Earn your bucks- Be Pinterest rich

All of our daily lives chores, duties, responsibilities and activities are centered towards one main goal- make money. As clichéd as it may sound; money is the center of the universe. Many might disagree with this notion or perspective but money is the backbone of a happy life (obviously working in close compliance with other important condiments).

Money buys happiness, money buys luxury and money buys (to some extent) peace and harmony. Given how important bucks are for making dreams come live and for sensing life into ideas and wishes it is safe to say- the more the better.

All of us, staying in our abilities and potential, strive and try to make as much money as possible, depending mostly on conventional ways: jobs, careers, extra jobs, over-time and much more.

What if I tell you; you can make money through the comfort of your home, utilizing your creative side and by introducing your hidden talents to the world. Hard to believe right! But it’s true as ever and is one of the most effective ways of earning money and that too with the bonus of working on what your heart really connects too.

Let’s cut the curiosity short and get to the point. Social media apps that have over 2 billion approximated users, who sign up and log in every single day to either check for updates, share information, get entertained or look for ideas and inspiration can heavily contribute towards your earnings and revenue generation.

Be it Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube or Pinterest; every platform can be a money-making platform. WHAT, REALLY, HOW, I AM SURE I AM NOT JOKING? Yes I am sure and I am going to walk you through the most fun and interesting way of making money, from your home, through your skill and knowledge and doing something that you thoroughly enjoy and rejoice.

Among the many available platforms, Pinterest is the most underrated and fun medium to capitalize on. Social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook has been widely known for a long stretch of time now regarding their benefits related to monetary success and generating revenue but Pinterest has yet to achieve that kind of popularity.

It is partially because of the fact that people are less aware of this medium and even if they have heard about it, they fail to understand how Pinterest works, what is it for and how to operate and function in Pinterest? Don’t panic, sit back and read along for understanding how Pinterest works and what all the buzz around making money on Pinterest all about.

What’s great about this channel for income is that it helps you make money and that too doing something that you have your heart in. Be it crafts, tips, tricks, creative ideas, DIY’s and so much more. If you have the skill, knowledge, expertise and insight into something new, innovative, creative and out of the box or you – THIS IS FOR YOU.

What is Pinterest and how does it really work?

Pinterest is basically not just a social media app (contrary to the major belief) but rather it is also a search engine where you have the capability to search for ideas, inspiration, leads to your interests and hobbies.

Every idea and link on Pinterest is represented by a pin or an image and a user browsing through them can save or PIN that image (hence the name), that can either take you to a page, an image or a foreign link (and that is exactly how to you attract traffic and sales to your page and money to your wallet).

Still don’t get it, don’t worry. Let me walk you through all the steps.

Step 1: Make a Pinterest account.

The first and foremost step to make money on Pinterest is to make an account. Now, you may ask why an account is needed, how I should make one and most importantly how do I manage my account that it receives maximum traffic and views.

Making a Pinterest account is similar to having a pin board in your office, where you pin your favorite ideas, things to remember, pretty pictures and so on. Pinterest is basically your online pin board, where you can pin all that you want to, anything you like, you will want to review later or you want to save.

Two types of accounts can be made on Pinterest; Personal and Business accounts depending upon your need and preference. If you set up a personal account, it implies that you are using Pinterest for seeking ideas, discovering content, learning new trends, tips and tricks and saving pr pinning those you like on to you pin board.

In the past you might have been able to make bucks through your personal accounts (or blogging accounts) but now the policy has changed and you need to have a business account of you intend to run a business and earn money through Pinterest.

A business account is more suited if you are looking to make money on Pinterest. Signing up for a business account is totally free of cost. In order to set up a personal account or business account, that is absolutely free to sign up for, you open up the Pinterest Website, log in, provide your details and credentials and you have a Pinterest account.

Pinterest also now provides the facility to convert an already existing personal Pinterest account into a Business account. Since business account is more suited and legally correct as per the new Pinterest policy, let’s focus on its creation and conversion from personal account.

Step 2: Configure your account.

Once you have created an account on Pinterest, next step is to configure it according to your likes and preferences. The website will present to you a list consisting of business types and information regarding your business in addition to the details and specs of your business.

First step to set up an account

If you choose to convert an already existing account, you will click the red button. Next you will be presented with a list of options to choose from and determine your business type:

Specify your business type

Once you specify your business type, you will be required to fill in some other additional information such as username, details about the business and link to your web site or web page. After providing all details, you will be required to agree to the terms and conditions that have especially formulated for the business accounts on Pinterest. After you complete all of the above mentioned steps, you are a proud owner of Pinterest Business account.

In case you are signing up for a completely new business account, you need to follow the same steps with slight modification i.e. you need to sign up first. Let me sum it up for you again:

  • Open up Pinterest and sign up.
  • Provide details.
  • Associate your official website with your Pinterest account.
  • That’s it, you have a Pinterest account.

Now how do you get started?

Making a business account on Pinterest gives you the capability and opportunity to reach out to millions of people in an effective way and increase traffic and views on your official website, because when a user will pin your image or content, it will possess the potential to get re-pinned and pinned again.

People pinning the image or video of your product or service are most likely to be intrigued to know more about you, your service, product and business. There exists a major probability of new people discovering you, dropping by your web page to know more about you and what do you offer.

Pinterest offers 4 basic methodologies and options for you to choose from and get started.

  • Option 1 is to perform website verification.

This step allows you to make the users of Pinterest follow and view your full website besides the single visual content they were initially interested in. You can add the link to your web page either by uploading the HTML file on Pinterest or including the Meta tag. Once verification is complete, your official web page is connected to your Pinterest business account.

  • Option 2 is to begin with the pinning process.

This option allows you to add the “Pin It” bookmarked to your official website, which will provide you with the ability o pin images from your web page or another website, directly on to your Pinterest account.

  • Option 3 is to make the traffic drive back.

This option basically revolves around the concept of asking and urging your followers and website visitors to share and spread your images with their followers which refer to the phenomenon of driving traffic of your users and followers back to you. You can add the Pin it button to your web site and visitors and followers can pin your content and images on to their boards and the cycle can continue.

  • Option 4 is the last option and it offers you the capability to grow and evolve by gaining more followers.

With these newly introduced business accounts, Pinterest has also developed new buttons and widgets, that allow all business account holders the capability and ease to make their business more exposed, more accessible and more known and valued. For the same purposes, pin it button and “follow button” has been introduced, that can make your users and followers not only pin your images from your web page but also become your follower on Pinterest.

How do you start making money with Pinterest?

After you have set up your business account, configured it and connected it with your web site, you have done majority of the hard work. Now comes the time of smart work. What strategies and effective techniques will you be adapting to generate maximum output from your account in terms of users, money and traffic? Below is a brief summary of what exactly you should be doing from here onwards to earn, earn and earn some more.

Start your own Blog: Having a blog can be very profitable. It is fairly easy and inexpensive to start, and you can make a lot of money with it. There are many bloggers making $10.000, $100.000 and even $1.000.000 per month. You can earn with your blog by implementing Google Ads, promote affiliate products, sell your own products, do partnerships, e-mail marketing and much more. (Click here to learn how to start a blog in 30 minutes + get a free domain for your blog)

Affiliate marketing techniques: These are new marketing techniques where brand pays individuals to draw traffic for their online stores. Affiliate marketing has come up with numerous creative options for generating money by simply sharing and advertising products. Wondering how this works? Well this is really simple! Just post a link of your favorite product on your profile and get paid per click. Since advancement of digital marketing, this technique has been gaining momentum and is popular across the globe.

Offering virtual assistance: Although Pinterest is insanely popular and companies want to take advantage of its popularity, still they usually get confused with its complicated business model. That is where you come in! Apart from advertising, you can offer virtual assistance to companies for managing their Pinterest accounts. These accounts would be used for projecting their latest products and you can earn while keeping their account active and live. All you have to do is manage messages appearing on page and keep the product catalogue up to date.

Influencer: This is a tricky part of making money online where instead of projecting products, you project yourself and your skills to attract companies. The role of influencer on Pinterest is really simple. All you have to do is gain a large number of followers so that companies may show interest in hiring you as brand ambassador. The advantage of being an influencer is that you could be associated with numerous multinational brands for their advertisements and could earn money online.

Pinterest is a fairly easy and fast way of making money online and at the ease of your home. You just need to be smart about your approach, active and put in your best. Best of luck and may all the money be yours.