Survey Junkie Review

One day over the phone, my dearest friend mentioned very casually that she has been earning some decent amount of money using Survey Junkie. I was really taken back because never had I heard about Survey Junkie before but was also equally I was amused and astonished at the idea of earning money at home.

Like, at first I really thought that either she is joking or she is part of the scam. Because for someone as naïve and ill-informed regarding the technology and it’s gimmicks, the idea of earning money online from the comfort of one’s home seemed pretty unrealistic, to be honest.

Survey Junkie review

I came back home, searched all about Survey Junkie and I must tell you that I was hooked. The idea of earning money at home conveniently was not a bad one at all. I found out that, using survey junkie to earn money online is one of the most reliable and effective means to earn money.

In a nutshell, all you need to do is to Sign up with Survey Junkie and start taking online surveys by filling out survey forms. The more time you invest, the more surveys you complete and the more money you earn. Not the impossible and extraordinary kind of money but I don-mind-the-extra bonus kind of money.

Here is a brief but comprehensive review of Survey Junkie for you to have all of your answers and questions answered. Because I am sure that just like me you will also have a gazillion questions like:

  • Is it legit and does it really work?
  • Are you sure this is not a scam and you will not be denied your money?
  • How does it work and how will you be paid?
  • Is it really worth your time and effort?
  • Does it pay well and on time?

One thing is for sure that Survey Junkie is a legitimate platform to earn money online at home and IT IS NOT A SCAM. Survey Junkie is in fact a part of a much bigger organization and is one of the most authentic platforms to earn money. Let’s start with the Survey Junkie review now!

What exactly is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an online platform where one can sign up and fill out survey forms and earn money in return. It is part of a market research company that started its work process back in 2013.

How does it work?

Whenever you think about trusting a survey company to earn some money there are few red flags that should be taken care of to make sure it is not a scam. Flag number 1 is that it should not charge you registration or sign up fee. Survey Junkie fulfills these criteria and does not demand any registration fees. You can sign up for free and only require a legit email address to register.

If you are from the United States, Canada or Australia, you can be accepted as a member. It all works very simply, the more survey forms you fill the more you get paid in return. The longer the survey, the higher is the payout. You can easily earn anywhere from $2 to $75 per each survey.

Making money through Survey Junkie platform may sound unbelievable, but it is true. But probably the major question that may come to your mind is, how in the world is it actually possible?

“Depending on the number of questions in the survey you can make 3-5 dollars on each survey. There are hundreds of people earning after signing up”.

Survey Junkie is a great platform to join and earn money. There are focus groups on this platform that you can join and earn even more. Secondly, whenever a company intends to launch a new product or survey, it is always preferred to test the product first and receive feedback. Product developers then trust survey platforms such as Survey Junkie and users such as you come in really handy.

Market research is a really big business. Your opinion and experience with a product or a service holds value and is really worthy for the concerned people. The time that you will be spending filling out survey forms will be time spend doing nothing but will help you earn money. As the website states in the about us page that Survey Junkie is all about connecting your voice and worthy opinion with the big brands that need you and value you.

Most of the people I talk to about Survey Junkie have a very common question to ask which is, Will I be getting rich after I sign up with survey junkie?

Surely, you won’t be able to buy your dream house with that money but it will help you land some amazing gift cards, bonuses, offers, discounts and a good increase in your pocket money.

In order to provide you with a detailed and reliable review of Survey Junkie, I did the entire process from scratch and documented it for all of you. This review is going to help you decide, whether your time and effort deserve the hassle of filling out survey forms or not! So, let’s dig straight into it.

Step 1: Sign Up

The first and foremost step to get started with the survey junkie was to sign up with the platform. My sign up experience with Survey Junkie was fast and hassle-free. It took me not more than a minute to provide my credentials (email id, zip code, DOB, gender and a password) and that was it.

I was officially signed up as a user with Survey Junkie. I even got free 25 points for setting up my account. Next, I was provided with the option to fill out a 16 question-based profile and I was provided with an additional 50 points. I decided to go ahead with it.

The 16 questions were very basic demographic and family-related questions. For some really specific questions, you also have an option to decline them instead of answering.

After you sign up with Survey junkie, there are a set of starter points that you can easily earn, which are:

  • Sign up: 25 points
  • Complete your profile: 50 points
  • Confirm your email address: 25 points
  • Watch a How does it work tutorial: 5 points
  • Complete profile surveys: 10 points each where each survey contains on average 12 questions.

Step 2: Survey Experience

Once you have signed up with Survey Junkie, you can start making money. They will email you with the links to the survey forms that you need to fill. You can either complete those or sign on the website to choose the survey of your liking and start filling.

Each survey provides a different payout. Usually, the longer and more detailed the survey, the higher is the payout. Even if you don’t qualify for a survey and are DQed (Don’t qualify), you will still earn some points which is great.

Survey Junkie also consistently sends you emails so that you remain aware of how many surveys are available that you can take and earn money.

Step 3: Understanding the point system.

Just like we deal with physical money in our daily lives, Survey Junkie deals with points. When we fill out online survey forms and complete survey’s we are paid with points in return. For each survey, the payout is different as I mentioned above. 100 points are equivalent to $1 and once you earn 10$ (that is 1000 points) you can use that cash by redeeming it in the form of gift cards or even withdraw the cash.

The 10 dollars minimum threshold limit is the most flexible and least among all the various platforms available. Another great point regarding Survey junkie is that once you complete a survey, the points you earn show instantly in your account.

Almost all of the other survey sites require you to wait for 24 hours or even longer for the points to show but this is not the case with Survey junkie.

The points you earn from taking online surveys are instantly visible and can also be instantly redeemed or withdrawn (if you fulfill the minimum threshold criteria of course). If however, you don’t get your points even after 24 hours, which is a very rare event, you can call the customer service that is extremely helpful and will definitely resolve your issues.

Additionally, the points you earn on Survey junkie if not redeemed or withdrawn do not expire. As long as you remain active (fill out a single survey in a year) your points will remain valid, unlike other online platforms.

The only limitation or catch that I observed with the point system and money withdrawal was that whether you redeem your points or withdraw the cash, you will need to use up all of your available balance. You cannot leave any remaining balance in your account.

Step 4: Is Survey Junkie falling short?

Survey Junkie is performing a lot better and smarter as compared to other survey websites available out there. Survey Junkie has been in business for more than a decade now and has managed to earn repute through its transparent procedures and reliable results. On the other hand, competitor online survey companies have time and again faced a lot of backlash because of faulty Offers.

Offers are basically subscriptions that are offered online of various services that you need to manually cancel if you don’t; wish to avail them. If however, you fail to cancel them you will be billed. Survey Junkie does not provide any such offers which are more than often the bone of contention with other survey platforms.

Overall, Survey Junkie is performing really well and has managed to establish a name and praise for itself but the only thing missing is the unavailability of other activities. Activities such as proofreading, email reading, online surfing, online videos, etc that users can opt for and benefit from.

The competitors offer these activities and a user can earn a lot more from a single platform. With Survey Junkie, a user can earn money only through taking online surveys but if other ways were also included; it will only be appreciated and liked.

Many other online survey companies have incorporated such activities in their web pages that prove to be beneficial both for the users and the company.

Step 5: Advantages of Survey Junkie?

After I signed up with survey Junkie and also took a few of their surveys, I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing and efficient service.

The bonus points that I received at each step and additional steps in the signup process was very pleasant. It always feels nice, to begin with an account that has already started flourishing.

It gave me a morale boost and I started looking forward to officially kicking start the survey process quite energetically.

If I had to sum up my opinion about Survey Junkie, I would divide it into the pros and cons. So let’s have a look at the advantages of Survey junkie first:

  • Firstly, the process of signing up with the platform is very easy and comfortable. Even if you are a newbie and have absolutely no experience working with Survey websites, you will understand and do well with Survey Junkie.
  • Secondly, the design of the website is pretty basic and user-friendly. You do not need to be an extremely sound person on the technological grounds to be able to understand and use Survey Junkie.
  • Thirdly, Survey Junkie supports PayPal. This is perhaps the easiest and most comfortable way of making online transactions in today’s time and transferring your points to cash. Also, Survey Junkie is the highest paying survey website. You can easily navigate all your options but I can guarantee you that Survey Junkie will pay you the highest and fastest for filling out easy survey forms that you qualify for and are eligible for.
  • Lastly, Survey Junkie has the lowest threshold to withdraw money. Once you earn $10 you can either exchange them for e-gift cards or withdraw money. This is the lowest among all the other platforms available. The usual practice is to set the minimum limit to 20-25 dollars.

Step 6: Disadvantages of Survey Junkie?

To provide a Survey Junkie review that is trustworthy and authentic, it is extremely important to weigh both the positives and the negatives.  And I think after reviewing the website that there is more bad than good but I will spill the beans for you to find out and decide:

  • The biggest complaint that people mostly report regarding Survey junkie is that their accounts vanish, close or expire all of a sudden. Without any prior notice or explanation, functional accounts expire, which is wrong on so many levels along with being unethical and unprofessional.
  • Another complain that has been reported regarding Survey Junkie, although not very common, is that people have been denied their payouts. This has been a very rare incident and has been adjusted after contacting customer service. Some people do however report that they were denied payments even after contacting customer service. I went around reading people’s testimonials and comments in the other reviews available online and I came across a lot of people who stated that they were denied payments or never received their gift cards. 50% of the people who launched complain stated to have been accommodated by the customer service whereas the other half of the initial complainants said that their issues were never resolved.
  • Moreover, we often find marketing agencies, research companies, and survey sites to be annoying by imposing their information and offers on the users. Survey Junkie also is slightly irritating and bothering because it offers surveys and emails you invite to surveys that you don’t actually qualify for.

Not only filling wrong surveys time consuming but also don’t earn you points. So it is irritating and wastage of time none the less.

  • Lastly, you cannot use Survey Junkie from where ever you are. You need to be physically present in the locations, Survey Junkie works. If not you will not be able to use this platform and earn money.

Step 7: Is it worth the hassle and effort?

Look, Survey Junkie or any other survey website is not a full-time job and does not require you to give big chunks of your day. Filling out survey forms hardly takes any time (if you are not taking longer and more detailed surveys). It is easy money, to say the least.

So if you really want to know if spending your free time filling out survey forms is worthy of your time and effort or not then I would say: definitely it is. If you are free and can manage to fill out a form or two then why not.

You can very well waste your time and energy and earn absolutely nothing or you can earn (Even though not large sums but something is still better than nothing).

You are free during your lunch break, college holidays, and semester break or even during home chores and fill out a couple of surveys. Even though doing this will not make you filthy rich but still, you will be transforming your downtime to earning time and what is not so great about that.

So despite hundreds of survey websites and other money-making platforms available online, Survey Junkie is a great way to invest your time and energy in.

It sure has its fair share of pros and cons and you might also come across better survey platforms but this one right here is also something worth mentioning. It is not a scam. It is legit. It is reliable and it will help you earn some decent amount of money from the comfort of your home.

Something is better than nothing and whatever you manage to earn through Survey Junkie is a definite win. So if you have some free time on your hands and wouldn’t mind some extra money than Survey Junkie is the place for you. Sign up and start away.


Look, if you have read this post and are still reading than this means that you are looking for ways that can help you earn some money. You are also looking for ways that can help you earn money while you sit at home or do not require any physical involvement.

Survey Junkie definitely ticks all of those boxes. It is easy and fast. You sign up and literally get started. It is legitimate and it will pay you according to your efforts.

It is not something extremely technical and you can easily navigate your way through the website and start earning.

However, I would still advise you to run a complete check before beginning to work with this platform. Look around, ask people who have had an experience with Survey Junkie and record their opinions. Whether or not you should start working with Survey Junkie or not is and should be entirely your stance and decision.

The survey junkie offer is now available on the play store and helps you earn that much-needed money on the go. What can be more easy and convenient than filling out survey forms and getting paid? It is the ideology and purpose behind these forms that matter and it is your precious opinion that helps brands shape their products and services.

If you are looking for easy money to make then you should download survey junkie from the play store and get started! These surveys have an ulterior goal and that is to let your voice your opinion and the brands to understand what actually needs to be done to expand the customer base. Survey Junkie is a proper company and that should put all your qualms to rest.  They help the brands and customers connect through a common platform that actually helps them mold into better and bigger providers. Your information remains confidential and you get paid on time.

All in all, Survey Junkie is a great platform to spend your time and earn some money. So what are you waiting for, get started and earn some money!