16 Apps that pay you real money fast

I have researched and tested the best apps that earn you money. Bellow, I listed the best 16 apps that pay you real money on Paypal or Bank account. Scroll down to read the review of each app.


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16 apps that pay you real money

According to a recent survey, the average man spends more than 6 hours of his day on his phone. You and I are no different. Believe it or not, all of us are addicted to our phones.

We either waste our time on social media, watch movies and videos or play games but we are hooked to our screens.

When I decided to write this blog post down for all of you, I started asking around and inquired family and friends that: Do they even know that they can make money by downloading a few apps on their phones and earn money instead of wasting time on social media?

To my surprise, almost 60% of the people who participated in my survey replied in negative. Hence, I concluded that people don’t even know that they can make money and get real cash from just downloading a bunch of apps on their phones.

Therefore, I came up with this blog post that focuses on educating all of you and informing you about the possible and potential money-making aspects.

All you need to do is to download a few reliable and authentic apps on your phone and get started. Obviously they will not be paying you for doing anything but they will be paying you for tasks that you can complete through your phone and get cash in return.

The idea and the concept is definitely appealing and one surely would want to give it a try. You and I are spending over 6 hours on the phone in a day, why not make that time a little productive?

This is the smart world where we live in. We need to get smarter as well in order to survive and excel. Using our phones 24/7 but for nothing productive or constructive is plain dumb and foolish especially when you have options available to use them and earn money!

Now, once I have (hopefully) motivated you enough about why you should jump on the money earning bandwagon, we should get started on who and how is actually paying you.

What kind of apps will be paying you money?

When we talk about using the phone to earn cash, we mean that you would download and work with such apps that will pay you for using them.

But why? Why are apps so eager to work with you and pay you for using them?

There are a variety of apps that pay you money. They can either help you save money on things you already are spending, or pay you after you complete the designated tasks or even help you grow, evolve and earn by guiding you to invest your money.

Why money-making apps are all the new rage is because they offer money-making opportunities on the go. With the app on your phone, you can work and earn from anywhere and anytime. You can earn money that is fast and hassle-free.

But the all-important question remains, why are apps paying you?

Simply, because all these apps are eager to work with you. Your opinion, time, review and effort hold a lot of value for the app companies. You and your opinion are their prized possession.

Some apps are very desperate for some fan following so they are willing to pay you for your attention and loyalty. While some are looking for users so that they can function; like to sell advertisements and to do market research.

As I said before, for all these apps you are the prized possession. You matter, your voice matters, your opinion, and your time matters.

Lastly, there are also some apps that you can use to sell items and earn some cash.

Now, let me summarize for you that for the sake of this blog post, I will be discussing apps of the following genre and explaining to you how these apps can be used to earn real cash:

  1. Survey Apps
  2. Cash Back apps
  3. Receipt scanning apps
  4. Apps that will be paying you after you complete assigned tasks (these tasks are generally very easy and quick)
  5. Lastly, apps for selling stuff.

How can you get your hands on the cash?

Every app works on a different procedure and methodology of paying you your due money. You can either

  • Receive the money through Pay Pal.
  • Get the funds transferred directly to your bank account
  • Or get gift cards to your favorite stores.

I know that everyone fancies and prefers getting cash in return to their hard work but once the free goodies start rolling in; the free Amazon gift card or the star bucks’ free e-card does not seem bad at all.

However, usually with platforms that pay you online have a minimum threshold limit that needs to be met before you can withdraw the money. Every platform has a different set limit but usually, it ranges somewhere from $10 to $25.

Top Apps that pay you real money

Before penning down this post I shortlisted the top mobile apps and downloaded the apps that pay you real cash. I personally tried and tested all these apps and reviewed them before writing about them and recommending them.

The ones that will be mentioned in this post are those that I will be personally recommending. They have the largest payout with a minimum amount of work.

I assure you that by trusting these apps and working with them you will be able to make the most of your time and effort and you will be earning real cash!

#1 – Personal Capital

Ever since I downloaded the Personal Capital app for review, I loved it so much that it has been my personal financial dashboard ever since.

Although this app will not pay you cash right away or for some tasks, Personal Capital will help you track all your finances brilliantly. The income, debts, investments and a lot more can be managed through this app. Personal Capital is your one-stop financial dashboard to take care of all your finances and related queries.

With Personal Capital you won’t be doing any designated tasks or getting direct cash, but it still pays you. How you may ask and rightly so!

Let me get it straight and clear for you. Once you sign up with personal capital, you will straight away get a $20 Amazon gift card.

Furthermore, with Personal Capital, your finances will be managed in such an exceptional way that you will be saving a lot which you previously were not. This will directly have an impact on your financial condition.

Although I am writing this post to fill you in about the top apps that pay real cash this one with a free $20 Amazon gift card and exceptional services regarding finances is my most favorite app.

One thing that I love about it the most is that despite not being paying direct cash upfront, it still makes you save a lot by efficiently managing and monitoring your finances.

So, a big thumbs up from my side and I highly recommend it to all of you to save money and be financially stable using a single app.

#2- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most versatile and most reliable platforms to earn money while almost doing nothing.

Once you download the app, you can choose from several actions. You can watch online videos, fill out survey forms, shop via their portal and earn Swagbucks points. These points once reach the minimum threshold limit can be redeemed in the form of gift cards for the top retail stores or can be withdrawn through PayPal.

You can choose either of the two depending upon your choice or preference. Moreover, you will get a $5-dollar balance straight away in your account if you sign up with the Swagbucks app.

One thing that I would like to mention is that since we are discussing apps, everything that is being said or recommended can be done on the go. So, it is safe to say that all these apps that are paying real cash are actually providing easy money.

So, what are you waiting for, download the app now and start earning real cash.

#3 – Rakuten

Rakuten is my favorite and the most reliable cashback website and app. What it does is that on all of your purchases (or most of them depending on the brands it supports) you can get a pretty handsome cashback.

Let me explain if you still don’t get the concept. Recently, I purchased a DSLR camera and before closing the deal I checked with Rakuten if it had any offers available and luckily it had.

You can use many cashback monitor apps to check which platforms offer cashback on a product. I saved a whopping $65 on my DSLR through Rakuten. This is one example; you can also save up big in terms of cashback.

All you need to do is to download the app and start your shopping experience with Rakuten. You can get up to 70% cashback on a HUGE variety of products and win surprise gifts and offers through lucky draws.

Rakuten is one of the biggest cashback websites. It has paid over $1 billion to its users ever since it was founded. It is a great way to save up big. Especially during the holiday season where everyone makes big purchases, Rakuten can help you earn a lot of real cash by saving up.

#4 – Ibotta

The great thing about social media is that it provides a lot of exposure and coverage but at the same time it also offers a lot of competition and evaluation.

With multiple cashback websites and apps popping up left, right and center, everyone tries to be a little different and offer a little more. After all, you need to lure customers and users in, and you will have to offer a bait as well.

Ibotta is also one of the most renowned, trusted and reliable websites and cashback apps. It is available for both Android and iPhone users and it offers you exceptional cashback on buying from a place or purchasing a particular product.

All you need to do is to shop through their app and portal. I find Ibotta particularly handy when I go grocery shopping because it has A LOT of items on cashback offers.

But the offers are not only limited to the grocery items, but you can also get cashback on a HUGE VARIETY of products of all ranges.

All you need to do is to download the app and select the offers that you will be using. Once you are done shopping, you need to scan the receipt. The app will verify the purchased products with the selected offers and add the cashback to your account. I know it is wonderful!

This app works in this way; brands and sponsors support the app by being a part of the Ibotta panel. You log on and see a product being on an offer and purchase that because it will land you significant cashback. Brands improve their sales power by supporting Ibotta and you benefit as an end-user from the entire process.

It is great if you know or master the correct way to use the app. It is obviously not rocket science but adding the offers before you head out and purchasing those items indeed can and will pay you back in an amazing way.

#5 – Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is another favorite of mine. It is a basic and simple, reward winning website and app. It resembles Ibotta but slightly differs as well. All you need to do is to shop as per your routine and at the end just scan your receipt.

Unlike Ibotta, where you must navigate through the app to select offers that you will be using, Fetch Rewards does the work for you. It scans the receipt and figures out itself what items are eligible for cashback. You can save a lot of grocery items, beverages and a range of other products.

Let me explain the entire process to you in detail, I recently went to fetch my groceries and upon check out, I scanned my receipt with the Fetch Rewards app.

I got points for a couple of my purchases. You can later redeem these Fetch Rewards points for gift cards that are eligible for retail stores like Amazon, Target and Walmart.

Fetch Rewards also recommends you products that you can buy to avail more rewards. I personally believe that this is the easiest way to earn money, save some and win gift cards.

You spend your usual money, nothing more nothing less and you get rewarded in return. There is no harm to it right and who doesn’t like easy money.

So, next time you plan on shopping, don’t forget to scan your receipt and win amazing offers.

#6 – ReceiptPal

Among the various platforms that are available for you to choose from and earn rewards through receipt scanning, ReceiptPal is perhaps the easiest and effortless one.

It does not matter where you shop from, it does not matter what products you buy. All you need to do is to scan your receipts with the ReceiptPal after your shopping trips. For every 4 receipts that you scan, you will be able to earn 100 points. Once you reach up to 2200 points, you will be eligible for a $5 Amazon gift card.

The more receipts you scan, the more points you earn. It is as simple as that. Although earning enough points that can be redeemed or win you a gift card but it is still easy money. Because to be honest, all you are doing is scanning receipts; those receipts that you used to throw away previously.

So, something that was winning you nothing previously, will make you land gift cards for some amazing retail stores. This is a great offer.

I started using this app for the purpose of reviewing it and I have already earned 1 $5 Amazon gift card and all I did was literally scan my receipts (which were previously useless).

#7 – Receipt Hog

As the name suggests, receipt hog is very similar to receipt pal. Regardless of the place of origin of the receipt, you can win rewards just for scanning receipts.

The receipts can be of any restaurant, café or store, it will be valid for this app nonetheless.

Apart from just receipt scanning, you will be able to earn extra rewards by participating in numerous other activities available on the app. From filling out survey forms to sweepstakes or using their virtual slot machine; you can earn extra points.

Once you get to the minimum balance threshold, you can either redeem your points for gift cards or withdraw the cash through PayPal.

It is an amazing app to get real cash but unfortunately, it has a waiting list for now. You can still register yourself and wait for your turn. Once you do get the turn, use the Receipt Hog and earn real money.

#8 – Dosh

Dosh is another cashback and rewards app. The drill is the same, you download the app, register and start using the app to either shop, dine or make any purchase. You will be able to win cashback or rewards.

Dosh is no exception. It works the same way as well. The only difference is that you will need to register your credit card or debit card with the app. Once you have done that, you can win cashback and rewards.

You register your card with the app and look for places that are registered with Dosh and will offer you cashback.

I recently downloaded Dosh and got a 5% cashback on one of my favorite restaurants. I dine in at this place quite a lot and wouldn’t have received cashback ever if not for Dosh.

You can talk about this app with your family and friends and every time you land a referral, you get a $5 bonus prize. So, let’s get started, what are you waiting for?

#9 – Drop

All the big names among apps that claim and prove to pay real money more or less do or apply the same phenomenon. All you need to do is to figure out how to use the app effectively to earn more cash.

Drop is another app that offers cashback and pays you money, but how? Let me tell you how!

You first download the app and register yourself with the app. Next, you link your card with the app and after that whether you shop, use their special offers or fill out surveys available on their app; you earn points.

You can also add points by referring this app to your social circle.

So, all you do is download, register and start shopping. Shop from the stores listed in the app or use their offers; whatever you choose, you will earn points.

My favorite news is that Target is also a listed partner of Drop and you can earn Drop points by shopping through Drop from Target.

Once your points reach the minimum limit, you can redeem them for gift cards. Isn’t it just easy and amazing; I surely think that it is!

#10 – Pei

Pei follows the same line of action as above and pays you real cash in return. Once I started my research for the real apps that pay real money, I was amazed and astonished by the variety of apps that are available and legit working.

I was so happy and excited that I got to know about all these amazing apps that actually pay real money. I was so bummed that I was missing out on such amazing offers previously.

Pei is another great app to win cashback. All you do is link your debit or credit card with the app (obviously after you have downloaded the app and registered with it). You can also link multiple cards with the app on a single account.

Every time you spend using your card, you get guaranteed and automatic cashback. One great thing about Pei is that you do not need to worry about the cashback; you do not scan the receipts or claim the cashback rather it just automatically pops up in your account.

Completely hassle-free.

There are several stores that will land you cash back through Pei. You can also refer this app among your social circle, and you will be able to earn extra points. Your friends and family just need to enter your referral code at the time of registration.

#11 – Field Agent

Field Agent is a very interesting app. It helps you earn cash but in a rather mysterious way, hence the name Field Agent. You become a secret shopper for the Field agent app.

All the tasks that the app assigns to you will have to be completed secretly. It can involve several things.

After you have completed the drill; download the app, register and sign in you will need to complete different tasks. The tasks can be different but mostly revolve around visiting a place, shopping from there, eating from there, taking a picture or making a specific video, share your experience or run a survey.

Once you have followed the instructions properly and delivered the result of the task, your payout will be directly wired to your bank account. The tasks assigned usually do not take more than 15 minutes and can make you earn anywhere in the range of $3 to $12. The exact amount you earn depends on the complexity of the task that you just completed.

It is more like a job; a temporary job with small day to day tasks. You must wait till your account gets approved and once done; you will receive your payout. Just make sure that you follow all the instructions properly and deliver good results.

#12 – Mobee

Mobee app is very similar to the Field Agent app, all you need to do is to become a secret shopper.

Mobee app will let you know what exactly it is that you need to do. It can ask you to go to a store and capture a display window or it can ask you to interview an employee and ask particular questions or make a particular video.

The more tasks that you successfully complete will make you earn more points. All the points you earn will keep on adding up in your account and you can later redeem them for Amazon gift cards.

#13 – GetUpside

GetUpside is an app that will make you earn cashback on gas. The app will tell you the best and the most reasonable gas prices near you.

This app basically offers cashback offers on convenience store items and auto services such as car wash, oil change and a lot more (we all know how demanding our cars are).

GetUpside is registered with 9000+ gas stations and all you need to check is which one is the best option for you in your location. Every time you use GetUpside while refueling, you not only earn Fuel points but also receive guaranteed cashback.

GetUpside works with a few of the biggest names of the gas industry and is an amazing way to get real cash. We all put fuel in our cars, and this is one of the most practical and useful apps to earn real cash.

Depending on the area you reside in or are currently present in, you can get good offers on gas stations and in some markets, you can also enjoy cashback on some of the restaurants, groceries and a lot more.

Don’t forget to check the offers that are available in your area.

You can redeem the points that you earn at any time that you like. You can also withdraw the money through PayPal.

Who doesn’t like such a beneficial app that too with extremely flexible terms and conditions? So, what are you waiting for, this is one app that I would easily and happily label as a MUST HAVE.

#14 – Shopkick

Shopkick is another cash back app that helps you earn cashback by earning points. The points in this app are labeled as kicks.

This app is basically the blend of all the functionalities and activities available in the apps that I have mentioned above.

You do some steps and keep on earning kicks. Steps like signing up with the app, link your bank card with the app. Purchasing and spending from the card, scanning and submitting receipts, scanning barcodes and even by doing something so ordinary; walking into a store.

Since this app has so many ways and methods to earn rewards, earning rewards through this app is easy and basic. Also, the speed with which you earn and bundle up on those rewards is high.

You can redeem the kicks that you earn in the form of gift cards that are eligible for top retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and Starbucks.

#15 – Uber and Lyft

We all have used either one of these apps in our lives. This is how frequent people use them and imagine being a part of this mega structure and earning so much.

The money that you can earn through apps such as Uber and Lyft are actually close to the amount one earns from a full-time job.

If you have a comparatively newer car that you would want to put to use, then this is a great platform. All you need to do is to register your vehicle with the app and start earning. People claim that the amount of money that they have been able to make through these apps has been huge.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s START. However, if you are still a little skeptical about being a part of such a platform then you can always ask around other drivers and know what they think about their journey with these platforms so far!

#16 – Instacart

This is an app that makes you into a full-time delivery guy. All you need to do is to have a working smartphone, must be 18 years of age and need to know your way through town.

You will be paid by the app to buy groceries for people and be a delivery person. To sign up with this application, you need to download it and sign up with it.

Once you get verified and approved, you will get orders and you will have to complete them. They will be more like tasks that you will be completing and getting paid in return.

You get the order and pay using the Instacart debit card. Most people claim that they have earned till $25 an hour but the range can differ.


There are a lot of apps that can and do pay you real cash. These apps are legit and are reliable. What is even greater is that these are all apps and can be used on the go.

They are all convenient and easy to use. You can choose from whatever app that suits your terms, conditions, and capabilities. But these apps are real and are a great way of earning money.

These apps are ways of making you earn money through means that are fun, entertainment and almost effortless. You can do your work on the go and in your free time.

You can even do all your routine chores and still earn money. People who think about going this route have some frequently asked questions and here are the answers to all of them:

  • Yes, apps really do pay you money.
  • There are several things that you can do to earn money like watching online videos, playing games, scan receipts and do other chores like delivering goods, dog walking, and ride-sharing.
  • There are some apps that pay you well and some apps that pay on an average scale. Apps like Uber and Lyft where you are personally involved and use as a side income pay you better.
  • Some apps will pay you in the form of gift cards and some will pay you real cash. It depends on your choice of what you want. You can choose either cash to be transferred directly to your account or receive gift cards that are mostly redeemable on big retail stores like Amazon, Target and Walmart.

In short, downloading the money-making apps and using them on the go is a great way to save up and earn money. So, what are you waiting for, start right now!

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