Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Selling on Mercari

When we are looking for something that we need to buy, we often look and go through multiple options. Let’s consider the process of buying a piece of furniture for your home. You will decide if you want a new one or a slightly used item will do as well, you set out a budget and then you start your search.

The world of social media, technology, and the internet has facilitated the process of searching a wanted item by leaps and bounds. Finding something in your vicinity or even far way is not a big deal now. It is quite possible that during that search, you came across pages and platforms that stock up a lot of items that can be bought or sold; the most common being Mercari.

Mercari is an online buying and selling page that helps multiple users across the globe to buy anything that they desire (new or used) or list up their products for sale (again new or used). Mercari is one of the top online pages that sell products belonging to different users.

Have you browsed through Mercari and ever thought about selling your products as well? Have you spared a thought about making use of this platform and earning money through selling items (various items) that you longer need or desire?

Is not having enough knowledge of the platform holding you back? Do you require just a little push in the right direction to make it happen for you? Are you too scared of being scammed or being unsuccessful?

Then worry not, this is a complete and thorough guide for you to understand what Mercari is all about and how you can be a successful seller on this platform. Read on and I will present to you the ultimate guide to selling on Mercari.

Step 1: Download the app

As simple or unnecessary the step may seem to you, this is the first and important step. Download the Mercari app on your phones or tablets, so that you gain quick access to the platform. What is more important than selling on the go, right?

Step 2: Take Great Photos

The usual course of action adapted while selling items on Mercari is making an account, posting an advertisement along with some pictures. Mercari has thousands of users, listing up their items and if you search for a single item the site presents you with multiple options.

To be honest, no one has the time or mind to read the lengthy descriptions and go through the entire brief. What makes a difference and grabs the attention of a potential buyer are the photos you attach with your add. It is as simple as that; better the photos, the higher are the chances for you to make a sale.

So it is extremely important for you to take good quality photos of whatever item you are posting. Make sure the item stands out, the colors are visible and the picture is aesthetically brilliant. Let’s say you are selling a bed set; if it is badly made, poorly presented and carelessly captured, no one will be interested in buying it let alone reading the add and the description.

Your photos make the first and the final impression on the potential customers; make it count. Make sure your photos are taken in good and natural light, the background is amazing, they are well lit, include multiple photos to make sure the product is well captured (no side or angle is missing) and show everything and you invest in props.

Step 3: Write an impressive description

The only way you can make a quick sale and capture the buyer in the instant is by providing an extreme and complete description. Make sure nothing is missing because the more time spent in questions and answers more are the chances of losing a buyer for he might decide to invest in another more descriptive and clear product.

Another factor is that a lack of description often sends a message across that the seller is hiding something or the product has nothing substantial about it that needs to be told or described. So in order to avoid all of these miss-conceptions make sure your product is brilliantly described and explained.

If you are selling a clothing item or a pair of shoes; make sure you include the type of fabric or material, size, fit, color and style in the description. Make sure you answer all the questions that you would want to be answered if you were the buyer.

Similarly, if you are selling a piece of furniture, make sure you include the dimensions, material, color, and quality in the description.

Step 4: Offer a deal price

Most of the people browsing platforms such as Mercari are because they are looking for deals. People who can afford to buy a brand new item will never visit such kind of a page anyways. So don’t be very rigid in your pricing.

Offer deal prices and attach a price tag that is competitive and affordable. Be ready to negotiate and offer some relaxation. If you sense that the buyer is genuinely interested in your product then coming down a little on the price ladder is not a bad deal after all. Don’t keep your prices fixed and don’t be hard and rigid.

Step 5: Always provide free shipping

Sometimes the margin between your product and that of someone else is really thin and the deciding factor between the two products comes down to who is providing free shipping. Also for most customers, the added burden of shipping cost is a big turn off and they consider it an extra price that should be paid by the seller.

Other then these main pointers make sure you deliver the products well packaged and add personalized thank you notes. The personal impression goes a long way and helps you make loyal customers. Make sure you pitch your products effectively, price them reasonable, market efficiently and deliver them like a pro. Happy selling guys!