instagram and attract followers which will eventually land you in a position of power and money.

  • Set your path: Let’s face it, you cannot influence, convince or impress someone you don’t know unless and until you are very clear, aware and informed about what you are saying or doing. That is why if you wish to be a successful Instagram influencer, someone who influences people met online, it is very very important that you know exactly what you are doing. So the first and foremost step when entering the Insta world is to decide on what your field is going to be. Do you want to be a lifestyle blogger, a makeup blogger, a positivity influencer, a fitness blogger, a food blogger and honestly speaking the list can be endless depending on what sparks joy for you! Be very sure about your field, what do you want to do and what is your passion. Focus and clarity is everything and will take you long distance.

If you wish to be successful on Instagram, you need to be liked and remembered. Remembrance and staying in someone’s mind makes you worthy and important and it can only be achieved through consistency.

You can never be consistent about something you are not passionate about, so choose your field wisely. Stick to your roots, stay consistent and people will connect.

  • Create an impressive bio: Just like how you meet someone in person and your aura and personality is the first thing that transfers through, similarly in Instagram when someone drops by your profile the bio is your first impression. How you describe yourself in that 2cm space is what makes the follower stay or leave, so you better make it impressive and convincing.

When a brand wishes to approach you or someone visits your profile (potential follower), your bio is how you pitch yourself. Make it appealing, convincing and eye catching. This is your one and only shot to grabbing an opportunity. Make people stay, grab them and keep them busy.

  • Write an engaging caption: No matter how beautiful a picture you share, if the caption if off, it will take you nowhere. The captions you write need to connect with the reader and must stick to your field in one way or the other. This is how you connect with your followers, this is how you engage with them, and this is how they can relate to you.

The most important tip to remember while writing a caption is to stay true and original. Share your life stories and don’t pretend. Stay realistic and the followers will be able to find a connection with you, relate with you and engage with you.

Surveys have shown that posts that share a personal story or an experience have a much higher engagement rate. Higher the engagement rate, higher is your influencing power and higher is the money you make.

  • Make sure your feed looks beautiful: This one is one of the most important tips to be a successful influencer. Make sure your feed looks beautiful to look at while being artistic, colorful and interesting. Your feed should look appealing and inviting. The photos should make up great content to read and look at individually as well as collectively.

There are many online tools and software available that can be used to apply filters on the photos. Using such platforms induces uniformity and creativity in your Instagram profile. The quality of the photos should be HD.

In short, all the content that you share needs to be very carefully created. Content should be of high quality, impressive, colorful, original and unique because this is how you talk to your followers. The more you talk, the more they respond, the more is your influencing power.

  • Stay Consistent: Instagram is all about remembrance. If you are out of sight, you are out of mind and as per the latest Instagram algorithms if you have a low engagement rate, you posts stop showing in the followers feed and also in the discovery section. So it is highly important that you keep that engagement rate high and stay visible. You can’t just post when you feel like it and skip the being regular and consistent part because being an Instagram influencer is a full time job that requires you to wake up, gear up and show up every single day without break (although a short break as a marketing gimmick can also prove to be beneficial) because if you are gone for too long, you lose your viewership and star power.
  • Hash Tag it right: Instagram works on hash tags; all the posts listed under the same hash tags can be accessed by anyone who searches for that hash tag. When you share a photo make sure you include all the related hash tags that are simple, understandable, reachable and cover a wide range of topics.

Each hash tag has an associated search value or discovers value, higher the search value greater is the corresponding content and so is the competition.

Make sure you choose hash tags that have a medium to high search value so that it is reachable and discoverable while being normal competition level because it will increase the chances of your posts topping the charts and hence being more accessible.

The more you are discoverable, the more is your reach and ultimately follower’s opening a wide variety of doors for you to capitalize on and earn big money.

  • Create a Business account: If you wish to take up being an Instagram influencer professionally and as full time job and also wish to invest all your time and energy into this job then the best option for you is to create a business account. Business account basically gives you the option of viewing Instagram analytics. Analytics show you what parts of the world are your followers from and other demographics along with presenting the engagement rate for each post. Using this tool one can easily determine the right time to post content that results in high response rate because that is what we are after in the end.

Being an Instagram influencer, you have to play it smart. Know your audience, what excites them, what interests them and what influences them. This is how you create target specific content that results in better engagement and better market value.

  • Make creative Instagram stories: Posts are the real thing but stories are not far behind either. People have shown greater interest in stories because they are quick and fun. There are so many tools and techniques that can be used in the Instagram stories to increase engagement by asking questions, creating polls and involving the audience. Stories also provide the option of tagging other accounts which increase the range and reach. Don’t forget to tag the brands you wear and use, gain their attention and earn some money and then some more.
  • Increase Engagement: You need to make your followers talk to you through your posts and stories because this is the only way through which Instagram will put you in the discover section and make people see you. The top ways to increase engagement is by posting a question that people will answer, post at a time where maximum people are online, host giveaways and contests, use polls in stories, follow other influencers accounts’ and engage with them and most importantly play smart; right hashtags, right time, right content and right approach.

Despite of all these tips and tricks that can help you in becoming a successful Instagram influencer, it is very important to gain firsthand experience so that you know your job, the technicalities, the hidden techniques, and smart tricks.

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